Texas Gal's Big Buck

Community poster shares insights on deer hunt with ‘Rocket Launcher'

Reader Chassity of Kingwood, Texas, posted this blog in the Community section of OutdoorChannel.com, detailing her buck kill Oct. 12, 2012, in Texas.

Bow Hunting Season 2012 started off very disappointing at the Armstrong Ranch. We had experienced a decline in our big bucks on the game cameras and the weather was extremely hot during our opening weekend. This year we actually received some rain in Texas and therefore the deer haven't had much motivation to leave the deep woods and their plentiful acorn stashes.

Despite the odds, this weekend I was determined yet again to take down a wall hanger. After last season’s shot on a buck that proved to humble me, I knew that I had to make up ground since the boys had brought back the, "why did you shoot a baby?" comments.

You see, last season I purchased a new Bear bow and on opening day became a little eager to get a buck on the ground. After I took down an eight point that appeared to be a 'big-un' ... there was a little ground shrinkage once the three-year-old was up close and personal ... I know ... it happens to the best of us!

With a cold front blowing in this weekend it was sure to be the perfect opportunity to see some movement. Saturday morning the temperature was still around 80 degrees, but Saturday it dropped quickly into the 60s. The problem was that even Saturday evening proved to be disappointing when I didn't see a single deer! Only a lone coyote made his way past me at 10 feet while I was perched on the ground behind a natural blind. Pulling back I thought, "Not my new Magnus broadheads on this guy!"

After yesterday morning’s hunt I told my husband that we needed to stay because I just had a “feeling” about the evening hunt. He and the father-in-law said, “You've been saying that every day!”

The guys came through and yet again I convinced them to stay a little late and forfeit sleep before we were back to work on Monday morning. Surely it would prove to be worth it.

Getting to the stand Sunday evening, I was let down again for the first two hours. Nothing, not a single deer. Then in a familiar flash two bucks walked out and my eyes immediately set in on the perfectly symmetrical, tall and large eight pointer. These guys were skittish and looking around in every direction to anticipate trouble.

Controlling my breathing and getting my heart pace under control, I put into effect my new 5-minute rule. (After shooting a buck without focusing and losing him on a weak blood trail a year ago, I put into effect a rule that requires me to calm down for 5 minutes. This is actually 2 minutes, but feels like 5 while I try to control the side effects of big buck fever!

The shot was around 30-35 yards, and I knew it was going to be a difficult in the wind, but it was now or never.

Watching the younger, smaller buck try to spot anything in the surrounding area was annoying and I had to be extremely careful. Seizing the moment of opportunity while he was looking away was the only window I had. So, with the young buck facing away and the mucho Grande Texas Wall Hanger's exposed left broadside facing me, I launched my first killer arrow and Magnus Stinger 4 Blade broadhead.

The impact was something I had never seen before. After the arrow hit, the buck flipped completely upside down and after a little movement, the opposite side of impact was now facing me broadside while he was still on the ground. My first thought was something along the lines of, "Did that just happen?!"

In reaction to my fear of losing him, I immediately grabbed another arrow and launched it. Perfect, after entry. I could see it was behind the shoulder and dark blood was exiting. Still unsure after seeing him breathing and wanting to put him out of misery, I sent yet another arrow in. (Can you see that I may have a small fear of big bucks getting away?) After I saw this arrow go in through the heart and exit behind him it was clear the buck was in peace.

No tracking required this year! Man, what an awesome feeling it was and the adrenaline rush unmatched. Considering this was the longest distance I had made a kill, I was over-satisfied to say the least. My Bear Bow is now known by my fellow hunters as the Rocket Launcher!

Now, once again I've got bragging rights which we all know is a large driving force behind getting up at the crack of dawn to freeze your butt off. It's been a rough year listening to the nonsense comments from a few fellow hunters whose identity will go unmentioned, but I've yet again conquered the challenge.

What am I most proud of? Having the best family and ranch a girl could ask for, God for the harvest of a beautiful buck and my husband for always being there to say great job.

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