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Seafood & Suds: Best New England Beer and Food Pairing

by Rick Bach   |  December 12th, 2013 0
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Nothing washes down a fresh catch like a frosty brew!

The Pilgrims stopped at Plymouth Rock because they simply didn’t have enough of a beer supply to forge farther south. Okay, that might be more local folklore than fact, but there’s no denying that New Englanders have always loved their beer. I wouldn’t ask any native New Englander to choose between suds and seafood, and luckily they don’t have to. Both are staples of any New England diet, and in fact they go together quite perfectly when you plan out your beer and food pairing.

In his book “The American Craft Beer Cookbook,” John Holl writes: “I firmly believe that beer pairs better with food than wine.” He cites the diversity of beers worldwide and the many flavorful options in defense of his claim.  Holl has visited more than 900 breweries and contributed beer-related content to The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal. He is the editor of All About Beer Magazine.

We scoured the region, from Boston to Maine, to find out how the professional beer crafters pair their beers with the local catch. Whether your roots are crusted with New England salt or you’re visiting for the first time, make sure the next time you enjoy the flavors of the region, you do it with a passion, purpose and understanding. The following ten fish and beer combinations are recommendations from as many beer enthusiasts as we could find. You don’t even have to credit us when you’re impressing your friends.



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