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Big Pike Under Ice, Catching Big Pike Under Ice

Bait Options for Big Pike

by Richard Smith 0

If you want to pull big pike through the ice, use big baits and cut holes that you know the… more »

Fishing Calendar 2016

2016 Game & Fish: Fishing Calendar

by Game & Fish Online Staff 0

At the beginning of every new year, Game & Fish/Sportsman Magazines creates its annual Fishing Calendar, a special list revealing the top local destinations for anglers… more »


Oklahoma 2016 Fishing Calendar

by Bryan Hendricks 0

Even though many Oklahomans are still sitting at home dreaming of the fishing to come this spring, we’re passing up… more »


South Carolina 2016 Fishing Calendar

by Jeff Samsel 0

“Yes.” That’s the simple answer to the question of whether you should take the day and go fishing. Questions that… more »


Rocky Mountain 2016 Fishing Calendar

by D.H. Willis 0

The Rocky Mountain region offers a wide variety of options for anglers throughout the year. From scenic mountain trout streams… more »

Catching Big Pike on Live Bait

Ohio 2016 Fishing Calendar

by Dan Armitage 0

Ohio’s waters include a Great Lake, inland lakes, small streams and big rivers. Not all fish in these waters bite… more »


Missouri 2016 Fishing Calendar

by Jeff Samsel 0

A wise man once said the best day to fish is any day you can go. That’s pretty simple logic…. more »


Pennsylvania 2016 Fishing Calendar

by Jeff Knapp 0

During today’s busy lifestyles it makes sense to plan things out to get the most of your outdoor recreation time…. more »


Minnesota 2016 Fishing Calendar

by Jeff Samsel 0

The best day to fish is any day you can go — simple as that! We are fortunate that good… more »


Kentucky 2016 Fishing Calendar

by Paul Moore 0

Kentucky is a very diverse state. It has flat and rolling farmland and huge forests and mountain ranges. There are… more »

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