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Angler’s Pacific Halibut Just a Shot Away From the World Record

by Charlie Puckett 0

Last Thursday, a 76-year-old Californian angler caught what could have been a new world record for Pacific halibut…if he had… more »


A Sportsman’s Life: The Alaskan Commercial Fisherman

by Charlie Puckett 0

I’ve petted a wild brown bear and I’ve watched my friend almost lose his hand. I’ve cut out my own… more »


Ohio Angler Throws Back Would-Be State Record Drum

by Charlie Puckett 1

On  Saturday, June 22, John Cates of Mansfield, Ohio, caught what would have been the state record for all-tackle freshwater… more »


The Girls of Game & Fish: Angler Edition Part II

by Game & Fish Online Staff 1

Female anglers are making a move to take over the Game & Fish Camera Corner, and they’re succeeding at an impressive rate…. more »


Why Today’s Rare Full Moon Could Be Money for Fishermen

by Charlie Puckett 0

Today’s date is one for the record books, and it could be one for fishermen, too…if you’re lucky. According to… more »


The Girls of Game & Fish: Angler Edition

by Game & Fish Online Staff 4

Here at Game & Fish, we think it’s about time we celebrated our women anglers. Not only do the women… more »


New York Fisherman Catches State Record Striped Bass

by Andrew Vanlaningham 0

As the saying goes, “Fish stories told here…some true!” Eric Lester of Campbell Hall, N.Y., set a new state record… more »


8 Reasons You’re Not Catching Trophy Catfish

by Keith Sutton 0

“What can I do to catch more big catfish?” Many anglers want a simple answer to that question, but unfortunately,… more »


How to Skin a Catfish

by Keith Sutton 3

Catfish have been a staple of North American cuisine throughout recorded history. Native Americans ate them, as did European explorers… more »


10 Great Tips for Catching Redfish

by Rob Carli 0

It’s spring, inshore water temperatures throughout the Southeast are breaking 60 degrees, and that means bait fish are being beckoned… more »

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