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New Guns & Gear

Autumn Bass Lunker

How to Catch Autumn Bass

by Andy Douglas

Fall has arrived and archery season for whitetails is in full swing. It’s a good time to be in the… more »

Wireless Trailcam Feature

Testing Wireless Trail Cameras

by John Geiger

For years, cams that delivered images through the internet have been too expensive, too cumbersome or too difficult to set… more »

Elk Hunting Trophys

5 Elk Hunting Mistakes to Avoid

by Terry Otto

The mountains of the West are home to America’s greatest big game animal. Hunters from across the globe make the… more »

Grouse Hunting GSP

The Best Dogs for Grouse Hunting

by Brad Eden

I posed the following, seemingly simple question to the members of my Upland Journal Forums, and to hardcore bird hunters,… more »

Hunt Squirrels

New Reasons to Hunt Squirrels

by Dan Anderson

I once saw a T-shirt emblazoned with the following: “Real Hunters Hunt Squirrels.” A reunion with an old hunting partner and… more »

Bowhunting Cover Scent

5 Habits for Successful Bowhunting

by Scott Haugen

As the mercury continued to rise, the intense mid-morning heat took its toll. Outside the ground blind, temperatures surpassed 105… more »

Benzie County offers incredible scenery and one of the best spots to score the ultimate Michigan double on woodcock and grouse. Photo by Aaron Peterson

Michigan: Best Grouse and Woodcock Hunting In the State

by Tony Hansen

Michigan is known for its outdoor treasures. The Great Lakes and incredible trout fishing on some of the nation’s most… more »

Great Dove Hunt

New Dove Hunting Gear for 2016

by M.D. Johnson

Dove hunting may not be as equipment-heavy as the pursuit of other birds, like waterfowl or turkeys. But it does… more »

Great Elk to Hunt

2016 Western Elk Hunting Forecast

by Roger Wheaton

Each fall, thousands of eager elk hunters rejoice as they head for the high country. Many seek a wide spread,… more »

Great Walleye Fishing

Finding Fall Walleye

by Mike Gnatkowski

There is a migration of epic proportions in the fall that savvy walleye anglers need to stay in tune with… more »

Best Hunting Dog Image

Feeding Your Hunting Dogs

by Mike Marsh

An exact definition of a “hunting dog” can be hard to narrow down. Everyone knows what a hunting dog is,… more »

Hunter&Dog Resting

Hunters & Dogs: A Special Bond

by David Draper

If you’ve ever hunted with a dog, or simply shared your home with one, you’ve felt the connection. As individuals,… more »

Great Catfish Lure

Catch Catfish Under Cover

by John Felsher

Currents washed logs, branches and other debris into a boulder-strewn pocket off the main channel, with slack spots behind obstructions…. more »

Great Dove Picture

Get Ready for Doves

by Paul Moore

There are lots of different types of hunting for small and large game, upland and migratory birds. Some require lots… more »


Discover Maine’s Best Place for Bass and Salmon

by Todd Smith

Looking for a place to really get away from it all this fall? A place where the fishing is fantastic… more »

Tom Miranda is among only handful of bowhunters who have completed a Super Slam of all 29 North American big-game animals.

Meet Tom Miranda: Bowhunting Pioneer

by Lynn Burkhead

At first glance, it would seem to be a long way from the small-game-filled woodlots and uplands of Ohio to… more »

Dove Hunting tips

How to Bag More Doves This Season

by M.D. Johnson

If you’ve experienced a good, old-fashioned Southern dove hunt — well, then, you certainly can understand why mourning doves are… more »

Smallmouth Feature

Catch Summer Smallmouth Now

by Dan Johnson

Smallmouth bass are amazing adversaries, not to mention a whole lot of fun to catch. Brushing up on your bass… more »

Sabotage Bow Hunt

6 Ways to Sabotage Your Bow Hunt

by Tony Peterson

I once came CLOSE to throwing an all-out tantrum in a tree stand. Up until that day in early November,… more »

Trolling Motor Boat front

2 Innovative Trolling Motors Change the Game

by John Geiger

Minn Kota is offering two motors that really dig down into what multi-species anglers and what bass anglers want in… more »