Crossbow Hunting Gear: Slings, Decoys, Cases, More

Crossbow Hunting Gear: Slings, Decoys, Cases, More

Crossbow hunting gear accessories enhance the effectiveness of the latest bows, arrows, and broadheads. These items can boost your success in the coming seasons.


Ambushing game is exciting, yet when you can use a call or decoy to bring a strutting tom, grunting whitetail, or bugling elk to point-blank range, the excitement meter explodes.

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RMEF Cow Elk | Montana Decoys

This new model ($109) has the same life-like image Montana decoys are known for, yet offers two advantages. First, it's larger and shows a broadside view, easily seen by elk. New this year are lightweight aluminum poles to support the cow model or to be used in a stalking situation.

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ElkFan | Killer Gear

Simplicity is the key ingredient to this creative product.  If you can put up an umbrella, you can decoy an elk. Additionally, the large figure allows you to approach a bull, lay the decoy handle on the ground and shoot as the bull walks into close range. Antelope decoys work the same way.

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Half Strut Jake | Avian X

This bogus bird ($119) is bound to put a gobbler in your lap for three reasons. First, old toms hate jakes and this one has the short stubby beard that's unmistakable. Secondly, the half strut posture intensifies the rivalry signaling this young whipper snapper is about to strut. Finally, the texture and coloration are incredibly realistic.


Ground blinds are portable, safer than elevated stands and put you incredibly close to game. Give these three models a look.

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Supernatural Blind | Ameristep

Hub-style blinds ($249) are sturdy, easy to set up and spacious enough for two hunters or a sportsman and a video camera. Newly erected blinds can have a shine that's easily detected, yet this Supernatural blind is designed to be flat and undetectable.

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Phantom X | Browning

Although roomy, many blinds are difficult to enter and exit, especially if you are carrying a crossbow, decoys, or other gear. The Phantom ($299) helps solve this problem with a door that opens the full size of the blind. Realtree camouflage helps keep you secluded once inside. Additionally, the blind has a large skirt which helps prevent light from entering under the base. 

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Thicket NWTF | AlpsOutdoorZ

If turkeys are your game, the special green camouflage hues in Mossy Oak Obsession will help you blend in and stay unnoticed. The interior is completely covered in black so that movement is protected from ghost silhouettes against direct sunlight. The blind has pockets for calls to help keep you organized and ready when that big gobbler approaches. $189.

Bow Cases

Vibration and sharp edges can be a nightmare for the best of crossbows. Whenever traveling, protect your bow in a quality hard or soft case.

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Whitetail Hunter Ballistic Bow Case | Barnett

Size matters and unfortunately, hard crossbow cases can be quite large.  By allowing the cocking stirrup to protrude through the case, Barnett ($99) has created a very compact case and added killer graphics that are sure to draw a crowd.

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Soft Bow Case | CAMX

With five pockets and a design that allows the cocking stirrup to protrude, this soft case is compact and can be used to carry your bow, arrows, and gear safely afield.

Camo Gear

Camouflage patters are exploding and at least 20 are available for purchase.  These three patterns offer high quality clothing engineered for hunting:

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Waypoint Jacket | Pnuma

The pattern of this new products is lighter and blends well in many environments, yet the design of the gear sets it apart.  Shown is the Waypoint jacket and pants that breath while completely insulating against wind and cold.  If you often kneel or crawl when hunting, the built-in knee pads are to die for and provide extra insulation when sitting.

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Kenai Hooded Jacket | KUIU

Like Pnuma, KUIU is much more than a camouflage pattern and the engineering that goes into these garments is well worth the price. Shown is the Kenai Hooded Jacket, an insulated "hoodie" that you can pull over a light shirt for hunting in cool weather with great breathability and a quiet outer shell. This gear is so versatile that you can wear one set for an entire week.

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Women's Kelvin Active Jacket | Sitka

 "What women want," is gear that performs well and looks good and Sitka has that department nailed with an entire line of gear that's ultra-functional, lightweight, and tailored to the female form. This brand-new line for 2017 is bound to be a hit.


If you stalk game or carry your bow over long distances, the importance of a quality sling will quickly become evident.

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Lo-Ready Sling | CAM-X

Most crossbows are heavier than rifles and carrying them and holding them in a stand can get tiring. The CAMX Lo-Ready sling is ideal for stalking as well as stand hunting because it support the weight of the bow while keeping it ready and in your lap. It can be reversed and carried behind your back when walking through dense brush that can rip at a bowstring, cable or retention spring.

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Neoprene Sling | TenPoint

TenPoint's neoprene sling operates like a standard over-the-shoulder rifle strap with one important difference.  It carries a biodegradable discharge bolt (CUB) that's handy at the end of the hunt when you don't have a discharge or soft earthen bank nearby. Fire the Crossbow Unloading Bolt into the ground and you can transport the bow safely and legally.

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Premium Air Cushion | Vero Vellini

This unique sling operates like a backpack so that your bow can be carried over your shoulder and in the middle of your back.  It's perfect for bad weather since you can put a rain jacket or poncho over you and your bow.  Additionally, you have both hands free, excellent for climbing and calling situations.

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