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North Carolina Deer Forecast for 2015

by Mike Marsh 0

North Carolina deer hunters reported killing 153,629 deer during the 2014-15 hunting season. While that is a whale of a… more »


North Carolina Catfish Forecast for 2015

by Jeff Samsel 0

Using electronics that rival the equipment found on most tournament bass boats, two catfishermen search riverbend holes for bottom structure,… more »

Where are the best places to go to have the best chance to hear a gobbler and lure him within shotgun range in North Carolina? Find out with the 2015 forecast.

North Carolina Turkey Forecast for 2015

by Craig Holt 0

The bad news? North Carolina’s turkey hunters bagged 8 percent fewer birds than they did 2013. The good news? The… more »

Author Mike Marsh caught these largemouth bass at White Lake. One weighed 4 3/4 pounds and the other 5 1/4 pounds. The lake has the lowest bass numbers in District 4, but a few big fish are in the lake.

North Carolina Bass Forecast for 2015

by Mike Marsh 0

Largemouth bass are always under attack and it is not only anglers that impact their populations. Introductions of detrimental species… more »


North Carolina Crappie Forecast for 2015

by Craig Holt 0

Tar Heel state anglers itching to have something to do during late winter/early spring know they can find action by… more »

Author Mike Marsh caught this blue catfish at the Cape Fear River.

North Carolina 2015 Fishing Calendar

by Mike Marsh 0

All across North Carolina, fantastic fishing opportunities abound. Just trying to point your rod in the right direction is enough… more »

Joshua Speer, 13, of Statesville, killed his first muzzleloader buck on November 9, 2013 in Turnersburg, N.C.

Best Big Buck States for 2014: North Carolina

by Mike Marsh 0

Fears of any after effects of the worst EHD epidemic in state history are fading fast now that North Carolina… more »

White-tailed bucks (Odocoileus virginianus) grooming each other

North Carolina Deer Hunting Forecast for 2014

by Mike Marsh 0

North Carolina’s deer hunters killed a record 188,130 deer during the 2013-14 hunting season. That record was quite a surprise… more »

Bass, Bass Fishing, Lunkers, Trophy Bass

Top Places for Bass Fishing in North Carolina

by Mike Marsh 0

From secret bass hotspots to tactics and gear, these are your best bets for bass fishing in North Carolina.

Bass Fishing, Bass, Lunkers, Trophy Bass

Your Best Spring Fishing in North Carolina

by Mike Marsh 0

From lakes to rivers to reservoirs and which species to target, these are your best bets for spring fishing in North Carolina.

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