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10 Best Gadgets for Night Catfishing

by Anietra Hamper 0

When the sun sets, the rules for catfishing change. While the cooler shallows of nighttime water put hungry feeders on… more »


10 Best Catfishing States for 2015

by Keith Sutton 0

It’s a tough job picking a select group of states that provide the best opportunities for hooking whiskerfish because there… more »

Photo courtesy of David Peters.

An Angler’s Journey to Thailand: Catching the Mekong Giant Catfish

by Anietra Hamper 0

Can you imagine a catfish with such strength that it can reduce even the most testosterone-filled fisherman to a fragile… more »


Missouri Angler Sets Alternative Method Blue Catfish State Record

by Chris Schneider 0

When it comes to big catfish, Missouri is no underdog. Missouri offers amazing opportunities to catch whopper channel, flathead, and… more »


10 Secret Catfish Baits You Didn’t Know About

by Anietra Hamper 4

We all have our “swear by” bait for catfish. For me, it is chicken liver, live shad or my favorite… more »

Photo courtesy of the Sportex Italia Facebook page.

Is this the Next World Record Catfish?

by Andrew Vanlaningham 4

Now that’s a monster catfish. Italian fisherman Dino Ferrari landed what could be a world record for wels catfish caught… more »


10 Biggest Catfish World Records of All Time

by Jack Vitek 4

Unless you live in Antarctica, the only continent they aren’t known to inhabit, there is a species of catfish nearby…. more »


8 Reasons You’re Not Catching Trophy Catfish

by Keith Sutton 0

“What can I do to catch more big catfish?” Many anglers want a simple answer to that question, but unfortunately,… more »


How to Skin a Catfish

by Keith Sutton 4

Catfish have been a staple of North American cuisine throughout recorded history. Native Americans ate them, as did European explorers… more »


Man Catches New West Virginia State Record Blue Catfish

by Andrew Vanlaningham 0

As the old saying goes, sometimes you’re just in the right place at the right time. A West Virginia angler… more »

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