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Texas spotted bass record, spotted bass,

Angler Lands Texas Record Spotted Bass

by Chris Schneider 0

As humans, we love to make excuses why we don’t want to do something. Fishermen, of all people,  are all… more »

Tips for catching winter smallmouth bass

Fly-Fishing Tips for Winter Smallmouth Bass

by David Paul Williams 0

It’s winter. That means cold weather, cold water and frigid fingers. So why would any fly-fisherman in their right mind… more »

Techniques for fishing spoons

Surefire Spoon Fishing Tips for Winter Bass

by Jeff Samsel 0

Watch the In-Fisherman staff zig when others zag, as they use overlooked spoon fishing strategies for smallmouth bass. What are… more »


Michigan Smallmouth Bass Record Broken

by Chris Schneider 0

The smallmouth bass (Micropterus dolomieu) goes by many nicknames—smallie, bronzeback, brownie, and brown bass, to name a few. Many anglers… more »


4 Tips When Jig Fishing For Bass

by Chris Schneider 1

Although the art of jig fishing for bass has been around for hundreds of years, not all anglers understand a… more »


5 Top New Spinning Tackle Setups for 2015

by John Geiger 0

“The right gear matters.” I’m sure you’ve heard this time and time again, but it so true.  Having the right gear… more »


4 Fundamental Steps to Becoming a Better Pond Angler

by Chris Schneider 0

Ponds are no secret to the millions of fisherman out there. I first got hooked on bass fishing at a… more »


10 Biggest Smallmouth Bass World Records of All Time

by Jack Vitek 1

Although oftentimes overshadowed by their larger-mouthed relatives, the smallmouth bass is easily one of the most popular freshwater game fish… more »

Photo courtesy of Missouri Department of Conservation.

Missouri Angler Lands 65-Pound Striped Bass

by Chris Schneider 2

What’s 65-plus pounds, pulls like a train, and swims in Missouri’s Bull Shoals Lake? Missouri angler Lawrence Dillman soon found out… more »


6 Great Deep-Diving Bass Crankbaits

by John Geiger 0

Crankbaits are undeniably one of the most popular lures of any die-hard bass addict’s arsenal. From the square bill in… more »

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