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New Guns & Gear

Right Bow Sight

Pick the Right Bow Sight

by Dan Beraldo

The modern bow sight has evolved into a high-tech system that offers the edge to bowhunters. TYPES OF SIGHTS There… more »

Duck Hunting

5 Proven Duck Hunting Strategies

by M.D. Johnson

When it comes to hunting, and whether your quarry is a bugling bull elk, a wide-racked whitetail, or a wary… more »

Squirrel Hunting Image

The Squirrel Stampede

by Terry Jones

About 40 years ago, David Freeman was hunting outside Quitman, La., when he witnessed one of nature’s oddest spectacles. As… more »


Michigan: Best Places to Hunt Deer in the State

by Tony Hansen

Michigan is a state of deer hunters. With nearly one million deer licenses sold annually, deer hunting is more than… more »

Fall Walleyes

Fall Walleyes on Blade Baits

by Dan Small

To look at a typical blade bait, you’d never guess it was something a walleye would want to eat. Blade… more »

Pheasant Hunting Spoils

Where to Find Pheasants

by M.D. Johnson

If a rooster pheasant were one of Batman’s archenemies, he’d be the Joker. The common denominator of both bird and… more »

Farmland Hunting Track

Secrets of Farmland Deer Hunting

by Tom Carpenter

Deer hunters in farm country everywhere have at least one thing in common: Those farm fields are an important part… more »

Great trout fishing

October’s Clear-Water Trout

by Jimmy Jacobs

Fall has arrived and the air is crisp and clear. It’s a time that just begs to have you come… more »

Hunting Waterways

Hunt Waterways for Deer

by Mark Kayser

Clambering up the steep bank was the last push needed to put me into a whitetail honeyhole after a long… more »

Shooting In Competition

Next-Gen Shooting Competitions

by Frank Miniter

Let’s say you’re a new gun owner, or just a gun owner who’s eager to try something new. You start… more »

Motion Decoy Retriever

Moving Violations: Using Motion Decoys

by Skip Knowles

Daybreak arrives over a small water puddler setup facing a fickle north wind, conditions cloudy with a little sheet ice… more »


3 Tips for Trophy Deer

by Scott Ellis

Consistently scoring on mature trophy whitetails can be a daunting task. While time in the woods is the most limiting… more »

Ant Tactics for Trout

Fishing for Trout with Ants

by Gary Lewis

There is a pretty freestone stream that heads in a glacier and hooks around the mountain to flow north. I… more »

Autumn Bass Lunker

How to Catch Autumn Bass

by Andy Douglas

Fall has arrived and archery season for whitetails is in full swing. It’s a good time to be in the… more »

Wireless Trailcam Feature

Testing Wireless Trail Cameras

by John Geiger

For years, cams that delivered images through the internet have been too expensive, too cumbersome or too difficult to set… more »

Elk Hunting Trophys

5 Elk Hunting Mistakes to Avoid

by Terry Otto

The mountains of the West are home to America’s greatest big game animal. Hunters from across the globe make the… more »

Grouse Hunting GSP

The Best Dogs for Grouse Hunting

by Brad Eden

I posed the following, seemingly simple question to the members of my Upland Journal Forums, and to hardcore bird hunters,… more »

Hunt Squirrels

New Reasons to Hunt Squirrels

by Dan Anderson

I once saw a T-shirt emblazoned with the following: “Real Hunters Hunt Squirrels.” A reunion with an old hunting partner and… more »

Bowhunting Cover Scent

5 Habits for Successful Bowhunting

by Scott Haugen

As the mercury continued to rise, the intense mid-morning heat took its toll. Outside the ground blind, temperatures surpassed 105… more »

Benzie County offers incredible scenery and one of the best spots to score the ultimate Michigan double on woodcock and grouse. Photo by Aaron Peterson

Michigan: Best Grouse and Woodcock Hunting In the State

by Tony Hansen

Michigan is known for its outdoor treasures. The Great Lakes and incredible trout fishing on some of the nation’s most… more »