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catfish sweet spots

Find These 6 Catfish Sweet Spots for More Hook-Ups

by Keith Sutton 0

Tuning in on these catfish sweet spots will put more whiskerfish in the boat. All my life I’ve heard the… more »


G&F Report: Catfishing in the 21st Century, Part 2

by Keith Sutton 0

Catfishing in America has come a long way since last century. Knowledge and gear have improved, and even catfish tournaments are being… more »


G&F Report: Catfishing in the 21st Century

by Keith Sutton 0

There was a time when catfishing and catfish anglers rarely got respect. Those days are gone. “… the catfish is… more »


Quick Tip: Baits For Eating-Size Catfish

by Frank Sargeant 0

While lunker catfish can be a bit persnickety, those little 2- to 4-pounders that look so good fried to a golden… more »

fall catfish

Fall Catfish: How to Catch Flatheads, Blues and Channels

by Frank Sargeant 0

The season is about to turn, and with it the big fall catfish bite in lakes and rivers is picking… more »

paternoster rig

Master the Paternoster Rig for Catfish

by Keith Sutton 0

The paternoster rig requires extra time to prepare, but it’s invaluable for certain types of catfishing. I’ve never been a very good… more »

fall fishing in North Carolina

Fall Fishing in North Carolina: Best Spots to Get Bit

by Mike Marsh 0

Fall fishing in North Carolina is chock-full of great opportunities. Here are some of the best places and species to target…. more »

flathead catfish

Hunting ‘Bears': Flathead Catfish Tips for Fall

by Keith Sutton 0

If you’re interested in fall “bear hunting” — fishing for flathead catfish — here are some tips to know that… more »

catfish baits

Great Catfish Baits That Won’t Stink Up the Place

by Keith Sutton 0

You don’t have to go stinky with catfish baits. Some of the best enticements don’t smell bad at all, including these…. more »


Catfish, Corn and Clam Chowder Recipe

by Jenny Nguyen-Wheatley 0

Serve this hearty yet light Catfish, Corn and Clam Chowder Recipe as a whole meal, a side or a starter,… more »

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