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Best Winter Crappie Fishing

Best Wintertime Crappie Fishing

by John Felsher 0

Just about every crappie angler loves to fish in the spring when big females move into predictable shallow patterns, but… more »

Ice Fishing For Perch 2

Ice Fishing For Perch

by Stephen D. Carpenteri 0

The successful winter fisherman only needs to know two things about yellow perch: They school and they move. Perch naturally… more »

Ice Fishing Tips for Panfish

Ice Fishing Tips for Panfish

by Mike Gnatkowski 0

“Two secrets to catching early season panfish are stealth and safety,” ice-fishing guru Brian “Bro” Brosdahl said. “Early in the… more »

Bass Tactics For Crappie

Bass Tactics for Crappie

by John Felsher 0

As youths, many anglers began fishing for crappie, bluegills and other panfish before “graduating” to largemouth bass. As Baby Boomers… more »

Fishing for Crappie During Summer

Beat the Heat: Look Deep for Summer Crappie

by John Felsher 0

Many crappie anglers only fish the pre-spawn and the spawn, when crappie congregate in huge numbers around shallow brush piles… more »


How to Catch a Big Bluegill this Summer

by Mike Gnatkowski 2

Whether you call them brim or bream or just plain old bluegills, big bluegills deserve a certain reverence. Big ‘Bull’… more »

Patterning Summer Bluegill

Patterning Summer Bluegill

by M.D. Johnson 0

America’s freshwater fish isn’t the largemouth bass. It’s not the smallmouth, the walleye, or the rainbow trout. It’s the bluegill…. more »

Crappie Fishing, Crappie Fishing tips around the Spawn

Spawning Crappie Fishing Tactics

by Keith Sutton 0

They are America’s favorite panfish, and when the call goes out in spring — “The crappie are bedding!” — people… more »


Live Bait Rigging for Winter Panfish

by Stephen D. Carpenteri 0

The percentage of winter fish caught on lures pales in comparison to the success rate of anglers who use live… more »


Ice Fishing for Crappie: Tips & Tactics

by Mike Bleech 0

With due respect for all ice fishers who think they know how to find crappie under the ice, a huge… more »

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