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Post-spawn Walleye fishing tips

Post-Spawn Walleye Fishing Advice

by Ted Peck

Post-spawn male walleyes behave like teenage boys who have been coerced into taking a buddy’s fat sister to the high… more »

Crappie Fishing, Crappie Fishing tips around the Spawn

Spawning Crappie Fishing Tactics

by Keith Sutton

They are America’s favorite panfish, and when the call goes out in spring — “The crappie are bedding!” — people… more »

Turkey hunting in suburbs

Suburban Turkey Hunting 101

by Joe Ramos

With more than 321 million people living in the United States, it is inevitable that populations would spill outside the… more »


Top Family Fishing Destinations for 2016

by Game & Fish Staff

This summer, why not turn your family vacation into a family fishing trip? Game & Fish has revealed its favorite… more »


Michigan Fishing: 6 Smallmouth Hotspots

by Tony Hansen

In most parts of the country, a 5-pound smallmouth earns “fish-of-a-lifetime” status. But I don’t consider the place I’m about… more »

Trout fishing tips, spring trout fishing

Surefire Spring Trout Tactics

by Jimmy Jacobs

April is now upon us and brings with it the possibility that you won’t succumb to a fatal case of… more »

New turkey shotguns for 2016

3 New Pump-Action Shotguns for 2016

by Game & Fish Staff

Why use pump-actions for turkeys when you could choose a semi-auto and a quicker follow-up shot? Pumps have fewer moving… more »

Idaho smallmouth, Quinten Kelly

Teenager Catches Massive Idaho Smallmouth

by Chris Schneider

You can call it luck, you can call it fake, just don’t call it dead. That’s what Idaho angler Quinten… more »


How to Read a Turkey’s Body Language

by Josh Wolfe

Turkey hunting has long been an obsession of mine. I like to credit Meleagris gallopavo with providing me with some… more »

River2Sea Whopper Plopper

8 Hot New Topwater Bass Fishing Lures for 2016

by Game & Fish Staff

Is there a better way to bass fish than working a topwater lure? We love the challenge of tempting a big… more »

Lake Trout, Lake Trout fishing tips

Top Tips Towards Lunker Lake Trout

by Terry Otto

Deep and big. Those two words describe the continent’s second-largest salmonid. Referred to as a trout, Salvelinus namaycush is actually… more »

Smallmouth bass fishing

Seasonal Smallmouth Bass Fishing Tips

by David Paul Williams

It’s bold to make definitive statements about how fish act or where fish live at different times of the year…. more »

Berkley Change Up

6 New Soft Plastics from Berkley

by Game & Fish Online Staff

Each year, Berkley Fishing continues to produce baits that put smiles on the faces of anglers. Not just because they… more »


12 Items to Help Train Your Shed Dog

by Jeremy Moore

Any experienced dog trainer will tell you how much easier life is with a properly equipped training bag. We handlers… more »


Great Dirty Water Bass Fishing Advice

by Jeff Samsel

Pretty? Not really. Beautiful? No doubt! From an aesthetics standpoint, the chocolaty inflow was anything but lovely. My friend and… more »


What Do Turkeys Eat?

by Doug Howlett

The daily routines of all wildlife, no matter what species, whether feathered or furred, are driven by one central necessary… more »

Bassmaster Classic

Top Tips from the 2016 Bassmaster Classic Pros

by Anietra Hamper

There is only one mission at the Bassmaster Classic: to win. The bass pros who secured a slot in the 2016 GEIGO Bassmaster Classic Presented by GoPro at Grand… more »


5 Great New Baitcasting Combos for 2016

by Game & Fish Staff

If you need a good rod-and-reel combo that won’t cost you more than $150, and you want to throw jigs,… more »

Jigging for Walleye, Walleye Jigging Tips

5 Essential Walleye Jigging Tactics

by Jeff Samsel

“Caught ’em jigging.” You’ve heard it countless times and have probably said it more than a few times yourself. If… more »

Public Land Access

Defend Hunting & Fishing by Supporting Sportsmen’s and SHARE Acts

by Tony Hansen

Had enough of the political ads, political talk and political nonsense yet? I certainly can’t blame you there, but now… more »