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Modern Ground Blinds Offer Comfy Deer Hunting

by Game & Fish Online Staff   |  September 7th, 2018 0
modern ground blinds

Photo courtesy of Advantage Hunting Blinds

Modern hunting blinds offer features that could help improve your deer hunting success this fall.

Innovations in hunting gear reach virtually every component needed for a hunt, from what we wear to what we shoot.

modern ground blinds

Whitetail 4-Person Blind. (Photo courtesy of Advantage Hunting Blinds)

Hunting blinds have seen their share of advancements, too. Modern hunting blinds are geared toward a wide variety of hunting situations. Some offer 360 degrees of unobstructed view, room for multiple hunters, and easy setups.

Take Advantage Hunting Blinds’ line of polycarbonate blinds that are sturdy, roomy, comfortable and essentially maintenance-free. They also look like they should come with cable.

The poly shell won’t rot, even when placed on the ground, and window systems  maximize visibility in all directions.

All the blinds can be elevated.

Advantage makes four configurations: the Dual-Threat Bow/Gun Blind, 2-Person Advantage Hunting Blind, Whitetail 2- and 4-Person blinds, which are 25 and 45 square feet, respectively.

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Modern innovations in hunting blinds also are reflected in these products:

deer gear<< Flextone Field Hunter Blind

Whitetails can be a tough to fool when it comes to camouflage and concealment.

Fortunately, Flextone has a solution in their Field Hunter Blind. Tipping the scales at 9 pounds, the Field Hunter has more than enough room for two inside its hub-style frame design.

The three-panel format allows for quick set-up and teardown, while offering trouble-free access.


deer gearPrimos Double Bull SurroundView >>

The blind without a blind spot. That’s how Primos’ new Double Bull SurroundView 360 Ground Blind is best described.

Four one-way see-through walls provide full concealment, while allowing for 360 degrees of unobstructed viewing.

Featuring Silent Slide closures, the SurroundView is 23 pounds of perfect portability.



deer gear<< Ameristep Distorter

Most ground blinds don’t fit into the natural world because they’re square. The Distorter from Ameristep isn’t most ground blinds.

The Distorter’s Kick-Out hub design offers additional head room and storage space, while eliminating the unnatural boxy shape.

A hinged silent door, 3D Edge ReLeaf trim, and a Shadowguard interior offer the hunter everything, including invisibility.


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