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Benzie County offers incredible scenery and one of the best spots to score the ultimate Michigan double on woodcock and grouse. Photo by Aaron Peterson

Michigan: Best Grouse and Woodcock Hunting In the State

by Tony Hansen 0

Michigan is known for its outdoor treasures. The Great Lakes and incredible trout fishing on some of the nation’s most… more »

Great Dove Hunt

New Dove Hunting Gear for 2016

by M.D. Johnson 0

Dove hunting may not be as equipment-heavy as the pursuit of other birds, like waterfowl or turkeys. But it does… more »

Hunter&Dog Resting

Hunters & Dogs: A Special Bond

by David Draper 0

If you’ve ever hunted with a dog, or simply shared your home with one, you’ve felt the connection. As individuals,… more »

Great Dove Picture

Get Ready for Doves

by Paul Moore 0

There are lots of different types of hunting for small and large game, upland and migratory birds. Some require lots… more »

Dove Hunting tips

How to Bag More Doves This Season

by M.D. Johnson 0

If you’ve experienced a good, old-fashioned Southern dove hunt — well, then, you certainly can understand why mourning doves are… more »


5 Bad Habits of Dove Hunters and How to Fix Them

by Keith Sutton 0

When it comes to dove hunting, I’m a bit of a fanatic. I started hunting mourning doves when I was… more »

german shorthair, german shorthair with pheasant, pheasant hunting, hunting with dogs

German Shorthairs Make Short Order of Pheasant Hunting in Indiana

by Jeff Carmichael 0

Pheasant hunting in Indiana is a pleasure when you’re joined by a passel of German Shorthairs.

Region capture 1

Best Tips for Pheasant Hunting with Dogs

by Tom Carpenter 0

Here’s how to find the wary ringnecks when you’re pheasant hunting with dogs.

ringneck pheasant hunting, pheasant hunting, upland bird hunting

Your Best Bets for Ringneck Pheasant Hunting in Iowa in 2013

by Tim Ackarman 0

If you’re going Ringneck pheasant hunting in Iowa this year, here’s what you can expect.


Successful Pheasant Hunting Strategies

by Mike Gnatkowski 4

Ever look at a pheasant’s ears? Not the feathery ears on the top of their heads, but the ears they… more »

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