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cheating at bass tournament

Men Charged with Cheating at Bass Tournament

by Game & Fish Online Staff 0

The men are accused of cheating at bass tournament held at Sam Rayburn Reservoir in Texas Two Texas men are facing… more »

smallmouth bass

Summer Pattern Secrets for Smallmouth Bass

by Dan Johnson 0

What’s more fun than fishing for smallmouth bass? Catching more, bigger smallmouths. By Dan Johnson Pound for pound, smallmouth bass rival the… more »

best bass fishing

Best Bass Fishing: Think Big Fish, Small Lakes

by Paul Moore 0

While the big lakes and reservoirs get the tournaments and the press, some of the best bass fishing can be… more »

most popular

Wow! Huge Record Hybrid Striped Bass Caught in Illinois

by Scott Bernarde 0

It’s been a stellar fishing year so far in Illinois, where a 21-plus-pound record hybrid striped bass was recently caught. Seven new… more »

best bass fishing

Best Bass Fishing in Louisiana’s Bayou Rivers

by Kody Chase 0

While there are a lot of great bass lakes throughout Louisiana, some of the best bass fishing can be found… more »

michigan smallmouth bass

Michigan’s Trophy Smallmouth Bass Factories

by Mike Gnatkowski 0

These Michigan waters produce smallmouth bass in numbers, and big ones too…even state records. By Mike Gnatkowski Michigan’s smallmouth bass record… more »

New York bass

Best Bets for New York Bass in Summer

by Stephen D. Carpenteri 0

Now’s the time to hit the shoreline for hard-hitting New York bass — both largemouths and smallmouths. By Stephen D…. more »

deep-water bass

Get off the Bank: Take Time to Master Deep-Water Bass Fishing

by Scott Bernarde 0

Learning how to catch deep-water bass will increase your fishing confidence and deepen your angling skills. It’s summer, bass anglers,… more »

North Carolina bass fishing

Best Spots for June North Carolina Bass Fishing

by Craig Holt 0

Take the road less traveled to find unpressured water to find some great North Carolina bass fishing. By Craig Holt Tar Heel… more »

michigan smallmouth bass

June Smallmouth Bass: How to Fish the 3 Stages

by Tim Holschlag 0

Believe it or not, in June smallmouth bass are going through three distinct life phases. Here’s how to fish all… more »

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