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Drone uses for hunting

Are Drones Suitable for Hunting & Fishing?

by Frank Miniter 0

When you hear a buzzing sound overhead these days, there’s a good chance you are being stalked by more than… more »

Idaho smallmouth, Quinten Kelly

Teenager Catches Massive Idaho Smallmouth

by Chris Schneider 0

You can call it luck, you can call it fake, just don’t call it dead. That’s what Idaho angler Quinten… more »

Public Land Access

Defend Hunting & Fishing by Supporting Sportsmen’s and SHARE Acts

by Tony Hansen 0

Had enough of the political ads, political talk and political nonsense yet? I certainly can’t blame you there, but now… more »

Monster California Bass, Greg Springer Big Bass

Monster California Bass Caught From Shore

by Chris Schneider 0

If you call yourself a hardcore bass angler, then you know that California is known for producing some monsterous Largemouth Bass…. more »


Angler Boats Potential Illinois State Record Catfish

by Chris Schneider 0

For years on end, die-hard fisherman head out to the lake hundreds of days each year, searching for that one… more »


The Realtree Lifestyle Comes to a Larger Audience

by Brian McCombie 2

Don’t miss a second of the adrenaline-pumping action during the Realtree Hunting Camp, a three hour block of non-stop hunting… more »


Wisconsin Legislature Tries To Persuade Hunters To Wear Pink Attire

by Chris Schneider 3

If you had the choice between wearing blaze orange or blaze pink to the deer stand this season, which one… more »

Photo courtesy of Missouri Department of Conservation.

Missouri Angler Lands 65-Pound Striped Bass

by Chris Schneider 2

What’s 65-plus pounds, pulls like a train, and swims in Missouri’s Bull Shoals Lake? Missouri angler Lawrence Dillman soon found out… more »


Massive 254-Pound Alligator Gar is Oklahoma’s Largest Catch Ever

by Andrew Vanlaningham 0

What’s 8-feet long, 250-plus pounds and lives at the bottom of Oklahoma’s Lake Texoma? Oklahoma angler Paul Easley found out… more »


Is This Michigan’s Biggest Carp Ever on Rod & Reel?

by Andrew Vanlaningham 0

Anglers dream about the day they catch THAT fish. While many settle for fish of respectable sizes and enlarge the… more »

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