15 Tips and Tricks for the Fast-Approaching Whitetail Season

A ground blind, when properly set up and concealed with the area, can be a very helpful tool when chasing big, mature whitetails. (Lynn Burkhead photo)

Before heading out to fill those whitetail tags in the fall, make sure to be prepared with these tips from the professionals at OutdoorChannel.com

It's only half-way through summer and the staff at OutdoorChannel.com are just about done with the heat. In hopes of easing the misery of the hot weather, we started to look forward to fall and one of the best times of year, deer season. To get prepared, the staff rounded up a list of tips to make sure everyone is ready to chase whitetail before opening day.

1. Bottleneck Bucks: Tips for Finding Strategic Deer Stand Locations

What's the most critical task in upping the odds of arrowing a big whitetail buck? It might be using the offseason months to discover the best big buck bottlenecks found on your hunting property. Click here for article.

2. Tips for Planning Out-of-State Whitetail Hunts

Once you’ve figured out which state you’re going to hunt, it’s time to think about timing. Finding a hunt that starts earlier than your home state opener is an excellent option. Click here for article.

3. Gun Season Tips and Strategies for Whitetail

Gun season means more hunters in the woods and increased pressure on deer herds; be prepared to relocate stands to a few key areas to increase your harvest success odds. Click here for article.

4. Smartphone Hunting Apps Helping to Find Success in the Field

Smartphone applications, such as weather and mapping tools, are important planning tools for many hunters looking to save time and energy. Click here for article.

5. A Proven Strategy for Public-Land Bucks

Doing some additional homework and traveling the extra distance can often yield private-land results to public-land whitetail hunters. Click here for article.

6. Never Leave Home Without Rattling Horns

Whitetail deer hunting strategies may vary from region to region but there's one tried-and-true call that seems to work throughout the whitetail range. Click here for article.

7. Deer Food Menu: What, When and Why

A four-season guide to what deer eat, when they eat it, and why. Click here for article.

8. Tips for Hunting Whitetail in Hot Weather

The Holders, of Raised Hunting on Outdoor Channel, share some helpful information about hunting whitetail during the early season in warm to hot weather. Click here for article.

9. Ground Blind Attack Tips for Big Whitetails

Ex-Longhorns wide receiver and co-host of The Bucks of Tecomate, Jordan Shipley shares some of his tricks to having great success in a ground blind. Click here for article.

10. A 'Driven' Game Plan for Whitetail

Pat Reeve shares his tips for ensuring your whitetail stand sites have as many 'drawing cards' as possible. Click here for article.

11. Power Scouting Tips for Whitetail

Pat and Nicole Reeve do not have a lot of land of their own to hunt in Minnesota, so they have to travel to different whitetail-rich states to video each season of their show. Their time in each location is always limited, which means they have to make the most of their time with power/speed scouting. Click here for video.

12. Whitetail Map Study: Terrain Features to Cyber-Scout

Use topographic maps and aerial photos to unlock a property’s big buck travel secrets before ever stepping foot onto it. Click here for article.

13. Early Bow Season Strategies

For most, the opening of deer season starts with bow hunting. The thought of sitting in a tree is becoming a reality. But the anticipation can quickly turn to frustration if you have not adapted your early bow season strategy to the ever changing whitetail woods. Click here for article.

14. Whitetail Decoy Tips and Strategies from Stan Potts

Lynn Burkhead talks with Stan Potts about some very informative tips and strategies for using decoys to hunt white-tailed bucks. Click here for video.

15. Tips for Getting To and From a Hunting Treestand without Getting Busted

The walk to a treestand location can end your deer hunt before it gets started; following a few simple tips can help you get from point A to B without running deer off to the adjacent property. Click here for article.

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