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Game & Fish Recipes for your 4th of July BBQ

by Aaron Decker   |  June 26th, 2012 2

By the time the 4th of July rolls around, the winter rust that might have set in on your grilling skills should be long gone. If Memorial Day Weekend is the warm-up toss for grilling season, the 4th of July is game seven of the championship series. You better bring your “A-Game” to the party as your guests will expect nothing less.

And for the outdoor enthusiast, there’s even more pressure as you might have an unconverted newbie that married into the family, inching up to the table, to sup on wild game for the first time — you want that first bite of venison or duck to be so good they’ll come back for more.

To help you with your grilling efforts, we enlisted some of the top names and recipes from the Sportsman Channel, let’s dig in!

Bacon Basket // Ultimate Square Venison Burger // MeatEater Venison Ribs // Bacon Wrapped Venison Rolls // Back Strap Fever // “Rusty” Grilled Whitefish // Spicy Bacon Wrapped Duck // Walleye With Cajun Rub // Santa Maria BBQ //  Venison, Mushroom and Blue Cheese Burger // Eichler Big Game Marinade // Crawfish Stuffed Bell Pepper // Family Traditions Ribs // Wild Game Teriyaki Marinade And Grilling Sauce // Riggo’s Grilled Striped Bass



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