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New Mexico rescue

Game Wardens Rescue Snowbound Motorists

by admin 0

New Mexico rescue: After they had attended a funeral, three men took a wrong turn and were stranded in the mountains… more »

Become a woodsman

Outdoors Skills: Become a Real Woodsman

by Keith Sutton 0

Most of us love outdoors skills pursuits such as hunting, fishing, camping, hiking and canoeing. Yet even though we consider… more »

Survival Warmth

Survival Camps Offer Preparedness Training

by P. J. Perea 0

For generations, survival skills were primarily the domain of outdoorsmen, who often learned them from their fathers and honed them… more »

How to skin a deer with a hunting knife

The Right Knife Matters: 7 Blades for the Outdoorsman

by Game & Fish Staff 0

Non-hunters often ask me about skinning and field-dressing as if they are a sort of Purgatory. In fact, they’re some… more »

Solutions to ATV Breakdowns

How to Fix Backcountry ATV Breakdowns

by Peter B. Mathiesen 0

ATV’s and UTV’s are amazing workhorses delivering practical and, often, indispensable assistance transporting and hauling cargo— until they stop rolling…. more »

Surviving a flood

How to Survive a Major Flood

by Peter B. Mathiesen 0

As we see in the news seemingly every week, floods happen. The real question comes when the water is rising… more »


How to Survive a Winter Storm

by James Bender 0

Every winter, we encounter storms that surprise everyone with their duration and ferocity. And yet, every year people fail to… more »

Avoiding poisonous plants

Poisonous Plants: Identify or Itch Like Crazy

by Peter B. Mathiesen 2

Although I have hunted over much of the U.S., I have managed to avoid most irritating experiences with poisonous plants…. more »


What’s Bugging You? 5 Bug Prevention Tips for Summer Pests

by Keith Sutton 2

Check out more videos at It’s been written that at any given moment, a billion billion bugs are besieging… more »


10 Most Dangerous Predators in North America

by Game & Fish Online Staff 4

Catch the series premiere of Apex Predator on Sportsman Channel, April 9 at 8 p.m. EST as Remi Warren is… more »

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