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Predator Calling Fox Feature

Tips For Fox Calling

by M.D. Johnson

As the soft red-tinged light from my headlamp panned across the edge of Eunice Peck’s buckbrush swamp and came to… more »


Hunting Mule Deer

by Terry Jacobs

At the end of each hunt, I ask my best hunting partner what we learned. What’s the takeaway? Over the… more »


The Quest For Mallards

by M.D. Johnson

Certainly there are the mallard purists: ’fowlers for whom the thought of hanging anything other than a greenhead on their… more »

Killer Kayak Setup

Kayak Hunter’s Best Cover

by Mike Marsh

  Brad Biere has been hunting the Mississippi Flyway for about 12 years. The kayak hunter said he loved the… more »

Duck Hunting Tips

Duck Hunting Tips for Wary Waterfowl

by Eric Chaney

Everybody loves that first day of duck season. The birds haven’t been hunted, just about any decoy spread or call… more »

Suburbia Coyote

Coyotes In Suburbia

by Stephen D. Carpenteri

Once considered a denizen of the Western wilds, the coyote has learned to adapt to human encroachment and development to… more »

Deer stand

Late Season Deer Stands

by David Johnson

Like most deer hunters, the guys at Game & Fish/Sportsman kill almost all their deer each season before Thanksgiving weekend…. more »

Saving Whitetail Deer

How We Saved Whitetails

by David Hart

“… long after the elk and the buffalo have passed away, and when the big-horn and prong-horn have become rare… more »

Homemade Jerky in Dehydrator

Homemade Jerky for Deer Camp

by David Johnson

Among potential deer camp snack foods, venison jerky is like bacon — it tastes great, and just about everyone likes… more »


Holiday Gift Ideas for Hunters & Anglers

by John Geiger

Tis the season to shop for that special outdoorsman in your life and get them something special this holiday season…. more »

Ruffed grouse

A Key to Finding Grouse

by Richard Smith

Add ruffed grouse to the list of game species that love acorns — along with white-tailed deer, black bears and… more »

Western Deer Secrets

Western Buck Secrets

by Duane Dungannon

A loud crack and boom shattered the silence of the high country. Normally that’s a sound I relish when I’m deer… more »

November Catfish Keeper

Catch November Catfish

by Dan Anderson

Put aside the reputation catfish have for being a warm-weather species. A growing number of catfish enthusiasts have discovered that… more »

Goose Hunter

Better Goose Calling

by M.D. Johnson

Kentuckian Field Hudnall, owner of Field Proven Calls, knows how to talk to Canada geese. As a maker of some… more »

Duck Savvy Hunter

How To Fool Savvy Ducks

by John Gribb

Even though waterfowl seasons are just getting started through the Southeast in November, most migratory ducks have heard lots of… more »

Deer Lull Pic 1

Hunting The Deer Lull

by Andy Douglas

Opening day of deer season is one of the most anticipated times of the year for hunters, as well as… more »

Right Bow Sight

Pick the Right Bow Sight

by Dan Beraldo

The modern bow sight has evolved into a high-tech system that offers the edge to bowhunters. TYPES OF SIGHTS There… more »

Duck Hunting

5 Proven Duck Hunting Strategies

by M.D. Johnson

When it comes to hunting, and whether your quarry is a bugling bull elk, a wide-racked whitetail, or a wary… more »

Squirrel Hunting Image

The Squirrel Stampede

by Terry Jones

About 40 years ago, David Freeman was hunting outside Quitman, La., when he witnessed one of nature’s oddest spectacles. As… more »


Michigan: Best Places to Hunt Deer in the State

by Tony Hansen

Michigan is a state of deer hunters. With nearly one million deer licenses sold annually, deer hunting is more than… more »