Our Newest Crop Of Fishing Lures

From buzzbaits to plugs, plus lots of other ersatz baits that catch fish, here are the latest lures on the market! (April 2006)

Strike King Deuce

What's new for the 2006 lure market? There's a little bit of everything, from buzzbaits to spoons. Saltwater anglers will notice the biggest batch of new lures in years, but there's plenty for freshwater fishermen, as well, as manufacturers bring out entirely new lines of baits and dress up classic favorites with new colors and sizes.

Here are some of the new lures you'll find at your tackle retailer this year.


Strike King Deuce -- The Deuce is double trouble for bass. Twin counter-rotating blades create extra lift, enable a slow retrieve, and make a lot of bass-attracting commotion. And this new lure is available in 1/4-, 3/8- and 1/2-ounce sizes and comes in four colors.


Bomber Lures Model 4A -- Bomber introduces a new number to the Model A series. The Model 4A, which covers the 3- to 6-foot-depth range, is buoyant and features a highly deflective lip.

Bomber Lures Model 4A

The result is a crankbait that can be run near any kind of obstruction, which causes the lure to deflect and trigger strikes.

Cotton Cordell Jointed Grappler Shad -- Following up on the popularity of the Grappler Shad, Cordell has released the Jointed Grappler Shad. The jointed body gives the lure a wounded-baitfish action.

Cotton Cordell Jointed Grappler Shad

This lure features 3-D eyes and gill plates, heavy-duty split rings, and bronze hooks. It is available in 14 colors.

D.A.M. Effzett Super Natural Series -- With the recent alliance between Okuma Fishing Tackle and D.A.M. International, products with decades of proven success are now being offered in the U.S. The company's newest offering is the Effzett Super Natural series, featuring lifelike finishes, shapes and action.

D.A.M. Effzett Super Natural Series

The Perch and Pike models are ideal for catching muskies or pike. Every lure is rigged with VMC hooks, stainless-steel split rings, and a durable plastic lip. Sizes range from 2 1/2- to 6 1/4-inch lures.

Luhr Jensen K-11X X-treme Kwikfish -- The K-11X Kwikfish, available in 26 finishes, features fixed eyes and side-to-side body construction. Other features include stainless-steel split rings and extra-strong round-bend hooks.

Luhr Jensen K-11X X-treme Kwikfish

The lure dives to 12 feet with no tuning and is ideal for anglers trolling or back-trolling for medium to large game fish.

Mann's Stretch Imitator Junior -- Mann's Stretch Imitator Junior is a smaller version of its big brother, the Stretch + Imitator, which is a scale model of an 8-inch menhaden.

Mann's Stretch Imitator Junior

The famous patented lip provides the deepest diving depth possible. This lure is available in eight baitfish color patterns.

Rapala X-Rap Series -- Last year, Rapala introduced the X-Rap 10.

Rapala X-Rap Series

This year, they've added four new bodies to the X-Rap line of minnow baits: the compact, suspending X-Rap 8; the X-Rap 14, sized to handle lunker game fish; the X-Rap Jointed Shad, made for slow, enticing retrieves; and the deep-diving (down to 30 feet) X-Rap Magnum 30.

Rebel Tracdown Minnow -- Rebel's Tracdown Minnow sinks at a rate of 1 foot per second, allowing anglers to count their lure down to the exact depth where fish are suspended.

Rebel Tracdown Minnow

This minnow lure is available in four colors.

Spro Aruku Shad -- With its nose down on the bottom, Spro's Roland Martin Signature Aruku Shad resembles a feeding baitfish, which will entice bass, redfish, trout and other game fish.

Spro Aruku Shad

Almost entirely weedless, the lure features super-loud rattles and Gamakatsu hooks.

Smithwick Suspending Rattlin' Rogue -- The original suspending minnow is back.

Smithwick Suspending Rattlin' Rogue

The 5 1/2-inch Smithwick Suspending Rattlin' Rogue's wounded-minnow action is equally effective whether the lure is cast or trolled. And it comes in six colors with premium red hooks.

Strike King King Kong -- Available in 6- and 8-inch sizes, the huge King Kong hard-plastic swim bait has a jointed body for lots of wiggle, roll and flash. It's designed to entice trophy bass, stripers, muskies, pike and peacock bass.

Strike King King Kong

This lure is available in nine colors.

Worden's FlatFish -- Worden's FlatFish now comes in 23 new colors.

Worden's FlatFish

They range from hot metallic finishes and bright colors to more subdued color varieties created to match baitfish.


Booyah Swim'n Jig -- This 1/2-ounce flat-bottomed arrowhead jig is designed to swim across the top of the nastiest cover fish live in. It has an in-line line tie and an Excalibur TX3 hook designed to balance its unusual shape.

Booyah Swim'n Jig

This feature keeps the jig from catching grass when it's burned across the surface for bass, redfish, stripers or other species.

Creme Lures Silverside -- Creme's original Silverside Minnow had a sleek body that hid the weight inside.

