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15 Striped Bass Secrets

by Rick Bach   |  June 11th, 2013 0

In the glory days of striped bass fishing, as you’ll hear them referred to by any striper fisherman born before 1970, the fall was a season of unparalleled promise. Between September and December, from Maine to Ocean City, the fall run was something striper sharpies waited all summer for. Times have changed.

There is still great striped bass fishing to be had when the Boys of Summer are playing the Fall Classic, but there has been an increasing shift that has seen the best fishing coming in the spring. Experts will debate exactly why, but why bother when it’s June and there are bass to be caught? In the coastal states there aren’t 30 more precious days to striped bass anglers. Use these 15 secrets to make sure that you’re not wishing for the “good old days,” of June when warming water temperatures slow the bite in July and August.

And, first and foremost, regardless of whether it’s a month that produces your personal-best bass or just 30 days in which you make some time to spend on the water, soak in the beauty of one of the greatest months on the calendar for Northeast saltwater fishermen.

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