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New Guns & Gear

Winter Walleye Fishing, Fishing for Walleye

Worthy Walleye Fishing Tips for Mid-Winter

by Jeff Samsel

Jon Thelen expected a tap at any moment. After pounding the bottom with his spoon, he had lifted the bait… more »


Predator Calling Tips & Tactics

by Stephen D. Carpenteri

Close shots at predators are far easier to make than long ones. Here are some expert tips on getting them close.

Berkley Fusion19 Hooks

Berkley Fusion19 Hook Lineup

by Game & Fish Online Staff

Can a fish hook be too sharp? Berkley introduces the Fusion19 lineup for 2016, and are said to be the… more »

Big Pike Under Ice, Catching Big Pike Under Ice

Bait Options for Big Pike

by Richard Smith

If you want to pull big pike through the ice, use big baits and cut holes that you know the… more »

Fishing Calendar 2016

2016 Game & Fish: Fishing Calendar

by Game & Fish Online Staff

At the beginning of every new year, Game & Fish/Sportsman Magazines creates its annual Fishing Calendar, a special list revealing the top local destinations for anglers… more »

Berkley Hardbaits, Hardbaits from Berkley

6 New Berkley Hardbait Options for 2016

by John Geiger

Just ask your wife…hardbaits can break the bank. With some fancy crankbaits pushing $50 each, Berkley thinks it can deliver… more »

Precision Hunter, SHOT Show 2016

SHOT SHOW 2016: Matt Van Cise Precision Aluminator

by Game & Fish Online Staff

At the Flambeau booth at SHOT Show 2016, the Game & Fish staff took a look at some exciting new… more »

Winchester Varmint X, SHOT Show 2016

Introducing the 2016 Winchester Varmint X 12-Gauge

by Game & Fish Online Staff

Winchester has done it again, with their Winchester Varmint X 12-Gauge, which now includes Shot-Lok Tecnology in a new 12-gauge shotshell… more »

SHOT Show 2016, FN Military Collector

SHOT SHOW 2016: FN Military Collector Series

by Game & Fish Online Staff

At SHOT Show 2016, FN America, was very excited to announce the launch of the FN Military Collector Series, a… more »

Mossberg 930 Pro-Series, Shot Show 2016

Introducing the 2016 Mossberg 930 Pro-Series Sporting

by Game & Fish Online Staff

The newly designed, handsomely-appointed Mossberg 930 Pro-Series Sporting gives clays shooters the competitive edge. The 930 Pro-Series Sporting was designed… more »

Franchi Catalyst Affinity, SHOT Show 2016 products,

SHOT SHOW 2016: Franchi Catalyst Affinity

by Game & Fish Online Staff

During our time spent at SHOT Show 2016, the Game & Fish online staff took great interest in what Alex… more »

Plano Spire Crossbow Case

Introducing the 2016 Plano SPIRE & Field Locker

by Game & Fish Online Staff

Plano Molding has protected our passion’s for over 60 years. New for 2016, Plano has introduced a couple of great hard cases… more »

RealTree Max-5 Camo

SHOT Show 2016: RealTree Max-5 Camo

by Game & Fish Online Staff

The Game & Fish staff took a look at the RealTree Max-5 camo patterns for waterfowl hunting at the 2016 SHOT… more »

v3 field sport shotgun, Remington v3 field sport

SHOT SHOW 2016: Remington V3 Field Sport Shotgun

by Game & Fish Online Staff

The new 2016 Remington V3 Field Sport Shotgun is the most versatile, reliable 3″ shotgun on the market today. From… more »

Texas spotted bass record, spotted bass,

Angler Lands Texas Record Spotted Bass

by Chris Schneider

As humans, we love to make excuses why we don’t want to do something. Fishermen, of all people,  are all… more »


Duck Dynasty: Interview with Jase Robertson

by Eric Conn

Duck Dynasty kicks off on The Outdoor Channel when one of the company’s clients needs a large order of duck… more »

YETI Hopper 40

Introducing the 2016 YETI Hopper 40

by Game & Fish Online Staff

The all-new YETI Hopper 40 was simply built for the outdoors and rugged environments we like to explore. Just like the rest… more »

Yeti Rambler Bottle, rambler bottle

ATA Show 2016: YETI Rambler Bottle

by Game & Fish Online Staff

The all-new Rambler Bottle Series from YETI had folks at the 2016 ATA show wishing their soft drinks were staying… more »

crosman pioneer airbow, ATA show 2016,

Introducing the 2016 Crosman Pioneer Airbow

by Game & Fish Online Staff

The Crosman Pioneer Airbow enhances everything enthusiasts enjoy about archery hunting while making the sport safer and more accessible. Creating… more »


Ice Fishing for Crappie: Tips & Tactics

by Mike Bleech

With due respect for all ice fishers who think they know how to find crappie under the ice, a huge… more »