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Game and Fish 2015 Father's Day Gift Guide

Game and Fish 2015 Father's Day Gift Guide

To help you find the perfect Father's Day gift this year, we've compiled a list of some of the most innovative and useful new gear from a wide variety of companies.

From trolling motors that allow him to sneak in close on big bass to lightweight shooting vests for trips to the skeet range or the dove field, no matter how much you're looking to spend, there's something here that should fit your budget.

Whether he's an angler, archer, competitive shooter or a hunter, there's something in our annual Father's Day gift roundup for the sportsman on your list. We know he'll like this stuff — we picked the gear we wanted!

Shoot-Ready Beman Carbon Arrows

Beman is making the process of arrow selection faster and simpler than ever before with their new Shoot-Ready Beman Carbon arrows. These arrows are sold in 4 packs that come pre-cut and assembled from the factory in lengths up to 29 inches and for compound bows up to 70 pounds. These arrows are straightness-checked at the factory and come with vanes, nock inserts, and even practice points. The arrows are weight matched, and when dad's ready to head to the woods all he'll have to do is swap out his field points for his favorite broad heads and he's ready to drop a big buck. MSRP: $24.99

Browning | Trapper Creek Mesh Vest

Browning has added a new mesh vest in Realtree Xtra camouflage to their Trapper Creek line, and it's sure to be a favorite with anyone who participates in shotgun sports, hunts doves, or does any other type of hunting or shooting in warm weather. The mesh design keeps the shooter cool even on the hottest days, and the lightweight design is perfect for all-day competitions. The vest features four large shell pockets in the front as well as a spacious rear pocket for collecting empty hulls. The cotton twill shooting patch has a pocket designed to accept REACTAR G2 recoil pads, which are designed to help mitigate the forces of recoil over extended shooting periods. The vest is available in sizes from small to 3XL and features twin adjustment straps for a perfect fit. MSRP: $70.00

Bullet Weights Trolling Weight and Snap Kit

The new Trolling Weights and Snap Kit from Bullet Weights helps simplify trolling and makes it easy to change weights and depths. Previously, changing your trolling weight meant that you had to retie, but not anymore thanks to the new Bullet Weights system that utilizes rubber snaps that won't damage your line. The 20 piece kit includes four snaps and four split rings as well as weights that range from ½ ounce to 3 ounces. With this system, if you find that you are trolling too high or too low you can simply reel up and swap out weights to change the depth, a quick and easy process that can help you present your bait at just the right position. If dad's into trolling for bass, walleye, salmon, or anything else the Bullet Weights system is an economical and versatile tool that will help him catch more fish. MSRP: $25.99

Canyon Coolers | Ultimate Fishing Cooler

Consider this less of a cooler and more of a do-it-all fishing station. There are four rod holders secured to the cooler with durable Nutzerts, and there's also an accessory pouch that holds a 9x11 inch tackle box. Aquatraction EVA foam keeps the cooler and items placed on top from sliding around even when wet, and inside you'll find a wire basket that holds your dry items, an Alien Adventure Light with magnetic base and two mounting options that allows you to find items in the cooler after dark, and a drink holder that is secured to the cooler via a StarPort mounting base. The cooler body itself has a 35 quart capacity, so you can take along plenty of food, drinks, or bait. Thick walls and a silicon seal keep items inside the cooler cold, and when empty it weighs just 22 pounds. If angling is dad's true calling then this is his mobile office. MSRP: $389.99

Midland | Radio X-Talker Two Way Radio's

With a 38 mile range, 36 separate channels, and 121 different privacy codes, the X-Talker is a powerful communication tool in the woods or on the lake. In addition to its impressive range and channels, the X-Talker  radios feature Midland's advanced weather technology that automatically alerts you to any inclement weather. Built with the outdoorsman in mind, the X-Talker offers 9 levels of eVox hands-free operation, and there's also a variable voice sensitivity feature that allows you to keep conversations as quiet as possible. Natural call tones like duck and crow blend in with nature and won't spook game. There's a Hi/Lo setting for extended battery life, and Midland's Rapid Recharge system allows you to reach full power quickly using the supplied charging station or USB. The unit can use AAA batteries as well. MSRP: $89.99

