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8 Muskie Fishing Videos You Gotta See

by Game & Fish Online Staff   |  April 11th, 2017 0

The toothy muskellunge is a truly amazing freshwater fish.

camera corner-reader photos

57.75″ musky caught on in Lake County, Indiana (G&F reader submitted)

Aggressive, strong and often quite large, muskies are a favorite species for many anglers, particularly in the upper midwest, where 4-foot-long fish are frequently caught.

But muskie fishing isn’t reserved for the midwest. While 80 percent of the “muskie waters” in North America are found in five states/provinces, according to — Michigan, Minnesota, Ontario, Wisconsin and West Virginia — the largest member of the pike family resides in more than half of the 50 U.S. states, partly thanks to successful stocking programs.

muskie fishing

Reader submitted photo

If you like big muskies, the 8 videos below should be right down your weedline.

The videos, all from Game & Fish sister properties, might teach your a thing or two about tactics and strategies, but they probably will entertain you, too.


Trolling For 50-inch Muskies!

Via InFishermanTV

Jeff Simpson teams up with Guide Bret Alexander to troll up a few huge muskies!

GIANT MUSKIES on Super Bou Bucktails!

Via InFishermanTV

Best Time To Catch Big Muskies

Via WFN: World Fishing Network

Joe Bucher provides a handy tip for those stuck in the dog days of summer but want to catch big muskies – thunderstorms.

How To Catch Muskies With Minnow Baits

Via WFN: World Fishing Network

Joe Bucher demonstrates a reliable method for cathing muskies – the slackline twitch retrieval with a muskie bait.

Tackle Tips For Muskie Fishing

Via WFN: World Fishing Network

Tips on how to use the Jointed Shallow Raider minnow-style crankbait to catch muskies swimming over rock.

Fly Fishing for Muskies

Via WFN: World Fishing Network

Set to super slow motion images, Nick Pujic discusses the challenges he faces when throwing heavy flies for muskie. From episode 9 of JP DeRose Breaking Boundaries.

Muskie Breaks Surface

Via Sportsman Channel

Breaking The Surface crew fight a Musky…on a fly rod!

Trolling for Giant Muskies!

Via Sportsman Channel

Doug Stange of In-Fisherman shows you the techniques required when trolling for big muskies!

Billy Rosner with a nice catch

8 Tips For Tackling Big Muskies

Big muskies rarely come easily. If you’re a novice muskie angler, or if you find yourself on unfamiliar waters, you need to formulate a plan. ...

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