Creme Lures Silverside

Crappie and panfish anglers asked Creme to create a more conventional version with a forward jighead, and Creme obliged with two new Silverside jigs, one that retains the Mylar split-tail body, and another with a feather tail. Both have holographic finishes.


Berkley Power Bait Realistix Series -- Berkley's new pre-rigged Power Bait Realistix lures blend lifelike action, color and size to produce baits that will fool any fish. The Power Bait formulation expands the strike zone with scent and makes sure that once the fish bites it won't let go. Styles include the Minnow, Kicker Frog and Freshwater Pogy, plus a line of bass-specific models, such as the Bungee Power Hawg, Sparkle Power Tube Minnow, Power Minnow Grub, Sparkle Dropshot Power Bass Minnow, Power Craw, Power Jerkshad, Sinking Minnow and Power Lizard.

Creme Lures Spoiler Shad Swimming Bait -- The Spoiler Shad is a bite-sized 1.5-inch-long soft-bodied swim bait with the weight and hook molded into the body. The body's holographic shimmer sends light in every direction to attract fish. The paddle-tail adds action and vibration.

Mann's HardNose Series -- Mann's new line of HardNose lures eliminates a common source of aggravation: soft plastic sliding down the hook shank. These baits have harder plastic in the head so the lure won't slip or ball up while being cast or retrieved. Body styles include the Worm, Lizard, Flippin' Craw, Jerkbait, Swim Toad and Mullet.

Snag Proof Poppin' Frog -- This Poppin' Frog is fatter and heavier for beefier big-fish bites.

Snag Proof Poppin' Frog

It sports premium Owner double hooks and a new silicone skirt, which won't melt in your tackle box. The spitting, popping action draws attention from picky bass. It is available in four colors.

Stanley Ribbit Frog -- This 4-inch soft-plastic frog has uniquely designed "feet" that create realistic kicking action like a live frog. Rigged weedless, it's designed to go across matted grass or lily pads. It can do what topwaters, buzzbaits and Texas-rigged baits can do, all in one simple fish-catching package. This lure is available in nine colors.

Storm's WildEye Live Series -- Storm Lures has expanded the WildEye Live Series introduced last year. New freshwater offerings include crappie, walleye and brook trout designs.

Storm's WildEye Live Series Brook Trout

Also new are five saltwater patterns: crab, shrimp, mackerel, anchovy and sardine. The lures feature durable PVC construction to stay tough for multiple strikes. The weighted heads make precision casting and deep-water jigging a cinch. Available in 1- to 6-inch sizes, all Live Series lures feature flash foils and holographic WildEyes for added realism.

Strike King Iguana -- Designed for big bass, the 10-inch Iguana is made of a new durable, tear-resistant material that's salt-injected and super-soft.

Strike King Iguana

Fish hold on because of feel and taste. The Iguana is available in seven colors.

YUM Sweet Cheeks -- YUM's new Sweet Cheeks swim bait features a scent chamber in the gills to hold YUM attractant. The scent then disperses slowly in the water, leaving a trail for bass.

YUM Sweet Cheeks

A weed guard renders the bait virtually weedless. Available in 3-, 3 1/2-, 4- and 5 1/2-inch sizes and six colors. Also new from YUM: the Craw Papi, the Pre-Rigged Craw Bug and the Forktail Dinger.


Booyah Spinnerbaits -- Booyah has added Citrus Shad, Wounded Limetreuse and Rootbeer Charteuse to its Tux & Tails spinnerbait colors.

Booyah Spinnerbaits

And fans of Booyah's Counter Strike spinnerbaits have five new colors to collect: Snow White, Chartreuse, Limetreuse, Cole Slaw and Citrus Shad.

Falcon Big Eyez Spinnerbaits -- Falcon Lures has expanded its Big Eyez spinnerbaits series, adding a new 1/2-ounce size and four new colors.

Falcon Big Eyez

Also new is the Big Eyez Triple Willow Leaf series in 3/8-ounce and 1/2-ounce sizes.

Lindy Buck-A-Boo Muskie Spinner -- Lindy's 7 1/2-inch Buck-A-Boo is a big-fish bucktail spinner with the added lift and life of pulsating marabou.

Lindy Buck-A-Boo Muskie Spinner

The 1 1/2-ounce hand-tied body performs with Buck-A-Boo's No. 7 French blade and is complemented by stainless- and nickel-plated hardware and bronze hooks.

Mann's Tidewater Spinnerbait -- The 1/4-ounce Tidewater Spinnerbait features 22-carat-gold-plated Colorado and Indiana blades, and ultra-thin wire for maximum vibration. It simulates a fleeing crab or a school of baitfish.

Mann's Tidewater Spinnerbait

It is available in a white or chartreuse-and-white skirt.

Punisher Lures' The Flame Spinnerbait -- Smallmouth guru Stephen Headrick designed The Flame. Each spinnerbait's skirt has a shade of red in it to make it look injured. This lure is available in 3/8-, 1/2-, and 1-ounce sizes with Colorado blades in gold, nickel and red. Skirts come in seven colors, including white, shad, chartreuse and bubblegum.

