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Video: Kayak Angler Fights Off Two Crazy Sailfish

by Debbie Hanson   |  February 5th, 2014 1

Editor’s Note: We’ve all heard of the harrowing angler stories. It’s one thing on an inshore bass fishing trip, but when you’re in Great White shark territory, saltwater animal attacks become another issue altogether. Whatever you do, don’t dangle that foot in the water like the man who died in Hawaii last year after a tiger shark attack. Here’s another story that will blow your mind.

That’s Not Mackerel on the Line

Kayak angler Jasper Pons, 44, recently left the shores of Westbrook, South Africa with the intention of catching a few mackerel to bring home for dinner. Instead, he and a fishing buddy ended up with a sheer adrenaline rush and six minutes of rare video footage that documents an epic battle with a “hot” sailfish as described by Kayak Fish.

Epic Battle

All appeared to be a calm, relatively uneventful day as Pons rigged his two lines with live maasbankers or “mozzies” and pitched the baits into the water just a few feet from his Stealth fishing ski. When the first sailfish hit, Pons was so focused on staying clear of its erratic jumps and razor sharp bill that he didn’t notice a second fish racing up to take the bait on the second rod off to his right side. While he was fighting the first fish, the second fish crashed into the side of his kayak and then inhaled the bait. Pons instantly took action and set the reel in freespool, hoping that the fish would run from the small vessel, but soon noticed that the line was wrapped around the rudder.

With one fish headed east and one headed south, Pons called for reinforcements and handed the second rod over to his friend with his right hand as he kept pressure on the first fish with his left. He once again concentrated his efforts on landing the initial fish — still far from being an easy task.

The sail dragged the kayak in several directions before Pons was able to get within reaching distance. Using his hat, a Christmas gift from his mother, he leaned over in an attempt to grab the fish, but the sail continued to thrash its sharp bill just inches from Pons as if in protest. Then, the fish took a dramatic a leap into the air… the fight wasn’t over just yet.

Not long after the jump, Pons had the fish back at the boat. His second attempt was successful as he forcefully gripped its bill using the hat as a makeshift glove. With the fish still partially submerged, he removed the hook, lifted it out of the water and straight onto his lap for a quick photo before releasing it back into the sea.

crazy sailfish, kayak fisherman

Jasper Pons is not one to be messed with. Photo via YouTube screen shot.

Lucky Fishing Hat

“I don’t actually target sailfish because I know I can never bring myself to take one home for the pot,” Pons said to Kayak Fish. Dinner aside, Jasper Pons gives a whole new definition to the term “lucky fishing hat.”

What’s your craziest fishing story? Share with us in the comments!


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