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Possible record buck harvested in Tennessee.

Pending Record Buck: 47-Pointer Beats Mark

by Staff Report 0

The official Boone & Crockett dry scoring is in on a pending world record whitetail deer harvested by a Tennessee… more »


Venison Street Tacos with Mexican Rice and Beans

by Jenny Nguyen 0

I love going out for Mexican street tacos, whether it’s from a taco truck or at a hole-in-the wall restaurant…. more »

Blading a Food Plot

Better Food Plots For Deer

by Ron Sinfelt 0

So you had a good year hunting over or near your food plot. The season is winding down, so it’s… more »

High Country Deer

High Country Deer Forecast for 2016

by John E. Phillips 0

The High Country region has a positive outlook for the 2016 deer hunting seasons. In Montana, there’s been good recovery… more »

Southwest Deer Forecast

Southwest Deer Forecast for 2016

by John E. Phillips 0

To find an overlooked Southwestern buck you’ll need a quality pair of hiking boots, a frame pack to get your… more »


Hunting Mule Deer

by Gary Lewis 0

At the end of each hunt, I ask my best hunting partner what we learned. What’s the takeaway? Over the… more »

Hunting Whitetail Big-Chill

Hunting Whitetail during the Big-Chill

by Richard Smith 0

Hunting at or near any agricultural field or food plot is a terrific way to collect venison during the big… more »

Saving Whitetail Deer

How We Saved Whitetails

by David Hart 0

“… long after the elk and the buffalo have passed away, and when the big-horn and prong-horn have become rare… more »

Western Deer Secrets

Western Buck Secrets

by Duane Dungannon 0

A loud crack and boom shattered the silence of the high country. Normally that’s a sound I relish when I’m deer… more »

Deer Lull Pic 1

Hunting The Deer Lull

by Andy Douglas 0

Opening day of deer season is one of the most anticipated times of the year for hunters, as well as… more »

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