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Autumn Bass Lunker

How to Catch Autumn Bass

by Andy Douglas 0

Fall has arrived and archery season for whitetails is in full swing. It’s a good time to be in the… more »


Discover Maine’s Best Place for Bass and Salmon

by Todd Smith 0

Looking for a place to really get away from it all this fall? A place where the fishing is fantastic… more »

Smallmouth Feature

Catch Summer Smallmouth Now

by Dan Johnson 0

Smallmouth bass are amazing adversaries, not to mention a whole lot of fun to catch. Brushing up on your bass… more »

Best Ledge Fishing Tips for Bass

What to Know about Ledge Fishing for Bass

by Paul Moore 0

Lots of people are out fishing for bass in the springtime when the weather is nice and bass are in… more »


Why You Should Try Bass Fishing at Night

by David Paul Williams 0

Throwing topwaters to bass in the moonlight has an appeal all its own.

Smallmouth Fishing Tips for Summer

Summer Smallmouth: The Rundown on Catching Em’

by Tony J. Peterson 0

Largemouth are easier to love than their brown cousins. First of all, they really like vegetation and shallow water, which… more »

Summer bass fishing, summer bass fishing with shiner

5 Go-to Strategies for Finicky Bass

by Will Leschper 0

Bass fishing can be the  most exciting form of angling around, but on the toughest of days, it also can… more »


Striper Fishing: Heart-Racing Topwater Tactics

by Jim Root 0

Everyone loves topwater fishing. The action is incredible, even when the fish miss the bait, because you get to see… more »

Summer Bass Fishing, Summer Bass Fishing Tips

Sizzling Tips for Summer Bass Fishing

by Patrick Meitin 0

Sometimes if you want to catch the biggest summertime bass you’ll need to think deep. As real summer progress and… more »

Virginia Bass, Virginia Bass Fishing

Picking Up Post-Spawn Largemouth

by Tim Lilley 0

If you’re having trouble catching Kansas bass this month, maybe all you need is a change of location and tactics. These tips are designed to help. (May 2006)

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