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ice-fishing shelters

Ice-Fishing Shelters: Pop-Up Hubs Vs. Flip-Overs

by Dan Johnson 0

Pop-up hubs and flip-overs: The pros and cons of ice-fishing’s two hottest houses. Ice-anglers have more options than ever for… more »


This Ice-Fishing Craft Dominates the Surface [It Floats, Too]

by Game & Fish Online Staff 0

Past winters have been warm, and this not-so-new vehicle is perfect for iffy ice-fishing conditions. By Jim Edlund With warmer… more »

ice augers

Ice Augers: Is It Time for [Electric] Conversion?

by Dan Johnson 0

Nothing against pistons, horsepower and the intoxicating smell of two-stroke exhaust lingering in the frosty morning air, but battery-powered electric… more »

ice fishing

Super-Secret Ice Fishing Tips for Underwater Surveillance

by admin 0

How to use new camera technology to catch more while ice fishing. By Cory Schmidt Exactly 12 months after an unfortunate… more »

underwater cameras

Ice Fishing Gear: 4 Elite Underwater Cameras

by admin 0

Underwater cameras reveal the icy depths in ways sonar simply can’t. Pros are using it and you should, too.  By… more »


2017 Game & Fish Holiday Gift Guide

by Game & Fish Staff 0

It’s never too early to start putting together your Christmas list. Game & Fish put together a gathering of great… more »

lake el salto

Huge Largemouth Bass at Lake El Salto (Videos)

by admin 0

Join Game & Fish Digital Editor Scott Bernarde on a trip targeting huge largemouth bass at Lake El Salto, Mexico…. more »

trout lures

5 Trout Lures You Need in Your Tackle Box

by David Paul Williams 0

Spin fishermen have been tossing lures successfully for trout almost since Dame Juliana Berners wrote her fishing book in 1496. New… more »

ICAST 2017

ICAST 2017: Fishing Gear That Caught Our Attention

by Scott Bernarde 0

Join gear editor John Geiger in this video report looking at some of the more interesting fishing products at ICAST 2017 in Orlando. The… more »

ICAST 2017 best of show

Who Won ICAST 2017 Best of Show?

by Scott Bernarde 0

Orlando, Fla. — All you had to do to understand the impact kayaks and paddleboards are having on the fishing industry… more »

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