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bird dogs

Your Bird Dog: Learn to Build Trust

by Brad Eden 0

Learning to trust your bird dog takes time and experience for both dog and owner. But when it all comes… more »

hunting dogs

Off-Season Training for Hunting Dogs

by Dennis Foster 0

Real-world experience can be the best training tool with hunting dogs. I run a sizable pheasant-hunting operation in the heart… more »

Bird Hunting Do2

Bird Hunting: Keep Your Dog Hunt-Ready

by Scott Haugen 0

January has passed. And with it, bird hunting seasons have come to a close in most states. While we find… more »

Ruffed grouse

A Key to Finding Grouse

by Richard Smith 0

Add ruffed grouse to the list of game species that love acorns — along with white-tailed deer, black bears and… more »

Pheasant Hunting Spoils

Where to Find Pheasants

by M.D. Johnson 0

If a rooster pheasant were one of Batman’s archenemies, he’d be the Joker. The common denominator of both bird and… more »

Benzie County offers incredible scenery and one of the best spots to score the ultimate Michigan double on woodcock and grouse. Photo by Aaron Peterson

Michigan: Best Grouse and Woodcock Hunting In the State

by Tony Hansen 0

Michigan is known for its outdoor treasures. The Great Lakes and incredible trout fishing on some of the nation’s most… more »

Great Dove Hunt

New Dove Hunting Gear for 2016

by M.D. Johnson 0

Dove hunting may not be as equipment-heavy as the pursuit of other birds, like waterfowl or turkeys. But it does… more »

Hunter&Dog Resting

Hunters & Dogs: A Special Bond

by David Draper 0

If you’ve ever hunted with a dog, or simply shared your home with one, you’ve felt the connection. As individuals,… more »

Great Dove Picture

Get Ready for Doves

by Paul Moore 0

There are lots of different types of hunting for small and large game, upland and migratory birds. Some require lots… more »

Dove Hunting tips

How to Bag More Doves This Season

by M.D. Johnson 0

If you’ve experienced a good, old-fashioned Southern dove hunt — well, then, you certainly can understand why mourning doves are… more »

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