These New Walleye Lures, Rigs Will Get Job Done

Game & Fish Editors look at new walleye lures and rigs for 2018. Do you have any of these in your tackle box?


walleye luresBass Pro Shops Walleye Angler Jumbo Meteor Jig

Fish big baits in deep water and strong current with this new heavyweight champion. Available in six colors, and 5/8- to 1-ounce sizes, all with premium bronze short-shank hook and secondary eyelet for stinger rigging. $4 for 3


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walleye luresWalleye Nation Death Jig

New in 2017 and improved for 2018, the Death Jig features the company's "Double Trouble" configuration of a No. 8 Matzuo treble hook, 2/0 Matzuo slow-death hook and heavy-duty swivel. Comes with a propeller, which can be removed for slow-trolling and stealth applications. Drift or troll with live bait. $4

Northland Glo-Shot Jig

walleyeThe vertical-hanging Glo-Shot Jig is ideal for dead-sticking and suspending live bait under a slip-bobber. But it also swims and flutters when vertically jigged. Replaceable, luminescent Glo-Shot Stick glows in color for eight hours. Great for dark water, low-light conditions and night fishing. Comes in three sizes. $8 for 2


walleye luresBagley Balsa Diving Stick

Carved from ultra-light balsa, this fast-diving, true-running bait produces a unique dancing action with plenty of good vibrations and tail movement. Stretching 4-1/2 inches, the 3/8-ounce lure dives 18 to 25 feet and features an internal weighting system, plus full wire-through harness. $10

WALLEYE LURESRapala Scatter Rap Glass Shad

With an evasive action, translucent colors and classic Shad Rap profile, Rapala's new Scatter Rap Glass Shad excels for trolling summertime walleyes holding in 10 to 14 feet of water. The 2 1/2-inch, 7/16-ounce bait sports two No. 4 VMC round-bend treble hooks and comes in 14 colors. $7

walleye luresStrike King Craw Redeye Shad

Lipless cranks are killers for summer 'eyes, especially when the weeds drop. Strike King's all-new brown craw-pattern Redeye Shad is a dead-ringer for darting baitfish and skulking crayfish in these situations. Fish it with a rip-fall retrieve that hits bottom on the pause. $6 - $7 


walleye lures50th Anniversary Lindy Rigs

Commemorative rigs come a variety of hook colors with premium fluorocarbon in 8- and 10-pound tests, in 10-foot lengths perfect for easy trimming to the desired length. Available in two-hook crawler harnesses and single-hook options tailored to leeches, crawlers, minnows and large minnows. All include glow or orange-pearl beads. $4

walleye luresMepps Perch Comet Mino

This new bait combines Mepps' proven Comet Mino design with a supple Perch Mino body airbrushed for added realism. Creates an erratic swimming action cast or trolled. Comes in a variety of sizes; the largest weighs 1/2-ounce and is available with a 3- or 4-inch Mino perfect for trophy walleyes. $4 - $8

WALLEYE LURESNorthland Butterfly Harness

The uniquely shaped, poly-carbonate Butterfly Blade spins at slower speeds than metal Indiana and Colorado blades. Plus, it produces different flashes, vibrations and sounds than walleyes are used to seeing, hearing and feeling, so it triggers strikes from heavily-pressured fish. Ideal for live bait or plastics. $4


walleye luresSavage 3D Baitfish

Based on a three-dimensional scan of an actual baitfish, this realistic softbait produces an upright, S-curve swimming action. Available in as a swimbait or paddle-tail option, in six colors and 3- and 4-inch sizes weighing in at 1/4- and 3/8-ounce, respectively. savagegear-usa $8 — $9 for 3

walleye luresStorm 360GT Searchbait

This bait's life-like, single-ball rattling jig head and realistic body sporting 3D holographic eyes and a toe-in boot tail unite to create the ultimate illusion of natural movement at a wide range of retrieve speeds. Comes in 11 colors and three walleye-friendly sizes from 3 1/2 to 5 1/2 inches. $5 - $6

walleye lures


Z-Man Slim SwimZ

Z-Man upsized this popular slim, paddle-tailed swimbait to a 3-inch version perfect for a variety of walleye scenarios, including times when you want to load the livewell with 16- to 18-inch eaters. Produces an enticing wriggling, undulating action. Comes in 14 colors. $4 for 6

Robert Blosser: Go-To Search Bait for Walleye

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