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2018 Fishing Boat Reviews: AlumaCraft Voyageur 175 Sport

by David Johnson   |  January 23rd, 2018 0
fishing boat reviews

Photo courtesy of AlumaCraft

Game & Fish takes a closer look at the Alumacraft Voyageur 175 Sport as part of our series of 2018 fishing boat reviews.

2018 Boat Review: AlumaCraft Voyageur 175 Sport

AlumaCraft’s Voyageur 175 Sport is perfectly suited for serious multi-species anglers searching for a craft that won’t bottom out their boating budget. At nearly 18 feet in length, this V-hull is confident navigating skinny water or friendly big water.

The 175 is very stable, with a generous beam on a relatively short boat. The boat is intelligently laid out, with plenty of room to roam for anglers on the prowl. One of the first things you notice when boarding is the ample storage; every square inch of available under-deck space is used. This large storage includes a new rod storage system in the bow, in addition to standard lockers that hold eight rods.

I loved the large front casting deck — one that’s stable even while making aggressive, long, two-handed casts. It is big enough to accommodate two bass fishermen pitching or flipping, or an angler who likes to stretch his legs while seated. As aluminum boats go, this one is dry at top speed and when carving the turns.

Attention to fishing detail can be seen throughout the Voyageur. The lighted, aerated livewell is great when digging around for live bait on a moonless night. Heavy-gauge aluminum locker and compartment lids provide solid walking surfaces, and they’re lockable.

G&F Fishing Boat Reviews

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While not a tournament bass boat, the Voyageur 175 is a fishing machine for those who desire ease of towing, great fuel efficiency and good performance. This boat is worth a test drive by any serious weekender who takes his fishing seriously and is looking for a quality econo-ride.


The boat I tested was equipped with a Yamaha 90. When driven hard into the turns, the 175 performed well, with no slip or slop. While on a troll, I tried to rock the boat side-to-side while standing on the front casting deck. No matter how hard I tried, the 175 remained rock solid. 

What We Liked

Great storage, great flexibility for guys who fish multiple warm-water species and want to do it from a sturdy, stable platform. The driver’s cockpit is thoughtfully laid out, with controls and switches within easy reach. 

What We’d Change

The Voyageur Sport’s windshield dash has limited space for mounting electronics. Today’s electronic screens are trending bigger and bigger. We’d love to see a modification that would allow for bigger units.


  • Length 17 feet, 10 inches
  • Beam 87 inches
  • Dry Weight 1,070 lbs.
  • Fuel Capacity 17 gallons
  • Max Power 115 hp
  • MSRP $26,640 – $30,790

(MSRP depending on options and power)

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