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Ohio Turkey Forecast Pic

2017 Ohio Turkey Forecast

by Dan Armitage 0

If you liked what you saw in the turkey woods last spring, you should be pleased with what you’ll likely… more »

2017 Ohio Bass Forecast

2017 Ohio Top Bass Fishing Spots

by Dan Armitage 0

Avid bass anglers have been plying Ohio waters for bronzebacks and bucketmouths since March — or even earlier when and… more »

fishing gear thefts

Man Accused of Stealing Fishing Gear from 2 Walmarts

by Scott Bernarde 0

Ohio authorities have accused a man of stealing nearly $4,000 in fishing gear from two Walmarts by blatantly trying to walk… more »

Ohio crappie fishing

Ohio Crappie Fishing Forecast Spring 2017

by Mike Bleech 0

For several weeks each spring, Ohio crappie fishing probably gets more anglers excited than any other fish. Crappie fight well… more »

OH Fishing Forecast Feature

2017 Ohio Fishing Forecast

by Dan Armitage 0

From big water to small streams, Ohio’s got top angling for any taste. We’ve picked three of the best fisheries… more »

Ohio Young Deer

Ohio Deer Forecast for 2016

by Vicki Mountz 0

Ohio’s deer hunting regulations don’t change much in 2016 but as a result of hunter input the timing of the… more »

David Berg and his Ohio Yellow Perch State Record

New Ohio State-Record Yellow Perch

by Chris Schneider 0

You know you’ve caught a big fish when its belly is busting at the seams. That’s exactly what David Berg’s… more »

Ohio Family Fishing Destinations

Ohio Family Fishing Destinations for 2016

by Dan Armitage 0

If you plan to go fishing with your family this season, there are 72 good reasons to do so right… more »

popper Ohio Bass Fishing, Bass Fishing in Ohio

Ohio Bass Forecast for 2016

by Dan Armitage 0

As is the case nationally, Ohio’s black bass, both largemouth and smallmouth, are among the most popular game fish pursued… more »

2017 turkey hunting

Ohio Turkey Forecast for 2016

by Dan Armitage 0

“Ohio’s wild turkey population is looking pretty good for the 2016 spring season,” according to Ken Duren, the lead turkey… more »

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