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Salmon Michigan

Michigan Salmon Spots This September

by Mike Gnatkowski 0

Michigan salmon fishing on our big waters comes alive in September. Here’s where to get your share of cohos and… more »

kentucky fishing

Kentucky Fishing Heats Up When Fall Arrives

by Norm Minch 0

September is a great time to get on the water for some hot Kentucky fishing — the weather gets nice and… more »

fall trout

Fall Trout: Seasons Change, So Should Your Tactics

by M.D. Johnson 0

As the seasons change, consider these tips for big fall trout. By M.D. Johnson Silently I watched, but said nothing. “That’s too… more »

Spotted Bass

Home of Records: California’s Best Spotted Bass Fishing

by Cal Kellogg 0

These lakes are among the best for catching big spotted bass in the Golden State. By Cal Kellogg A revolution… more »


Muskies of the Mountain State

by Jeff Knapp 0

Muskies — called the “fish of 1,000 casts” — are among the most challenging species in West Virginia, but there are… more »

most popular stories

Night Walleyes: Don’t Stop Fishing at Sundown

by Steven Johnson 0

Fishing for night walleyes on your favorite lake might be better than you’ve seen all day. By Steven Johnson With eyes… more »

big catfish

Pro Tips for Big Catfish This Fall

by Terry Madewell 0

One of the best species to pursue during the fall season is catfish, especially really big catfish. Here’s how to… more »

trout lures

5 Trout Lures You Need in Your Tackle Box

by David Paul Williams 0

Spin fishermen have been tossing lures successfully for trout almost since Dame Juliana Berners wrote her fishing book in 1496. New… more »

bass fishing

Bass Fishing Down I-79: Great Access in Mountain State

by Jeff Knapp 0

While West Virginia offers countless bass fishing opportunities, the lakes that run along the I-79 corridor offer more than just… more »

Kentucky fishing

NW Smallmouth: Your Best Bets for Catching Them

by David Paul Williams 0

Here’s your guide to Washington’s and Oregon’s top smallmouth waters. By David Paul Williams It’s time to pursue smallmouths at… more »

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