Worden's Rooster Tail -- Worden's Rooster Tail is now available in six new colors: Flash Black, Flash Blue, Flash Chartreuse, Flash Green, Flash Red and Flash White.

Worden's Rooster Tail

The new colors combine a new prismatic blade enhancement with light-reflective paint schemes to make the lures flash even more when being trolled or retrieved.

Tru-Tungsten FH Select Series and FH Custom Series -- These new spinnerbaits feature extremely low profiles and incredible action and feel.

Tru-Tungsten FH Select Series and FH Custom Series

Tru-Tungsten spinnerbaits are 50 percent smaller than lead and are equipped with black nickel hooks and Hydro-Silk skirts. They come in all sizes and colors.


Acme Frisky Fish -- Acme's new Frisky Fish, a metal trolling and casting spoon, is deadly on trout and other freshwater game fish. Its small size, compound curvature and unique tail design create an irresistible baitfish profile and wobble.

Acme Frisky Fish

The 1/16-ounce Frisky Fish features a super-thin body and single Siwash hook, making it an ideal choice for anglers slow-trolling for salmon and trout. The 1/8-ounce model features a thicker body and works great for flat-line trolling or ultralight spin-fishing.

Bomber Slab Spoon -- The classic Slab Spoon is now available in two new sizes -- 1-inch, 1/4-ounce and 1-3/8-inch, 1/2-ounce -- and four new colors -- Chrome/Black Scale, Fluorescent Yellow/Black Scale, White/ Black Scale and Chrome/Blue Scale.

Luhr Jensen Coyote Spoon -- The new 6.0 Coyote Spoon has irresistible trolling action for taking aggressive chinook salmon.

Luhr Jensen Coyote Spoon

It's available in 38 finishes, including Live Images and the new Everglo. Each spoon is rigged with heavy-duty rings and a metal flipper on the hook end.

Mann's Tidewater Spoon -- Mann's gold Tidewater Spoon completely encapsulates the hook in the welding process, and the new keel design prevents line twist.

Mann's Tidewater Spoon

The hook point is not coated, which means it doesn't need to be

sharpened and is ready to fish straight out of the package.


Arbogast Hocus Locust -- Arbogast has added three of their most popular colors to the Hocus Locust lineup.

Arbogast Hocus Locust

The Frog/White Belly, Perch and Coach Dog.

Heddon SwayBack Spook -- Heddon has tweaked the Spook, giving it a slightly higher pull point that allows the user to walk the dog easier.

Heddon SwayBack Spook

The resulting new lure, the Swayback Spook, has a unique arched back to create a more lifelike appearance on the water and is available in six baitfish patterns.

Mann's Tidewater Tail Dragger -- New for the redfish/speckled trout market is Mann's 4-inch Tidewater Tail Dragger, which incorporates a special weight location and a unique tail feature.

Mann's Tidewater Tail Dragger

This combination allows anglers of all skill levels to walk the dog. The turned-down rear section acts as a rudder to steer the lure in an opposite direction each time the lure is twitched or jerked. This lure is available in 12 colors.

Rapala Twitchin' Rap -- Rapala touts it new balsa Twitchin' Rap as a lure to use with a "twitch, glide and suspend technique." It runs six inches to two feet below the surface, making it ideal for working weedbeds and flats for snook and redfish.

Rapala Twitchin' Rap

In fresh water, try using a wounded-minnow action by letting the lure sink slowly to tempt bass and other game fish.


Acme Flash-King Wobbler -- Acme's new 1/10-ounce Flash-King Wobbler trolling lure measures only 1 7/8 inches long and is available in 16 color combinations, helping anglers to "match the hatch" when fishing for trout, salmon and other game fish.

Acme Flash-King Wobbler

It delivers super-active wobbling action at even the slowest trolling speeds.

Creme Lures' Jerk N' Shrimp -- The hard-plastic Jerk N' Shrimp features the lifelike look of a real shrimp, complete with black protruding antennae.

Creme Lures' Jerk N' Shrimp

Adding to this realism is a series of weights and counterweights that cause the shrimp to sink horizontally.

Lindy Redbone's Speculizer -- Redbone's Speculizer, new to Lindy's Old Bayside product line, is a poppin'-cork rig pre-tied with a single or tandem snell and lively Old Bayside fan-tailed shrimp.

Lindy Redbone's Speculizer

Extra-loud beads and clackers make this high-visibility, ready-to-fish rig really noisy. Shrimp-baited replacement snells are available, too.

Storm ThunderCore Baits -- Storm's new ThunderCore lures each feature a unique combination of soft plastic molded to a hard polycarbonate core.

Storm ThunderCore Pilcher

The solid body secures hooks and a polycarbonate lip, ensuring excellent diving and suspending performance, while the wiggly outer skin makes fish think they're biting a real critter. Five models are available: the Dawg, Squirter, Scoot N' Craw, Minner and Pilcher.

Also new from Storm, the Kickin' Minnow with a segmented soft-plastic body, holographic WildEye and kicking tail is on the market.


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