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10 Top Destinations for Family Fishing Vacations

by Jeff Samsel   |  May 23rd, 2012 10

Family trip or fishing trip? If you’re debating whether vacation days should go toward a family outing or days on the water, you might be asking the wrong question. A better question is where to can take your family on a fishing-themed vacation this summer. If that’s the question you’re ready to ask, we’ve got the answers, and we’ve even considered that odd idea that everyone might not want to fish all the time!

  • John MeeK

    Your list of top 10 fishing spot falls short of places to fish or see. You left out the top three in the World that are in the State of Oregon.

  • Cathy

    Why don't you list your top three in your post? I would love to see them personally. Miller's World is actually Glades Haven Cozy Cabins and Marina at Miller's World. The restaurant is the Wold Famous Oyster House. Everglades City is one of the worlds best fishing spots it's located at the edge of the 10,000 Islands where every nook and cranny offers the perfect spot on any give day.

    • Kim Fisk

      Do they still have the fish festival every year? I think in February? My sister used to live in Everglades City and I think her ex still does._

  • parkO

    Im interested in hearing the Oregon spots. Plesae list them as I'm from Oregon and lived on the Rogue River fishing for Steelhead and Chinook Salmon on a regular basis so I can't imagine whats better than that… Thanks for the posts always love reading other outdoors man opinions.


  • Jeff

    these top ten are nothing special, thee are better family options with places to see and fish.
    New Yorks, ST. Lawrence river and the 1,000 islands come to mind, there is a lot to see and the fishing is great. How about the big lakes in Minnesota, they must have family oriented fishing trips.

  • Kevin Parsons

    Pymatuning is home of the World famous Spillway which has been featured on the front page of the Wall Street Journal (twice), Better Homes and Gardens & National Geographic for "Where the Ducks Walk on the Fish" . The only State Park in PA where you are allowed to feed the wildlife. It really IS a great Family destination…..(and its FREE)

  • Kevin Parsons

    The Spillway is FREE…….

  • Red Rectum

    I took my family to McDonalds to get a filet-o-fish sandwich…

    That's as good as it gets

  • Mitch

    Alaska is probably one of the top destinations for anglers each year, here's my top three lodges to visit: Alaska Rainbow Lodge, Wilderness Place Lodge, and Lake Marie Lodge. As you know there are many more places to see and visit in Alaska, if you want more info check out:

  • Diana Orthal


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