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Avoid These 5 Mistakes When Glassing Summer Bucks

by Tony J. Peterson 0

Summer scouting seems simple enough. For most of us it involves sitting back, often in a truck, and staring through… more »

Best Deer Hunting Rifle of 2016

Best Deer Hunting Rifles of 2016

by Tony J. Peterson 0

If you’re looking for a new deer-hunting rifle or shotgun, there is an excellent lineup for your next season. From… more »


2015 Trophy Deer Forecast: South Carolina

by Terry Madewell 0

Realistically improving your odds of shooting a trophy deer in South Carolina takes considerable effort. It is becoming more common for… more »


2015 Trophy Deer Forecast: Tennessee

by Kyle Orman 0

The dense fog slowly gave way to reveal a healthy frost, with cool air bouncing off the nearby Buffalo River… more »


2015 Trophy Deer Forecast: Louisiana

by Kody Chase 0

Hopefully by the end of October, the summer rust has been shaken off and hunters are settling in for the… more »

Wisconsin has produced more record book entries than any other state. The Badger State has a huge population of deer and about 900,000 hunters who take to the forests and fields each fall in pursuit of them. Adam Hupf is one of them and the buck you see here is the second giant of this caliber he has taken. Wisconsin’s public lands are crowded, but the habitat over much of the state is perfect for producing big bucks. 2015 should be another banner year for the state.

2015 Trophy Deer Forecast: Wisconsin

by Kevin Naze 0

If wrapping your hands around a pair of thick antler bases, sweeping up tall tines, and counting points is on… more »

Mississippi's not commonly thought of as a whitetail paradise but it's hard to argue with the state's trophy producing capabilities.

2015 Trophy Deer Forecast: Mississippi

by Cliff Covington 0

Some Mississippi hunters are only concerned with seeing deer and putting a few in the freezer, but most dream of… more »


2015 Trophy Deer Forecast: West Virginia

by Jeff Knapp 0

Deer hunting means many things to many people, and factors don’t always have to do directly with the actual hunting…. more »


2015 Trophy Deer Forecast: Texas

by Will Leschper 0

Texas deer hunting is a multi-billion-dollar industry enjoyed by more than a half-million hunters each fall and winter. And in… more »


2015 Trophy Deer Forecast: Pennsylvania

by Mike Marsh 0

Through the latter half of the 20th century it seemed as though most of the biggest Pennsylvania bucks were taken… more »

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