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10 Great Turkey Loads

by David Hart   |  March 20th, 2014 1

We expect more than a punch in the shoulder from turkey loads when we pull the trigger. Turkey hunters expect a flopping gobbler, the perfect ending to a perfect hunt. That doesn’t always happen, though. The rush of nerves sometimes gets the better of us. We lift our heads, slap the trigger or we just blow the entire shot.

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Where to Hunt Turkeys in Your State

Here you can find all the info you need on public lands, harvest data, and youth hunts for the 2014 spring turkey season in your state.

We certainly can’t blame a miss on the gun or the load. Just as gun makers build specialized shotguns designed just for turkey hunting, shotshell manufacturers offer a variety of shells made just for the turkey woods. Run a few through your gun to see how they perform on paper and then take the best one into the woods. Aim straight, squeeze the trigger and you’ve got yourself a gobbler.

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