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Venison and Snow Goose Meatball Sub Sandwich Recipe

Venison and Snow Goose Meatball Sub Sandwich Recipe

by Jenny Nguyen-Wheatley

The venison and snow goose meatballs are a wild game twist to the traditional meatball sub recipe It’s hard to… more »

blue catfish

Caught on Trotline, This Blue Catfish Could’ve Been State Record

by Game & Fish Online Staff

If caught by rod and reel, this humongous blue catfish would’ve beaten the Florida record by 50 pounds. It’s a… more »

lake guntersville fishing

Lake Guntersville Fishing Offers More Than Big Bass

by Game & Fish Staff

Lake Guntersville fishing is great for bass, crappie, catfish and more in the Cotton State. By Greg McCain Long known as… more »

trout fishing

What’s the Magic Hour for Trout Fishing?

by Dennis Dauble

If you only have a short time to go trout fishing, the last hour of daylight might be your best… more »


Tech Gear: Charge Your Cell Using Fire

by Game & Fish Staff

Here’s some gear hard to overlook: BioLite’s CampStove 2 can cook a meal, boil water and even charge up your smartphone…. more »


Boy, 8, Tackles Two Prehistoric-Looking Fish on Same Day

by Lynn Burkhead

On an Oklahoma angling trip targeting the state’s renowned paddlefish, an 8-year-old Georgia boy doubled up on prehistoric-looking fish … on the… more »

turkey hunting gear

Turkey Hunting Gear You Shouldn’t Be Without

by Thomas Allen

Here are some exceptional turkey hunting gear choices that can bring confidence and reliability to your hunt. I’m a gear… more »

fall crappie

636 Over the Limit: Crappie Poachers Caught In Calif.

by Game & Fish Online Staff

Gross crappie poaching violations “should outrage the honest anglers who abide by the law,” says state official. California is keeping a closer… more »

record fish

Missouri Boy Catches Pending World-Record Fish

by Game & Fish Online Staff

Missouri boy thanks his father after catching a pending world-record river redhorse last month. An 11-year-old Missouri boy has likely set a… more »

bluefin tuna

State Record Bluefin Tuna Caught Off N.C. Coast

by Game & Fish Online Staff

The new state-record bluefin tuna in North Carolina beat the previous record by more than 70 pounds.  A retired Army… more »

Lake Michigan

Lake Michigan Fishing Outlook 2018

by Jerry Pabst

Here’s a look at what Lake Michigan anglers can expect on their next visit to the big lake. In 1966, Dr…. more »

texas catfish

Texas Catfish Paradise: Prime Spots for Hot Action

by Will Leschper

That may be just what you think you’ve found when you start pulling fish from these Texas catfish waters. The largemouth… more »

Enjoy this delicious Wild Turkey and Morel Mushroom Burger Recipe with your favorite condiments and sides. (Jenny Nguyen-Wheatley photo)

8 Delicious Springtime Morel Mushroom Recipes

by Game & Fish Online Staff

Put those foraged morel mushrooms to good use this spring and try out one of these unique and tasty recipes… more »

gulf of Mexico fishing

Gulf of Mexico Bank Fishing for Big Bites

by John Felsher

Gulf of Mexico fishing is great for Louisiana-Mississippi anglers who don’t even have to always leave the shore. The mighty… more »

big bass

Expert Tips for Big Water Bass

by Tony Kalna Jr.

Listen up as these pros reveal their secrets for finding and catching big water bass on some of the biggest lakes…. more »

spring bass fishing

Pre-Spawn Or Post-Spawn: Does It Really Matter?

by Game & Fish Online Staff

Spring bass fishing: If the fish are biting does it matter if they’re coming or going? By Joe Albert Given that… more »

Michigan walleye fishing

Michigan Walleye Fishing Outlook 2018

by Mike Gnatkowski

Here’s a closer look at where the best Michigan walleye fishing is likely to be on opening day and beyond. … more »


Poaching News: Boone & Crockett Report, $15K Fine, Illegal Netters

by Game & Fish Online Staff

The Boone and Crockett Club released the findings of its two-year study on poaching of wildlife in America. The Poach… more »

turkey hunting

Don’t Make These Turkey Ground Blind Mistakes

by Al Raychard

Spring turkey hunting can be a tough row to hoe, particularly in highly pressured areas where gobblers have a couple… more »

post-spawn bass

Pro Q&A: Todd Faircloth on Post-Spawn Bass

by Game & Fish Online Staff

The epitome of consistency, professional bass angler Todd Faircloth shares his post-spawn bass secrets. Todd Faircloth is one of the most… more »