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New Guns & Gear for 2014


Modernizing the Muzzleloader: The New Remington Model 700 Ultimate

by Josh Dahlke

New School Just about any in-line muzzleloader is more than capable of punching lethal groups in targets well beyond a… more »


How to Work Early Season Geese

by Alex Langbell

With a quarter-century of goose hunting experience, my typical set for early-season greaters is simple. First, I never put out… more »


Exclusive Q&A: Pigman Celebrates 100th Episode

by Game & Fish Online Staff

Brian “Pigman” Quaca is well on his way to owning quite a reputation. Wild at heart, a true character by… more »


The Cutting Edge: New Hunting Knives & Tools for 2014

by Game & Fish Online Staff

One of the tools hunters depend upon most. Each year, the industry’s top knife and multi-tool manufacturers sharpen their skills… more »


Frozen Glory: Iditarod 2015

by Game & Fish Online Staff

No other contest in history tests the mettle of man and mutt like the famed Iditarod. Known as “The Last Great Race on Earth,”… more »


Minnesota Hunter Stops Black Bear Attack With Knife

by Charlie Puckett

A Minnesota hunting party became the hunted when a 525-pound black bear they had wounded with an arrow suddenly attacked. Hunting… more »


Built Kawasaki Tough: Making the Mule PRO-FXT

by Eric Conn

While you may know the company mainly for motorcycles or ATVs, Kawasaki has a rich history that spans many different… more »


Outfitter Quick Tips: How to Pick the Best Method for Hog Hunting

by Game & Fish Online Staff

When you know a large area holds pigs, familiarity with different hunting methods can mean the difference between a barbecue… more »


Best Centerfire Rifles for 2014

by Game & Fish Online Staff

Whether you’re in need of a new rifle or just in the mood for some eye candy, we’ve got your… more »


Best Waterfowl Shotguns for 2014

by Game & Fish Online Staff

If the waterfowl forecast for 2014 holds true, this season will be one you’ll want to be 100 percent ready… more »


Hot New Archery Gear for 2014

by John Geiger

We bowhunters love our gear. Game & Fish takes an up-close look at some of the new bows and accessories on the… more »


10 Reasons Every Hunter Should Be a Fan of Suppressors

by Charlie Puckett

When I’m an old burlap bag of skin and bones, hook me up to the oxygen tank and ferry me… more »


10 Must-See Fishing Movies for Every Angler

by Charlie Puckett

Many will quickly find this list of fishing movies to go against the current. There are a few mainstream titles… more »


Hearts of Darkness: Steve Rinella’s Stuffed Moose Heart Recipe

by Game & Fish Online Staff

When the skin comes off, hunters know the drill: shoulders, loins, neck, brisket, ribs, sirloin and rump roast. Outside of… more »


‘The Hunted’ Will Scare You Out of the Treestand

by Charlie Puckett

As the saying goes, nothing makes a buck bigger than almost being shot. Normally. But in the remote whitetail woods of… more »


Best States for Crappie in 2014

by Keith Sutton

When it comes to American angling, crappie are unique fish. The world is home to only two species—the black crappie and… more »


Bad Ass Fish You Better Not Lip to Land

by Keith Sutton

When you’re fighting a fish on rod and reel, it’s easy to get distracted. You’re thinking about one thing and… more »


How to Skin a Squirrel

by Keith Sutton

Your hunt has ended, and after a fine morning spent stalking in your favorite woodlands, the tails of several squirrels… more »


Woman’s Massive Alabama Gator Could Be New World Record

by Charlie Puckett

Some family outings consist of a picnic basket and a rousing game of wiffle ball, while others involve a 20-gauge… more »


10 Tips to Extend the Life of Your ATV

by Derrek Sigler

ATVs and UTVs represent a significant investment for any sportsman. Just like your truck, your home or anything else you… more »