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turkey optics

Turkey Optics We Have Our Eyes On

by Game & Fish Staff

Turkey optics lowdown: Like shells and guns, optics have greatly improved over the last few decades. Here are a few of… more »

wary trout

How to Outsmart a Wary Trout

by Dennis Dauble

These strategies can help you entice a wary trout. There are certain things about wary trout. It’s not so much… more »

fishing ponds

Think Twice Before ‘Midnight Stocking’ Your Fishing Pond

by Dan Anderson

“Helping” local fishing ponds with stockings from elsewhere could ruin the fishing. Largemouth bass, bluegills and channel catfish are the predominant… more »

turkey expert Michael Waddell

5 Questions with Turkey Expert Michael Waddell

by John Geiger

With gobbler season right around the corner in many places in the U.S., Game & Fish asked turkey expert Michael… more »

northern pike

Make a Plan for Northern Pike in 2018

by Tom Carpenter

If you want to catch northern pike consistently, you need to make a plan. Here are some tips to get you started…. more »

bass pond fishing

'Modern-Day Farm Ponds': Catch Big Bass at Small Lakes Near You

by Dan Anderson

If you haven’t looked at the smaller urban lakes in your area, you are missing out on some great bass… more »

california trout destinations

5 Top California Trout Destinations

by Cal Kellogg

The fishing outlook is promising, and these California trout destinations have been producing great angling action. A short two years ago, there was… more »

trophy largemouth bass

(Bait) Size Matters When Chasing Trophy Largemouth Bass

by Cliff Covington

Using the concept of “optimal foraging,” you can dial in to what makes trophy largemouth bass more prone to gulp a… more »

turkey hunting tips

4 Turkey Hunting Tips to Bag More Toms This Spring

by Scott Haugen

Eager to boost your Western turkey hunting success? These four turkey hunting tips will make it happen. “Are you grabbing your… more »

pre-spawn crappie

How to Coax a Strike from Tight-Lipped Pre-Spawn Crappie

by Keith Sutton

Enticements for pre-spawn crappie: Just when you think you’ve figured out what they want, crappie slam their mouths shut. Here are some openers. … more »

turkey shot guns

Bargain, Big-Ticket Turkey Hunting Shotguns Reviewed

by Game & Fish Staff

Both Browning and TriStar produce turkey hunting shotguns, designed especially for turkeys, each providing different features for diverse hunters. By… more »

Potted Rabbit Recipe

Potted Rabbit Recipe

by Jenny Nguyen-Wheatley

This Potted Rabbit Recipe is not only delicious and perfect for any occasion, but it’s the ideal way to preserve… more »

NBA star Paul George

NBA Star Donates Time, Money to Youth Fishing

by Game & Fish Online Staff

Through his foundation, NBA star Paul George supports an Oklahoma program geared toward exposing school-age kids to fishing. An NBA… more »

fly fishing for smallmouth bass

Fly Fishing for Coldwater Smallmouth Bass

by David Paul Williams

Use these tips to boost your angling success fly fishing for smallmouth bass. You’ve read about winter steelheading where fly-fishermen spend… more »

winter walleye

Last-Minute Winter Walleye Tactics

by Mike Gnatkowski

Winter walleye anglers get conditioned. Most realize that walleyes spend much of the winter shadowing deep structure — humps and… more »

new baitcasters for 2018

Big Tech, Small Price: 8 New Baitcasters for 2018

by Game & Fish Staff

Game & Fish reviews: These 8 new baitcasters for 2018 deliver high performance, affordable price. By Pete Robbins  Fishermen are… more »

fishing rods

Tech Edge: Shimano, G. Loomis and Spiral X

by Game & Fish Staff

Shimano teamed with G. Loomis to create this breakthrough new construction process for fishing rods they call Spiral X. By Dr…. more »

best baitcasters 2018

Best Baitcasters 2018: Daiwa’s Lexa WN 300

by Game & Fish Staff

As part of Game & Fish’s series of reviews of the best baitcasters 2018, we look at Daiwa’s Lexa WN 300…. more »

best baitcasters 2018

Best Baitcasters 2018: 13 Fishing’s Concept Z

by Game & Fish Staff

As part of Game & Fish’s series of reviews of the best baitcasters 2018, we look at 13 Fishing’s Concept Z…. more »

Navico, Garmin lawsuit

Navico, Garmin Resolve 3-Year Dispute Over Patents

by Scott Bernarde

The agreement includes a broad cross licensing of patents and other intellectual property, which the companies say will allow both… more »