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NoCal bass fishing

NoCal Bass Fishing Outlook 2018

by Bill Schaefer 0

These record-producing NoCal bass fishing hotspots are among the top picks for the months to come. Well, we had another great winter… more »

fishing ponds

Think Twice Before ‘Midnight Stocking’ Your Fishing Pond

by Dan Anderson 0

“Helping” local fishing ponds with stockings from elsewhere could ruin the fishing. Largemouth bass, bluegills and channel catfish are the predominant… more »

texas bass fishing

Texas Bass Fishing Forecast 2018

by Robert Sloan 0

You may not find better Texas bass fishing opportunities than you’ll find at these waters. Talk about a month that… more »

florida panhandle bass fishing

Florida Panhandle Bass Fishing Trifecta

by John Felsher 0

While the peninsula gets more attention, these three lakes show Florida Panhandle bass fishing is just as good, if not… more »

bass pond fishing

Bass Pond Fishing: Catch Lunkers at Small Lakes Near You

by Dan Anderson 0

If you haven’t looked at the smaller urban lakes in your area, you are missing out on some great bass… more »

trophy largemouth bass

(Bait) Size Matters When Chasing Trophy Largemouth Bass

by Cliff Covington 0

Using the concept of “optimal foraging,” you can dial in to what makes trophy largemouth bass more prone to gulp a… more »

largemouth bass

Grab Your Kayak: Small Lake Bass Fishing in West Virginia

by Game & Fish Staff 0

Waters that don’t support big bass boats outnumber the big ones in West Virginia and many provide some excellent small lake… more »

fly fishing for smallmouth bass

Fly Fishing for Smallmouth Bass

by David Paul Williams 0

Use these tips to boost your angling success fly fishing for smallmouth bass. You’ve read about winter steelheading where fly-fishermen spend… more »

early bass fishing in Arkansas

Time for Lunkers: Early Bass Fishing in Arkansas

by Keith Sutton 0

Looking for great early bass fishing in Arkansas? Then tap into the action offered on these waters. We call Arkansas “The Natural… more »

Southwest bass fishing

Southwest Bass Fishing: Best Bets in Arizona, New Mexico

by David Paul Williams 0

Anglers in Arizona and New Mexico have a real shot at hooking a double-digit lunkers at these top Southwest bass fishing destinations…. more »

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