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2016 Readers’ Choice Awards

by Game & Fish Staff

Thank you to those who voted in our Fifth Annual Readers’ Choice Awards. More than 2,500 answered our call to… more »

Fishing for Crappie During Summer

Beat the Heat: Look Deep for Summer Crappie

by John Felsher

Many crappie anglers only fish the pre-spawn and the spawn, when crappie congregate in huge numbers around shallow brush piles… more »

Tips for Catching Big Trout

Crucial Tactics for Catching Big Trout

by Dennis Dauble

The very thought of hooking a trophy-sized trout makes my head spin. There are two important prerequisites, though. First and… more »


Expert Bass Fishing Advice for Summer

by Bryan Hendricks

Bass fishing is reaching its peak in many parts of the country, and now is the time to catch the… more »


Best Upland Hunting Gear of 2016

by Game & Fish Staff

Thankfully, we upland-bird hunters get our share of new-gear offering each year. One standout is the new Benelli Ethos in… more »


Michigan Fishing: Big-Water Salmon and Trout

by Tony Hansen

Michigan is the “Great Lake” state. And we are a state of Great Lakes—Michigan, Superior, Huron, Erie. All provide incredible… more »

Virginia Bass, Virginia Bass Fishing

Picking Up Post-Spawn Largemouth

by Tim Lilley

If you’re having trouble catching Kansas bass this month, maybe all you need is a change of location and tactics. These tips are designed to help. (May 2006)


How to Catch a Big Bluegill this Summer

by Mike Gnatkowski

Whether you call them brim or bream or just plain old bluegills, big bluegills deserve a certain reverence. Big ‘Bull’… more »

Tips for Spring Squirrel Hunting

10 Tips for Successful Spring Squirrel Hunting

by Paul Moore

Squirrel hunting is the most popular small game pursuit in the nation and one of the most popular hunting endeavors… more »

Best Deer Hunting Rifle of 2016

Best Deer Hunting Rifles of 2016

by Tony J. Peterson

If you’re looking for a new deer-hunting rifle or shotgun, there is an excellent lineup for your next season. From… more »

Fishing tatoos

Under Their Skin: Fishing Tattoos

by Jon Rizzi

Only his wife and close acquaintances know Bryce Tedford has a steelhead trout jumping out of his pants, just left… more »

Patterning Summer Bluegill

Patterning Summer Bluegill

by M.D. Johnson

America’s freshwater fish isn’t the largemouth bass. It’s not the smallmouth, the walleye, or the rainbow trout. It’s the bluegill…. more »

David Berg and his Ohio Yellow Perch State Record

Shoreline Yellow Perch Shatters Ohio State Record

by Chris Schneider

You know you’ve caught a big fish when its belly is busting at the seams. That’s exactly what David Berg’s… more »

How to Find Trout in Streams

10 Top Spots to Look for While Trout Fishing

by Tom Carpenter

If trout fishing were the road to eternal salvation, then I’d be in pretty good shape. Maybe you’re in a… more »

Hoppes Gun Medic Cleaner for Range Gear

5 New Must-Have Range Gear Products

by Game & Fish Staff

If there’s a right time of year to burn up some ammo on the range, it’s now. Turkey season will… more »

Catching Catfish with Frogs

Catch Bigger Catfish With Power Tactics

by Keith Sutton

When I was a youngster learning to catch catfish, my uncles taught me versatility often brings success. If the nightcrawlers… more »

Florida State-Record Flathead Catfish

Teen Lands New State Record Florida Flathead

by Chris Schneider

At just 13 years young, Charles Patchen of Alabama, caught a 63.8-pound flathead catfish on the Chattahoochee River, in Jackson County… more »

Frog fishing for largemouth bass

Frog Fishing for Bass 101

by Daniel McElrath

For more great fishing tips, check out the official page of JP DeRose over at WFN! With the approach of warm weather comes the… more »

Drone uses for hunting

Are Drones Suitable for Hunting & Fishing?

by Frank Miniter

When you hear a buzzing sound overhead these days, there’s a good chance you are being stalked by more than… more »

Turkey Hunting during tough conditions

Tough Weather Turkey Hunting Tips

by M.D. Johnson

In this game called turkey hunting, there are multiple variables that you can actually do something about. You can educate… more »