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Suburbia Coyote

Coyotes In Suburbia

by Stephen D. Carpenteri 0

Once considered a denizen of the Western wilds, the coyote has learned to adapt to human encroachment and development to… more »

Saving Whitetail Deer

How We Saved Whitetails

by David Hart 0

“… long after the elk and the buffalo have passed away, and when the big-horn and prong-horn have become rare… more »

Ruffed grouse

A Key to Finding Grouse

by Richard Smith 0

Add ruffed grouse to the list of game species that love acorns — along with white-tailed deer, black bears and… more »

Western Deer Secrets

Western Buck Secrets

by Duane Dungannon 0

A loud crack and boom shattered the silence of the high country. Normally that’s a sound I relish when I’m deer… more »

Goose Hunter

Better Goose Calling

by M.D. Johnson 0

Kentuckian Field Hudnall, owner of Field Proven Calls, knows how to talk to Canada geese. As a maker of some… more »

Duck Savvy Hunter

How To Fool Savvy Ducks

by John Gribb 0

Even though waterfowl seasons are just getting started through the Southeast in November, most migratory ducks have heard lots of… more »

Deer Lull Pic 1

Hunting The Deer Lull

by Andy Douglas 0

Opening day of deer season is one of the most anticipated times of the year for hunters, as well as… more »

Duck Hunting

5 Proven Duck Hunting Strategies

by M.D. Johnson 0

When it comes to hunting, and whether your quarry is a bugling bull elk, a wide-racked whitetail, or a wary… more »

Squirrel Hunting Image

The Squirrel Stampede

by Terry Jones 0

About 40 years ago, David Freeman was hunting outside Quitman, La., when he witnessed one of nature’s oddest spectacles. As… more »


Michigan: Best Places to Hunt Deer in the State

by Tony Hansen 0

Michigan is a state of deer hunters. With nearly one million deer licenses sold annually, deer hunting is more than… more »

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