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Photo by Ron Sinfelt

Buck Bowhunting Strategies That Work

by admin

Keep these tips in mind while working on your buck bowhunting game plan. By Jason Haley Challenges come with the territory,… more »

Photo by Ron Sinfelt

Florida Fall Hunting Outlook

by John Felsher

Fall is a great time to be a sportsman or woman in the Sunshine State, as there are so many… more »

game warden stories

Fishing Trespasser Arrested, Parolee Problems, Medical Emergency

by Game & Fish Online Staff

Officers face a myriad of incidents when in the field — these game warden stories range from the serious to… more »

alligator gar

197 Pounds! Record Alligator Gar Was 60 Years Old

by Game & Fish Online Staff

The recently caught Brazos River record alligator gar wasn’t the biggest ever caught in Texas, but it’s likely one of… more »

rabbit hunting

2 Ways To Successful Rabbit Hunting

by Mark Fike

Rabbit hunting is a sure-fire way to have some fun, do some shooting and take home supper. Want a sure-fire way… more »

Shooting Moving Game

Moving Targets: Tips for Shooting Game on the Run

by Game & Fish Online Staff

Even when shooting from a relatively close distance, success means putting the bullet where the target will be. Hollywood would… more »

hero photos

16 Tips for Taking Perfect Hero Photos

by Ron Sinfelt

Here are a few tips for taking great hero shots, even if your only camera is a smartphone.

frog fishing for bass

Fall Froggin: Basics of Frog Fishing for Bass

by Game & Fish Online Staff

Most bass anglers know that bass are opportunistic feeders. Almost anything that can fit in their mouth, whether it swims,… more »

elk poachings

Elk Poachings Included Cow with GPS Collar

by admin

Wyoming wildlife officials say two recent discoveries of apparent elk poachings were likely the results of people not fulfilling their hunting… more »

it’s vital to plan accordingly for your all-day excursions, focusing on comfort and maintaining your strength. (Photo by Ron Sinfelt)

3 Reasons Deer Hunting All Day is Smart

by Will Leschper

Deer hunting all day is no easy task, something I’ve learned from personal experience! Nothing is more frustrating than sitting… more »

drones and hunting

Trophy Clubs Against Combining Drones and Hunting

by admin

As interest soars for combining drones and hunting, record-keeping clubs push back, saying they won’t recognize trophies taken with the use… more »

Iowa public land deer hunting

Iowa Public Land Deer Hunting Outlook

by Ben Leal

Here’s our guide to filling your tag on Iowa public land deer hunting this season. When we talk to hunters… more »

saltwater fishing

Saltwater Fishing: Think Positive During ‘Negative Low Tide’

by David Brown

When saltwater fishing during low tide, look for snook, redfish, trout, flounder, bluefish, jack crevalle and ladyfish trapped in depressions… more »

Tree-Stand Safety

9 Steps to Tree-Stand Safety

by Game & Fish Online Staff

Tree-stand safety should always be on the minds of hunters before they hit the woods each season. Here are some tips to help… more »


Man Indicted in Poaching Deaths of Bald Eagles, Vultures

by Game & Fish Online Staff

The poaching charges could result in heavy fines and possible jail time. A Texas man is facing charges of killing… more »

duck commander hunt6_geiger

Making the Right [Duck] Calls With Duck Commander

by John Geiger

When ducks aren’t behaving, the “Duckmen” of Duck Commander take command. They identify them at a distance and sweet-talk them in… more »

game warden stories

Fishing with Meth, High-Speed Beach Chase, Tree Hider: Game Warden Stories

by Game & Fish Online Staff

Officers face a myriad of incidents when in the field — these game warden stories range from the serious to… more »

Turnover Catfish

Tips for Turnover Catfish When Their World Goes Topsy-Turvy

by Keith Sutton

During the fall turnover catfish may be found in deep waters, shallow waters or anywhere in between. In the summer, many lakes… more »

Georgia bear

Deer Breeder Fined $750K, Giant Georgia Bear, Mutilated Stripers

by Scott Bernarde

In the field notes: Here’s a roundup of state outdoors news, which includes a story on the huge fine assessed on… more »

hunting bullets

The Long and Short of a Long-Range Hunting Bullet

by John Geiger

We shot game at short and long distances to show what to look for in a modern hunting bullet. Hunters… more »