Minn Kota | Micro Remote

In addition, Minn Kota is also offering their new Micro Remote trolling motor remote control, which is compatible with any Minn Kota motor with i-Pilot or i-Pilot Link. The remote is light enough to be worn around the neck yet offers full control of the motor from anywhere in the boat, and best of all it floats, so if you drop it in the water it won't be lost forever. MSRP: $99.99

Shakespeare | Ugly Stick Elite Rod

The new Ugly Stik Elite rod features new Ugly Tech construction with 35% more graphite than their Ugly Stick GX2 rod. This means a lighter rod that is more sensitive so anglers are more connected with what's happening under the surface of the water. One-piece stainless steel guides increase sensitivity even more yet they are durable enough that they won't be easily damaged during transport or storage. Full cork grips offer plenty of real estate for gripping the rod, and a newly skeletonized reel seat helps reduce bulk. There are currently 5 casting and 17 different spinning models available with MSRPs of $49.95. This is a great rod for the money, and Shakespeare also offers combo models with reels, too. MSRP: $49.95

Delta McKenzie | Bloodline and Bloodline Xl Buck Target

If dad's a bowhunter he'll love these durable and lifelike archery targets from Delta McKenzie . The Bloodline Buck stand 40 inches tall, and the Bloodline XL is 45 inches, providing a realistic target for summer practice sessions. Both targets have FlexFoam construction, which holds up well even when shot with powerful crossbows and compound bows and allows for easy arrow removal (so no more foot-on-the-target tug-of-war sessions in the back yard). The high-impact replaceable core centers stand up to hits from field points and expanding and fixed-blade broadheads, and the target disassembles quickly and easily for transport or storage. If you don't want to hear dad complaining about the buck he missed next fall, surprise him with a Bloodline buck this Father's Day. MSRP: $129.99 and $199.99 for XL

Pro-Defense | Gunslinger Tactical Sling Keeper

Tired of walking in the field or through the woods and that 'ol gun won't stop sliding off your shoulder? Look no further than the Gunslinger Tactical Sling Keeper. The Sling Keeper has a conveniently placed velcro strap and allows for easy attachment to any backpack, either right or left side. Featuring durable polymers, the Gunslinger includes a Picatinny rail mount feature to hold a flashlight for lighting up any trail or rail mount accessory securely placed. MSRP: $9.99

Steiner | Dad's and Grad's 10% Bino Savings

If you've been holding out for a sweet deal on binos before picking up a pair for yourself or even better yet, for dad, Steiner has the deal for you. Between now and June 30th, Steiner is offering a 10-percent discount on a wide variety of its popular lines of binoculars as part of it's Dad's & Grad's instant savings offer. From the rugged Predator Series to the versatile Marine Series, there's sure to be something dad will truly appreciate. You won't need any coupons, rebates or forms to take advantage of this great offer. Purchase from an online retailer or locally to save on a great pair, or two, of quality binoculars.

Camp Chef | Explorer 2-Burner Stove

Don't just get a new grill for dad on Father's Day. Get one he'll love. The Camp Chef Explorer is made for the outdoorsmen who might as easily be cooking a deer camp, on a remote island in the Great Lakes, or the patio. We've been using the Explorer for months now, and it has the quality we need and it does what it's billed to do. We added a grill box to the stove, so now we can use, say, a Dutch oven on one burner and grill salmon or steaks on the other in the grill box. Of course, you can lift off the grill box (let it cool first), and now use two burners for pan-frying, heating water or boiling water for your European mounts. Camp Chef makes products for outdoorsmen and the quality shows. The Explorer features many options that will fit most of your needs including a beefy burner that pumps out 30,000 BTU each, stable legs and rigid design that can handle a lot of cast iron and pots of water, removable legs for easy transport, 14x32-inch cooking dimensions and a 448-square-inch cooking area. This manly set up will handle the bumps and bruises that happen when you are out hunting, fishing or exploring. If you buy one for dad, get ready for some fine meals and more family memories. MSRP: $171 for explorer and $109 for grill box

