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ruffed grouse

Ruffed Grouse: Hunting Tips, Strategies, New Gear for ’18

by Game & Fish Staff 0

Ruffed grouse have been described as many things—but gentlemanly is not one of them. By Tim Brandt The good thing… more »

deer ammo

Deer Ammo: Top Choices for the 2018 Season

by Game & Fish Online Staff 0

If you’re interested in trying some new deer ammo this year there are great choices for the 2018 season. Check… more »

deer hunting

How to Trim Shooting Lanes for Fall Deer Hunting

by Thomas Allen 0

Clean your shooting lanes now for unobstructed, lethal shots while deer hunting this fall. Text, photos, videos by Thomas Allen In… more »

deer hunting scopes

New Deer Hunting Scopes, Binos, Rangefinders for ’18

by Game & Fish Online Staff 0

These deer hunting scopes and other optics will help you find a perfectly clear shot this season.  Game and Fish… more »

deer hunting shotguns

Deer Hunting Shotguns, Muzzleloaders for 2018

by Game & Fish Online Staff 0

These deer hunting shotguns and muzzleloaders (three each) are ready for the 2018 season. Our annual look at hunting gear includes… more »

best deer hunting rifles

Best Deer Hunting Rifles for 2018

by Game & Fish Online Staff 0

Game & Fish takes a look at eight of the best deer hunting rifles for 2018. In much the same… more »

dove hunting

Get Off the Bucket: Dove Hunting After Opening Day

by M.D. Johnson 0

There’s sitting on a bucket at the edge of a field, and then there’s dove hunting. Knowing the birds and… more »


Pheasant Hunting: Think Like a Predator

by Dennis Foster 0

Sometimes a stroll in the fields is fine. Othertimes you need a bit more planning. Here are three keys to… more »

hot weather buck

Western Deer: How to Zone in on ‘Most Eligible’ Bucks

by Gary Lewis 0

Avoid tag soup when targeting Western deer. Strategize and scout wisely. After the first morning, when we spooked a bachelor group… more »


Bagging Warm-Weather Whitetails

by M.D. Johnson 0

Strip down your hunting and follow these crucial tips to bag warm-weather whitetails this season. Sure, it might be a cliché, but… more »

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