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Winter Hunting

Winter Hunting Options Are Numerous in Oklahoma

by Bob Bledsoe

Hunting season isn’t over yet! Right now is the time to take advantage of these Sooner State outdoor opportunities. Many years… more »


Minnesota Muzzleloader Deer Season Guide

by Tom Carpenter

Whether you hunt smokepole bucks on familiar ground or explore new territory, this expert advice on muzzleloaders will help you… more »

Gulf Coast Fishing

Gulf Coast Vacation Havens for Anglers

by John Felsher

The Gulf of Mexico is well known as a vacation haven for families, but not many realize that there are… more »

topwater bass

Thanksgiving Day Topwater Bass with Pro Randy Howell

by Lynn Burkhead

While most people think of Thanksgiving as a time for turkey and dressing, pumpkin pie, football, and a little hunting,… more »

late-season blacktail

4 Late-Season Blacktail Deer Strategies

by Duane Dungannon

Follow these tips to score on late-season blacktail hunting. “It’s prime deer time,” I whispered to my son, Tyler, as the… more »

Towing is a numbers game, one that requires the right combination of tow rig power and hauling capacity so that your truck is up to the tasks you want it to perform.

Trucks: How to Choose the Right Towing Package

by Drew Hardin

Here’s your ultimate cheat sheet for understanding what towing capacity is and how much you need for your truck. Thought… more »

deer hunting

These Senior Deer Hunters Stay Young at Heart

by admin

Deer hunting in Michigan is a longstanding tradition, enjoyed by the young and old. Check out the stories behind these seniors… more »

trophy buck

Sooner State Hunter Downs Another Massive Trophy Buck

by Lynn Burkhead

The amazing run of huge trophy bucks from Oklahoma continues in 2017, this time with a massive southwestern Sooner State bruiser… more »

depth finders

Lowrance Combines Features, Affordability in New Hook2

by Game & Fish Staff

Newly released Lowrance Hook2 depth finders offer the latest in sonar technology and affordability, auto-tuned right out the box. Lowrance… more »

poaching news

Poaching News: Backyard Bucks, Hunting Over Bait, Headless Deer

by Game & Fish Online Staff

The latest poaching news roundup includes a small buck allegedly shot from second-story window, and a 10-pointer killed near a backyard… more »

deer hunting outfitter

How to Choose the Right Deer Hunting Outfitter

by Scott Haugen

Finding the right deer hunting outfitter can take some work. Here are the questions to ask of potential outfitters, and… more »


Southern Trophy Bucks

by Game & Fish Online Staff

The network of Game & Fish Magazine writers fanned out across the region to find the most impressive scored bucks… more »

duck pond

DIY: Build Your Own Duck Pond

by Brad Fitzpatrick

If you have the fortitude, building your own greenhead honey hole duck pond is the way to go. Not long… more »

game warden stories

Drunk Because of Texas Tech, Road-Kill Fibbers, $400K in Damages

by Game & Fish Online Staff

Officers face a myriad of incidents when in the field — these game warden stories range from the serious to… more »

most popular

Humongous Bucks, Mexican Bass, Holiday Gift Guide: Most Popular Stories

by Game & Fish Online Staff

G&F Most Popular: Here are 10 of the most popular stories from Game & Fish in the past week Game &… more »

Squirrel Masters Classic

Shooters Recall Youth at Squirrel Masters Classic

by admin

The 2017 Buckmaster’s Squirrel Masters Classic took the author back to the days of his first air gun and the enjoyment it brought him as… more »

GEAR rifle reviews

New Firearms: 3 Cool Late-Season Choices

by John Geiger

Gunmakers almost always reveal their latest new firearms at the beginning of the year. But just recently, our editors caught… more »


Rifle Scope Turrets: Dialing is the Future

by John Geiger

We’ve all noticed the push toward the military-style dial turrets and away from the traditional drop-compensating reticles. Some have resisted… more »


Jail Time, Big Fines Possible in Nighttime Poaching Case

by Game & Fish Online Staff

One of the suspects in the poaching case has two dozen previous convictions for fish and wildlife crimes. A Vermont… more »

BIG BUCK Patrick Williams 181 3-8 possible NC record NT bow kill[2]

N.C. Archer Bags Huge Potential Record Buck

by Craig Holt

Rockingham County supplies another giant rack to its growing reputation with a recent possible record buck. North Carolina hunters know… more »