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Trout Fishing

10 Outstanding Trout Fishing Trips in America

by Rick Bach   |  April 3rd, 2014 1

There is a holiday that non-fishermen know nothing about that happens to coincide with April Fools: Trout Day. Whether your state allows year-round trout fishing, or the season starts sometime in the spring, there is no doubt that the beginning of April has every trout angler excited to get on the water for browns, ‘bows and brookies.

Whether you’re soaking Powerbait for stockers in the local pond or waving dries in your favorite river, April is the official unofficial start to trout season. We came up with ten trout fishing trips you can take this spring to get on some of America’s best waters to celebrate this amazing month. If you don’t find a trip to you’re liking, don’t worry, we’ve got all your spring fishing covered.

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    Some of the most amazing backcountry brook trout fishing in America is available in the Adirondacks of New York State. DEC efforts at restoration and restocking of native strains have resulted in the two most recent brook trout records being set in Adirondack lakes.
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