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10 Best Rivers for Catching Monster Catfish

by Anietra Hamper 0

Troy Hansen is no stranger to river fishing for trophy catfish. As a Pro Staff member for WhiskerSeeker Tackle, Hansen… more »


Michigan Smallmouth Bass Record Broken

by Chris Schneider 0

The smallmouth bass (Micropterus dolomieu) goes by many nicknames—smallie, bronzeback, brownie, and brown bass, to name a few. Many anglers… more »


Epic Moment: The Biggest Little Pigfish

by John Geiger 0

I took a bullet for my family last fall and went on vacation in the middle of the whitetail archery… more »


Epic Moment: The Day In The Bay

by Ken Dunwoody 0

Like a lot of kids, I learned how to hunt and fish from my father. Even though we rarely had… more »


Southern Fried Catfish Recipe

by Jenny Nguyen 0

A catfish recipe is as Southern as fried chicken. Eaten often and enthusiastically, it is a delicacy in the Deep South,… more »


10 Tactics for Fall Crappie Fishing

by David Hart 1

Crappie don’t vanish after the frenzy of the spring spawning season ends, but for some reason, most crappie anglers do…. more »


5 Ways To Catch Catfish on Lures

by Keith Sutton 1

  As most catfish anglers know, blue cats, channel cats and flatheads will eat darn near anything that fits in… more »


5 Tips To Catching a Catfish Poacher

by Anietra Hamper 0

Poaching trophy catfish is big business. So big, in fact, desperate catfish poachers are going to mind-blowing and illegal extremes… more »


Angler Boats Potential Illinois State Record Catfish

by Chris Schneider 0

For years on end, die-hard fisherman head out to the lake hundreds of days each year, searching for that one… more »


4 Tips When Jig Fishing For Bass

by Chris Schneider 1

Although the art of jig fishing for bass has been around for hundreds of years, not all anglers understand a… more »

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