Gear Keeper | RT4

No matter whether dad likes hunting, fishing, shooting, or working on cars he'll find plenty of uses for the Gear Keeper RT 4 retractable. It features a carabiner clip that attaches to vests, backpacks, or belt, and it allows for rapid access to important items. If he's working in the shop that might mean a wrench or screwdriver, and on the boat it could be pliers, a magnifying lens, or scissors for cutting line. In the fall, it's a great way for him to keep his rangefinder or grunt call close at hand while on stand, and if a big buck slips in unexpectedly the item he's holding is automatically retracted and he's instantly hands-free. With retraction levels available from 3 ounces to 16 ounces and cable lengths from 36 to 22 inches, there's an RT4 that's perfect for whatever dad does on the job or during his free time. A patented flushing system clears sand and debris from the cable before it is retracted into the unit, and a Q/C system allows for easy attachment and release of your essential items. MSRP: $21.99

Hoppe's | 1.2.3 Dope! Cleaning Kit

Cleaning firearms can be a chore, but it's essential to keep your valuable guns in proper condition. Hoppe's new 1.2.3 Done! Kit makes cleaning easier than ever before, even when you're in the field. The kit includes high-viscosity lubricating oil, Hoppe's No. 9 solvent, and a caliber-specific BoreSnake that helps thoroughly clean and lubricate the barrel, removing copper and lead fouling that other brushes miss. Over time, this fouling can build up and compromise accuracy or lower the value of the firearm, so prompt and thorough cleaning is essential. Along with the items listed you'll also receive easy-to-follow directions that teach you how to clean your gun in three easy steps. It's a simple way to protect your valuable investment. MSRP: $26.45

KUIU | Guide Gloves

There are very few things that ruin a hunt faster than sitting on stand with cold hands. KUIU , maker of some of the most advanced garment items for hunters, is now offering their innovative Guide Gloves to help combat the cold. The palm, underside of the fingers and fingertips of the gloves is made from Pittards Oiltac Leather, which is extremely lightweight and offers the high level of sensitivity required when nocking and arrow or getting ready to pull the trigger yet is durable enough to withstand years of abuse in the field. The back portion of the glove is made from high-tech Primeflex material that has been treated with Toray's Kudos DWR for maximum water resistance. KUIU's Guide Gloves are also breathable. Discussions on state-of-the-art hunting equipment may not often revolve around gloves, but KUIU's new Guide Gloves are among the most advanced new clothing products on the market. They are available in Verde (shown here) or Vias camo. MSRP: $59.99

L.L. Bean | Rapid River Vest Pack

The Rapid River Vest pack does a great job balancing ample storage space with a comfortable ride. There are 13 exterior pockets that hold your gear close at hand and provide easy access to your equipment, and the wide straps and secure belt allow weight to be distributed evenly and comfortably, which is essential if you're spending a long day wading in heavy current. With five adjustment points, you can customize the fit to just about any type of clothing, so there's no need for separate warm and cold season vests. The Rapid River seems to have an endless array of ingenious design elements, including tray pockets that unzip from the front to provide work stations, interior fly patches, double pockets for larger items like reels and spools, a removable waterproof pocket for a cell phone or camera, and much more. With clever touches throughout and one of the most comfortable designs available, the Rapid River Vest is a great choice for the angler on your list. MSRP: $139.95

