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grouse hunting

The Public Side of Wisconsin Grouse Hunting

by Dan Small 0

Not all the best grouse hunting is found on private property. Here are some great places to hunt on land… more »

Photo by Scott Haugen

Tips for Prime Time Bird Hunting

by Scott Haugen 0

It’s prime time for all-around bird hunting in the West. Make sure you’re ready. Rushing to beat nightfall, my dad… more »


Iowa Pheasant Hunting Outlook 2017

by M.D. Johnson 0

Here’s what Iowa pheasant hunters can expect this season and where to find that opening day rooster.  The crack of… more »

small game and bird hunting

Prime Small Game & Bird Hunting Options

by Mike Marsh 0

Deer are not the only game in town for North Carolinians. Check out these options for small game and bird… more »

grouse hunting

Training Dogs for Grouse Hunting

by Mike Marsh 0

Train your dog to work with you and you’re in for some good grouse hunting. When it comes to hunting… more »

dove hunting

Fall Hunting and Fishing in Tennessee

by admin 0

It’s a great time for Volunteer State sportsmen and women, as fall hunting and fishing opportunities abound throughout the state. By… more »

desert. bird hunting

Top Desert Bird Hunts 2017

by John E. Phillips 0

If you’re searching for good bird hunting in Nevada and Utah, don’t overlook these opportunities. In many sections of Utah… more »

Pheasant Hunting

Pheasant Hunting: Strategies to Stop a Running Rooster

by Mark Kayser 0

Is there anything more frustrating while pheasant hunting than trying to hunt roosters that run instead of fly? You’d think being… more »


Grouse and Woodcock Hunting In New York

by Al Raychard 0

According to the New York Department of Conservation, sometime between Sept. 2 when the grouse season opens in northern New… more »

dove hunting

Expert Tips for Texas Doves

by Robert Sloan 0

Whether you hunt solo or go the social route, this Texas dove shooter has some tips that will put more… more »

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