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Dove Hunting tips

How to Bag More Doves This Season

by M.D. Johnson

If you’ve experienced a good, old-fashioned Southern dove hunt — well, then, you certainly can understand why mourning doves are… more »

Smallmouth Feature

Catch Summer Smallmouth Now

by Dan Johnson

Smallmouth bass are amazing adversaries, not to mention a whole lot of fun to catch. Brushing up on your bass… more »

Sabotage Bow Hunt

6 Ways to Sabotage Your Bow Hunt

by Tony Peterson

I once came CLOSE to throwing an all-out tantrum in a tree stand. Up until that day in early November,… more »

Trolling Motor Boat front

2 Innovative Trolling Motors Change the Game

by John Geiger

Minn Kota is offering two motors that really dig down into what multi-species anglers and what bass anglers want in… more »

Survival Warmth

Survival Camps Offer Preparedness Training

by Terry Jacobs

For generations, survival skills were primarily the domain of outdoorsmen, who often learned them from their fathers and honed them… more »

Catch More Catfish

Catch More Catfish for Frying Tasty Fillets

by Keith Sutton

Some catfishing enthusiasts target trophy-class fish. For them, nothing makes a trip better than landing a huge blue, flathead or… more »

choosing the best hunting arrow

How to Choose the Best Hunting Arrows

by Steve Bartylla

When arrows are released, two things immediately occur that impact accuracy. The first is that the act of shooting causes… more »


How to Fight and Win Against a Yellowfin Tuna

by John Geiger

Fishing for yellowfin tuna at oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico is bucket-list worthy. Now is a great time… more »


Avoid These 5 Mistakes When Glassing Summer Bucks

by Tony J. Peterson

Summer scouting seems simple enough. For most of us it involves sitting back, often in a truck, and staring through… more »

Great Bear Hunting Tips

5 Best Bear Hunting States

by Bernie Barringer

Black bear hunting gets in your blood. Many hunters who simply wanted to check a bear hunt off their bucket… more »

Best Ledge Fishing Tips for Bass

What to Know about Ledge Fishing for Bass

by Paul Moore

Lots of people are out fishing for bass in the springtime when the weather is nice and bass are in… more »

Photo by Aaron Peterson

Michigan: Best Rivers for Salmon and Steelhead

by Tony Hansen

It is one of the most iconic inland fishing experiences in North America. Standing knee-deep in the waters of the… more »

Invasive Lionfish Nacho Recipe

NUISCANCE Group Recipe: Lionfish Nachos

by Anietra Hamper

Lionfish Nachos preparation: 1 pound boneless, skinless lionfish fillets Sea salt Granulated garlic 1 teaspoon sesame oil – Season lionfish… more »

Best Catfish Baits

6 Nearly Forgotten Catfish Baits You Should Try

by Keith Sutton

Anglers have been targeting whiskerfish in American waters for a long time. Consider, for example, the explorers Lewis and Clark… more »

Photo by: Dennis Welsh

Maine: Guide to the Best Fishing Lodges and Cozy Cabins

by Dave Sherwood

Maine’s fabled north woods are vast; the size of Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island combined, with few organized towns, limited… more »

Best attractor flies for trout

4 Must-Have Attractor Flies for Trout Fishing

by Jimmy Jacobs

Unless you are a fishing savant with an uncanny ability to connect with the trout and the forage upon which… more »

Best ways to build a unique hang-on stand

6 Steps to Tricking Out a Hang-On Stand

by Ron Sinfelt

There is nothing like hunting from a strategically placed hang-on stand, nestled discretely into a limbed tree, well hidden from… more »

Tips for Cooking Lionfish

NUISANCE Group Educates on Invasive Lionfish

by Anietra Hamper

(Video courtesy of Gary’s Gulf Dive Charters/ The Lion Fish Mafia) Sitting in the open-air Flora-Bama Yacht Club in Orange Beach, Alabama, Chef… more »

Best flounder fishing tips

Getting Acquainted with Summertime Flounder

by Charlie Coates

Anglers who ply the fish-rich coastal waters of the southern Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico are blessed with a… more »


6 Components to a Great Hunting Knife

by Keith Sutton

When I was 12, my grandmother gave me my late grandfather’s hunting knife. I was just learning to hunt, and… more »