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Catfish Fishing

Homemade Catfish Bait Recipes That Work

by Keith Sutton   |  June 19th, 2012 7

Why let the bait manufacturers have all the fun concocting surefire stinkbaits for whiskerfish? Our resident catfish expert has five recipes that you can make right at home that are guaranteed to bring the stank to any eatin’-sized cat.

  • Mike Gates

    I heard that if you take a bar of Ivory Soap, cut a two inch square from it, poke a hole in the middle to fit your line through then attach your hook. Use a drop sinker 18 inches up the line, the soap will float up, attracting the fish, and the scent will draw them in to take the white square. Has anyone ever tried this?

    • Frank Guy

      I have not tried it but have heard the same thing from several sources. Family members have sone this and confirmed that it does work.

    • Jason Lee Andrews

      I have used ivory soap. It really works! The only bad thing it tends to sit for a while but once a blue takes it, their always 30 lbs or bigger.

  • Mike Gates

    My favorite fish attractor is a cheap can of dog food. Poke holes in it then attach it to a line behind your boat. Jiggle the can every now and then, Fish like you normally do, but the scent from your boat will bring in the Cats.

    • jim

      i prefer canned cat food it stinks a little more with more of a spoiled fish smell. the canned cat food and bisquit dough might make a good dough bait also. gonna have to try it.

  • Adam J

    Shad guts, jimmy Dean Sausage links (fried just enough to tighten the casing) also Meal worms and marshmallows together work well for catfish.


    My husband uses IVORY soap, I thought no way until the fish came home.

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