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Finding Catfish 1

Inside Info on Fishing the Catfish Spawn

by admin 0

Catfishing can actually become difficult when the fish are spawning. However, with some changes in tactics and location, anglers can… more »

catfish baits

What’s the Big Stink About Catfish Baits?

by Dan Anderson 0

Whisker fish find their food by smell, but do some catfish baits draw more strikes than others? Here are some answers…. more »

catfish gear 2017

Catfish Gear 2017: Top Rods & Reels

by Keith Sutton 0

North America’s big-three species of catfish — the  channel, blue and flathead — fry drags, bust rods, straighten hooks and break swivels each summer… more »

summer catfish

Summer Catfish: Our Top Choices for 2017 in S.C.

by Terry Madewell 0

Summer Catfish: The warm season means great catfish action in the Palmetto State, where they grow large in numbers and… more »

bragging board

G&F Bragging Board: 19-Point Buck, First Turkeys, Big Brookie

by Game & Fish Online Staff 0

Editor’s Note: Our popular Camera Corner bragging board features reader photos and stories from successful trips in the field or on the water, and Game… more »

catfish baits

Is There Anything A Catfish Won’t Eat?

by Dan Anderson 0

Game & Fish has published many articles on catfish baits, and on the variety of baits that will do the… more »


Why Catfish? Reasons You Should Target Whisker Fish

by Steven Johnson 0

Give Mr. Catfish his due. For some reason, far too many anglers ignore the great fishing action that catfish can provide…. more »

state record catfish

N.Y. State Record Catfish Caught on Nightcrawler

by Game & Fish Online Staff 0

There might be a run on nightcrawlers at bait stores in New York after a report this week of a… more »

giant catfish

Giant Catfish: Best Places For A Trophy Catch

by Keith Sutton 0

Game & Fish contributor Keith Sutton is affectionately nicknamed “Catfish” for the informative articles he’s written about catfish fishing, especially… more »

river catfish

Baits, Tactics for Catching Big River Catfish

by Paul Moore 0

River Catfish: While many picture pond banks when thinking of catfish, rivers are also great places to pursue them. Catfish… more »

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