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3 Great Coolers for Sportsmen

by John Geiger   |  June 23rd, 2014 0

In the past few years, several companies realized that if they built super-coolers — even if the price reached several hundred dollars — sportsmen would buy them. 

But in hindsight, it’s amazing it took so long for these coolers-on-steroids to emerge. What’s more important than keeping bait fresh, your fish and game iced down and keeping the chill on food and drinks for your adventures? These things are essential. That’s why we’re seeing even more options on the market, like the new Pelican ProGear series and Canyon’s Outfitter series, which are looking to gain market share from the original extreme ice box, Yeti. 

We decided to check these three out. The good news is, all of these options are, well, very cool.

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