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Louisiana Deer Hunting Forecast for 2014

by Kody Chase 0

Finally, the long, hot days spent practicing, refitting and anticipating the fall will be paid back with the sunrise of… more »


Check Out this 195-Inch Ohio Trophy Buck

by Game & Fish Online Staff 1

On December 2, this hunter bagged a 195-inch Ohio trophy buck on his farm in Richland County.

Buck Chasing doe, Whitetail Deer, Whitetail Buck,

Deer Hunting Tips: Cool Weather Techniques

by Terry Madewell 0

When the weather cools and the rut kicks in, these deer hunting tips can be excellent. Here are some strategies to consider.


Monster Bucks: Stanley Suda Bags a World Class Ohio Non-Typical

by Travis Faulkner 0

One day last October, the monster bucks of every hunter’s dreams stepped into the food plot Stanley Suda was hunting.

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5 Surefire Tips For Monster Bucks in December

by Jim Casada 2

If you’re going whitetail deer hunting this season, check out these late-season deer hunting tips for monster bucks.

1311 NAW_Deer1

Whitetail Deer Hunting: Own the Rut With a Great Food Plot

by Dr. James C Kroll 0

You have to supply the perfect landscape elements for both bucks and does. This will make your land the ultimate whitetail deer hunting breeding ground during the rut.

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How to Manage Small Food Plots for Monster Bucks

by Bill Winke 0

Managing your small food plots during the rut for this seasons Monster Bucks.


Ohio Trophy Buck: Check Out Jason Erb’s 193-inch Monster

by Jason S. Erb 0

Last Sunday, Jason S. Erb harvested a once-in-a-lifetime Ohio trophy buck. The buck’s gross green score is 193 3/8” and this is his story.


Pro Secrets: Back Country Quest’s Keefer Brothers Share Tips for Late-Season Bucks

by Mike Marsh 0

Chris and Casey Keefer are stars on the white-tailed deer hunting stage and here they share their tips for late-season bucks.

hunting mule deer, where to hunt mule deer in california, mule deer, mulies, muleys

California’s X Zones Are Home to the Best Mule Deer Hunting

by Dave Smith 0

Draw a tag for one of California’s X Zones and you’ll experience some of the best mule deer hunting in the West.

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