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5 Bad Habits of Dove Hunters and How to Fix Them

by Keith Sutton 0

When it comes to dove hunting, I’m a bit of a fanatic. I started hunting mourning doves when I was… more »

german shorthair, german shorthair with pheasant, pheasant hunting, hunting with dogs

German Shorthairs Make Short Order of Pheasant Hunting in Indiana

by Jeff Carmichael 0

Pheasant hunting in Indiana is a pleasure when you’re joined by a passel of German Shorthairs.

Region capture 1

Best Tips for Pheasant Hunting with Dogs

by Tom Carpenter 0

Here’s how to find the wary ringnecks when you’re pheasant hunting with dogs.

ringneck pheasant hunting, pheasant hunting, upland bird hunting

Your Best Bets for Ringneck Pheasant Hunting in Iowa in 2013

by Tim Ackarman 0

If you’re going Ringneck pheasant hunting in Iowa this year, here’s what you can expect.


Successful Pheasant Hunting Strategies

by Mike Gnatkowski 4

Ever look at a pheasant’s ears? Not the feathery ears on the top of their heads, but the ears they… more »

Photo by Tom Migdalski

Wintertime Pacific Northwest Hunting & Fishing Options

by Terry Otto 0

For the leisurely outdoorsman, winter is a time to stay inside. It’s a time to tie flies, repair waders and… more »


California Bird Hunter Flushes UFO

by Dylan Polk 5

Don’t panic: You’re still on Game & Fish. You haven’t accidentally wandered onto some tabloid website or conspiracy nut’s forum…. more »

Photo by Ron Sinfelt

Colorado Pheasant Hunting In The Golden Triangle

by Mike Gnatkowski 1

If you’re an avid upland hunter you know about South Dakota’s Golden Triangle. It’s the region encompassing the area from… more »

Slightly larger than its cousin the ruffed grouse, the blue grouse often inhabits similar terrain and is nearly always found close to evergreens. Photo by Eric J. Hansen.

Upland Birds Tips To Tip The Scales In Your Favor

by Rev. Dr. David Q. Hall 0

“There’s one!” my truck-driving friend almost shouted. A plump ruffed grouse sat just on the edge of the little, rocky,… more »

A dog that can point and hold late-season pheasant that want to run can help an entire party fill limits. This dog, Belle, is owned by Craig Armstrong. Photo by Wade Burns.

Expert Tips For Effective Pheasant Hunting

by Brad Eden 1

As the owner of Upland Journal, an online bulletin board discussion forum, I come in contact with a cross section… more »

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