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Catching wintertime catfish

8 Tips for Catching Cold Water Catfish

by Anietra Hamper 0

Catfish bite year-round, but winter cat fishing requires a few more strategies. Why? When water temperatures dip below 50 degrees,… more »

Best Baits for Wels Catfish

Battle of the Beast: Giant Wels Catfish

by Anietra Hamper 2

Fishing for the monstrous European wels catfish comes with a warning from my guide: “You sit here for hours waiting, then that 10-seconds… more »


10 Best Rivers for Catching Monster Catfish

by Anietra Hamper 0

Troy Hansen is no stranger to river fishing for trophy catfish. As a Pro Staff member for WhiskerSeeker Tackle, Hansen… more »


Southern Fried Catfish Recipe

by Jenny Nguyen 0

A catfish recipe is as Southern as fried chicken. Eaten often and enthusiastically, it is a delicacy in the Deep South,… more »


5 Ways To Catch Catfish on Lures

by Keith Sutton 2

Watch Editor in Chief Doug Stange of In-Fisherman, give some great information on bank fishing for catfish. For more great… more »


5 Tips To Catching a Catfish Poacher

by Anietra Hamper 0

Poaching trophy catfish is big business. So big, in fact, desperate catfish poachers are going to mind-blowing and illegal extremes… more »


Angler Boats Potential Illinois State Record Catfish

by Chris Schneider 0

For years on end, die-hard fisherman head out to the lake hundreds of days each year, searching for that one… more »


How To Make Your Own Catfish Dough Bait

by Keith Sutton 1

When it comes to fishing baits, you won’t find a more unusual variety than the strange brews of smelly ingredients… more »


10 Old School Catfishing Techniques That Still Work Today

by Anietra Hamper 0

Kansas native Jerry Dishman remembers using whatever means possible to catch catfish in the Big Blue River as a young boy in the… more »


20 Great Tips for Catching More Bullheads

by Keith Sutton 0

I love fishing for bullheads. These little catfish will pounce on any offering of edibles with wild abandon. They strike… more »

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