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Hunting turkeys in one part of Arkansas is not like chasing them in another. Here’s expert advice to help you no matter where you hunt.

Arkansas Turkey Forecast for 2015

by Marshall Ford 0

I killed the Boss. It took a week of stalking, waiting and near misses, but I finally bagged that rascal on… more »


Arkansas Bass Forecast for 2015

by Keith Sutton 0

Where can you enjoy the best black bass fishing in Arkansas in 2015? That’s a tough question to answer —… more »

Boat docks are always a great place to find early crappie in Arkansas. Todd Huckabee caught this nice pre-spawn crappie while fishing docks on Lake Ouachita.

Arkansas Crappie Forecast for 2015

by Keith Sutton 0

Winter had held Arkansas in an icy grip for several months, but with February came warmer weather and a dose… more »


Arkansas 2015 Fishing Calendar

by Marshall Ford 0

Our climate is right for yearlong fishing, and we have 12 months worth of opportunities. Excellent largemouth fishing is available… more »

This big buck was taken on Dec. 1 last year in Clark County Arkansas by Carlton Main.

Best Big Buck States for 2014: Arkansas

by Marshall Ford 0

In May, I visited a little pizza joint in Fayetteville called Giraldi’s. The NCAA West Preliminary Track and Field Championships… more »

White-tailed bucks (Odocoileus virginianus) grooming each other

Arkansas Deer Hunting Forecast for 2014

by Marshall Ford 0

When you look at all the factors that matter from 2013, Arkansas deer hunters should be able to expect another… more »

Bass, Bass Fishing, Lunkers, Trophy Bass

Top Places for Bass Fishing in Arkansas

by Marshall Ford 0

From secret bass hotspots to tactics and gear, these are your best bets for bass fishing in Arkansas.

Bass Fishing, Bass, Largemouth Bass, Lunkers

Your Best Spring Fishing in Arkansas

by Marshall Ford 0

From lakes to rivers to reservoirs and which species to target, these are your best bets for spring fishing in Arkansas.

Gobbler, Turkey, Turkey Hunting, Hunting Turkey, Arkansas Turkey Hunting

Arkansas Turkey Hunting Forecast for 2014

by Marshall Ford 0

If you’re looking to do some Arkansas turkey hunting this spring, this is your one-stop shop for population numbers, harvest info, and hunting opportunities.

walleye fishing, catching walleye, arkansas walleye

Hottest February Walleye Fishing in Arkansas

by Marshall Ford 0

The wide, lazy rivers and cypress-studded oxbows make bass and February walleye fishing in Arkansas prime time.

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