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Send Us Your Photos: Camera Corner Submission Process

March 24th, 2011 6

Want to share your best hunting and fishing pictures with the Game & Fish Camera Corner? Here’s how you do it…

For Camera Corner consideration, please attach photo to the appropriate address below for the region/state you live in.

Please submit no more than two photos, and none larger than 3MB. Include the names of everyone in the photo, as well as where they live and details of the catch or trophy. Thanks! — (Kansas, Nebraska, North/South Dakota) — (Mississippi/ Louisiana) — (Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Nevada, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming ) — (Washington/Oregon) — (West Virginia)

  • mark potter

    10 point buck shot on 10-22-11 in ontario county. grunted him into 25 yards.

  • viktor Vladyko

    Viktor Vladyko,52,from NYC,shot my first trophy 22-pound tom used my crossbow and turkey call on October 29 in Shohola Township,P.A

  • Russell Johnson

    I don't know where you publish the Minnesota Sportsman mag, but in your Oct 2011 issue you posted a picture of a guy with two tom turkeys he shot in MN on his first hunt. His 2 friends talked him into hunting. I belong to the NWTF and belong to a chapter in MN. My first thought was you are showing a picture of a poacher. It is illegal to shot more than one bearded turkey in a season in MN, also it's illegal to party hunt. You are sending the wrong meassage to your readers. I think with all the illegal issues surrounding hunting this is another one we don't need. I'm a subscriber to the magizine and don't like what I see.
    Russ J

  • Bob Duffy

    Zac Taylor shot his first deer, a nice 12 pointer, on his first hunt. Taken on his uncle Duffy's farm in 2011 season

  • Kevin Sund

    Ryan Sund with a 2 pound sunny from m.n

  • June Falcon

    14 year old, Nicholas Collins of So. Charleston shot his first turkey during the 2015 Youth Hunt in McDowell County, West Virginia with his Uncle, Gary Treadway! This was his very first hunting trip and first time shooting a gun. Got this 20 lb. turkey on his first try! Way to go Nicholas!

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