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bass tournaments

GA Pair 1st Women’s Bass Fishing Team to Reach Nationals

by Game & Fish Online Staff 0

Two Savannah College of Art and Design made tournament bass fishing history by becoming the first women’s bass fishing team to… more »

T-Rex fishing

Video Fun with T-Rex: Fishing, Ice Skating, Gator Teasing

by Scott Bernarde 0

Combine a T-Rex costume with an interest in producing funny videos — and a platform like YouTube to share them with… more »


Top Tips for Catching Finicky Crappie

by Steven Johnson 0

It’s sometimes said that no news is as old as yesterday’s news. The same could be said about yesterday’s crappie… more »

bass fishing

Bass Fishing: 8 Mistakes to Avoid This Spring

by David Paul Williams 0

Ah, spring! Words that cause bass fishing enthusiasts to emerge from their winter retreats, growly as a starving, ill-tempered grizzly… more »

Bass fishing

Bass Fishing: (Almost) Everything Bass Anglers Need to Know

by Scott Bernarde 0

Bass anglers come to Game & Fish by the thousands every year to learn about landing a 10-pounder. Whether it’s videos,… more »

2017 Midwest Bass Fishing Feature

2017 Midwest Bass Fishing Forecasts

by Game & Fish Online Staff 0

Looking for the best bass fishing waters near you, or in any other state? We’ve collected all our 2017 state bass forecasts… more »

2017 Wisconsin Bass Forecast

2017 Wisconsin Top Bass Fishing Spots

by Ted Peck 0

A bass fisherman’s dilemma in this Grand Land of Cheese is akin to choices facing a blind dog in a meat… more »

2017 Ohio Bass Forecast

2017 Ohio Top Bass Fishing Spots

by Dan Armitage 0

Avid bass anglers have been plying Ohio waters for bronzebacks and bucketmouths since March — or even earlier when and… more »

2017 Minnesota Bass Forecast

2017 Minnesota Top Bass Fishing Spots

by Tom Carpenter 0

Go around our great nation and ask any angler what Minnesota is famous for. You know the answer you’ll get:… more »

2017 Michigan Bass Forecast

2017 Michigan Top Bass Fishing Spots

by Mike Gnatkowski 0

Ten years ago you couldn’t legally fish for bass during April, but that didn’t mean that anglers weren’t doing it…. more »

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