Minn Kota | Forex 112 Trolling Motor

Cable-steer Fortex trolling motors provides a substantial 112 pounds of thrust, ample power to help navigate even the largest bass boat around stumps, limbs, weed beds, or any other obstacle you might encounter on the water. The anodized aluminum Mono-Arm Design and Lift Assist cut the weight required to stow and deploy the motor in half, making this one of the easiest trolling motors to manipulate. It comes with a Digital Maximizer to save on battery life and a very durable composite shaft (available in 45, 52 or 62 inches). MSRP: $1,369.99-$1,529.99

Berkley | Power Pack Battery

Many of the items that anglers rely on require battery power, whether that's a trolling motor, a depth finder or even a cell phone. Having items lose power on a fishing or hunting trip can be frustrating and even dangerous, but Berkley has a solution. Their Power Pack Battery has a USB connection for charging cameras, cell phones, and other devices, and the Power Pack provides 12 volts of energy for up to 12 hours. In addition, the Berkley battery has external posts that allow anglers to hook the system to their 12 volt equipment using battery clips. There's a battery meter to monitor the charge level, and when the battery is low you can simply plug it into a wall outlet with the AC adapter provided. No matter whether dad is a hunter or angler, the Berkley Power Pack Battery is a great gift that can help him stay connected. MSRP: $49.95

Hunter's Specialties | Mounting Kit

Taxidermy can be very expensive, so if dad's a do-it-yourself kind of guy he'll like these two new mounting kits from Hunter's Specialties  . Both kits come with lifelike molded deer skulls, so there's no need for messy boiling in bleach. He can choose to mount the antlers from a trophy he has taken or sheds he has found, and the two available options are both attractive and easy to maintain. The Half Euro mounting kit comes with an antique finish plaque and all mounting hardware, and the Full Euro kit contains a walnut plaque that can be adjusted to face different directions for best view in your home or office. If you've got a dad in your house that likes to hunt but you're quickly running out of wall space these Euro mount kits from Hunter's Specialties are just what you've been looking for. MSRP: $59.99 for Half Euro and $69.99 for Full Kit

Abu Garcia | Revo Beast

The  Revo Beast is one of the toughest reels on the planet, and it's packed with a bunch of great features that make it both versatile and durable. With a 22 pound max drag and extra deep spool for holding lots of line on reserve, the Beast is ready for just about any type of fishing dad likes. The X-Craftic aluminum alloy body is lightweight, and the titanium-coated aluminum sideplates are resistant to corrosion and scratches. Seven stainless steel High Performance Corrosion Resistant (HPCR) bearings and one roller bearing give the Revo Beast a 7:1 gear ratio, and the oversized handles and EVA power knobs make this a versatile and comfortable reel that will stand up to years and years tough fishing. Despite its impressive list of heavy-duty features, the Beast weighs in at just 9.35 ounces. MSRP: $349.95

LaserLyte | Laser Crossbow Sighter

The LaserLyte Crossbow Sighter will get dad on target fast and save him money on expensive bolts/broadheads. Simply place the Sighter on the arrow track and under the string of an uncocked crossbow. Shine the laser out to 20 yards, and adjust the 20-yard reticle to the laser then fire the first bolt. The Sighter features three 393 batteries that provide 1.5 hours of continuous use, a tough T6 aluminum construction and is available in a sleek red finish that works great with any crossbow on the market. The bow must have a maximum length of 7 inches from the string to the end of the flight groove to properly operate. MSRP: $64.95

Bushnell | Elite 3500

For 2015, Bushnell has launched a new line of riflescopes, the Elite 3500 series. Replacing the versatile 3200 line, the new 3500 scopes are packed with a long list of user-friendly features including fully multi-coated optics and Ultra Wide Band lens coatings that boost light transmission by 91%. RainGuard HD coating protects the scope from moisture, and the fast-focus eyepiece helps you get on target quickly. The Bushnell 3500 series is available in 2-7x, 3-9x and 4-12x magnification riflescopes as well as a 2-6x magnification handgun scope, and all Bushnell scopes are backed by the company's Bulletproof Money-Back guarantee. MSRP: $364.45 to $600.95

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