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ruffed grouse

Ruffed Grouse: Hunting Tips, Strategies, New Gear for ’18

by Game & Fish Staff 0

Ruffed grouse have been described as many things—but gentlemanly is not one of them. By Tim Brandt The good thing… more »

dove hunting

Get Off the Bucket: Dove Hunting After Opening Day

by M.D. Johnson 0

There’s sitting on a bucket at the edge of a field, and then there’s dove hunting. Knowing the birds and… more »


Pheasant Hunting: Think Like a Predator

by Dennis Foster 0

Sometimes a stroll in the fields is fine. Othertimes you need a bit more planning. Here are three keys to… more »


Numbers Drop as North Dakota Spring Waterfowl, Pheasant Surveys Completed

by Lynn Burkhead 0

Despite a decline in habitat conditions as well as drops in spring breeding numbers for both ducks and pheasants, reasons… more »

deer ammo

Look Back: 17 Hunting Gear Reviews from 2017

by Game & Fish Online Staff 0

Throughout 2017, Game & Fish writers and editors reviewed hundreds of shooting and hunting gear items in our magazines and online. If… more »

Beer-Can Roasted Pheasant Recipe

Beer-Can Roasted Pheasant Recipe

by Game & Fish Online Staff 0

Cooking a whole pheasant with a can of beer is fun and results in a flavorful, juicy bird with crispy… more »

Easy Pheasant Caesar Salad Recipe

Easy Pheasant Caesar Salad Recipe

by Game & Fish Online Staff 0

The perfect salad recipe to use up leftover upland game birds like pheasant, quail or dove By: Scott Leysath, “The… more »


Outsmarting Tricky November Pheasants

by Tom Carpenter 0

This month is the ideal time to target Minnesota pheasants. But make no mistake — they are not easy. Deer season… more »

Dakota Pheasants

Dakota Pheasant Hunting Outlook

by Dennis Foster 0

These top pheasant hunting locations and tips can help hunters North and South Dakota bag more birds. The Dakotas have… more »

grouse hunting

The Public Side of Wisconsin Grouse Hunting

by Dan Small 0

Not all the best grouse hunting is found on private property. Here are some great places to hunt on land… more »

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