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invasive red swamp crayfish

Invasive Red Swamp Crayfish Confirmed in Michigan

by Game & Fish Staff

Invasive red swamp crayfish are a serious concern because of their ability to damage earthen structures and the threats they… more »

ICAST 2017

This Caught Our Attention at ICAST 2017

by Scott Bernarde

Join gear editor John Geiger in this video report looking at some of the more interesting fishing products at ICAST 2017 in Orlando. The… more »

bow hunting

Bow Hunting: Tips for Sighting-In, Tuning Your Own Gear

by Dan Beraldo

You’ve been dependent on friends and bow shops to tune your bow and heads. Why? This is your season to… more »


‘Power Reel’ Your Jig to Hook More Stripers

by Scott Bernarde

Here’s an interesting and simple jigging technique to catch more stripers from Lake Lanier striper guide Mack Farr. By Scott… more »


Desert Trout Now: It’s Hot, But the Fishing May Be, Too

by D.H. Willis

It’s a great time to hit these trout waters in Nevada and Utah. By D.H. Willis Trout fishing is in the… more »

fishing tackle thefts

$33K in Fishing Tackle Thefts From Boats Reported

by Scott Bernarde

The Mille Lacs Sheriff’s Office in Minnesota said a couple was arrested and charged in string of fishing tackle thefts,… more »

goliath grouper

How to Hand-Line Goliath Grouper from Kayak (Watch)

by John Geiger

Game & Fish gear editor John Geiger was asked to find something extreme for a fishing video. How about hand-lining… more »


Kentucky Elk Now Roaming in Wisconsin

by Game & Fish Staff

In its third year, Wisconsin’s elk reintroduction effort included 31 relocated from the Bluegrass State this year. From Wisconsin DNR… more »

bald eagle

2 Charged After Dead Bald Eagle Found in Freezer

by Game & Fish Online Staff

The case in southeastern Georgia included information that inquiries were made about having the juvenile bald eagle mounted. A Georgia… more »

portland trout fishing

Best Metro Portland Trout Fishing

by M.D. Johnson

There are plenty of great trout fishing options within minutes of Portland, Oregon’s Rose City. By MD Johnson Portlanders are, almost… more »

zebra mussels

Hitchhiking Zebra Mussel Stopped by Maryland Inspection

by Game & Fish Online Staff

The Maryland wildlife agency said evidence of zebra mussels was found on a ski boat from New York. A voluntary inspection boat… more »

trout fishing

Drag-Free Presentation Key to Trout Fishing

by admin

It takes a perfect presentation to the perfect lie to draw a bite while trout fishing. It’s possible with tips… more »

icast 2017 best of show

Game & Fish Most Popular: ICAST Winners, New Fishing Gear, More Poaching

by Game & Fish Staff

G&F Most Popular: Here are 10 of the most popular stories from Game & Fish in the past week Game &… more »

game wardens stories

Game Warden Stories: River Death, Failed Illegal Entry, Snagger Caught

by Game & Fish Staff

There’s no doubt the Texas Game Wardens, as well as any wildlife officers in any state, face a myriad of incidents when… more »

Mallard Hunting 1

Mallard Hunting: Bring Your A-Game

by M.D. Johnson

With some species, like wood ducks or teal, you can afford to get a little, well, sloppy. Your hide might… more »

ICAST 2017 best of show

Who Won ICAST 2017 Best of Show?

by Scott Bernarde

Orlando, Fla. — All you had to do to understand the impact kayaks and paddleboards are having on the fishing industry… more »

Coyote Calling

Call Our Complex Coyotes

by Brad Fitzpatrick

We Coyote hunters spend a lot of time ringing the dog’s dinner bell when we call. But we are overlooking… more »

Big Buck Mobile

Mobility Is Everything to Tag a Big Buck

by Tony J. Peterson

There’s nothing like the whitetail. He is so good at not showing himself when he doesn’t want to be seen… more »


Flying Trout: Agency Takes to Air to Stock Fingerlings

by admin

Oregon’s high-mountain stocking program drops 350,000 fingerling trout on Pacific Coast Trail waters. From Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife CLACKAMAS, Ore…. more »

New England bass fishing

Great New England Bass Fishing

by Stephen D. Carpenteri

Here’s a look at where to find some great bass fishing in New England as spring enters summer. By Stephen… more »