REVIEW: Protect Your Eyes & Catch Big Fish

REVIEW: Protect Your Eyes & Catch Big Fish
REVIEW: Protect Your Eyes & Catch Big Fish

Next to top quality rods and reels, one of the most important pieces of equipment in any seasoned angler's kit is a pair of well made sunglasses. Not only do sunglasses protect an angler's eyes from the sun's harsh UV rays and the risk of potential impact injuries from flying lures, a pair of high quality sunglasses will also go a long way in improving an angler's odds of landing big fish. With the right combination of comfortably fitting frames and polarized, tinted lenses, an angler's ability to see further and deeper into the water can be improved dramatically.

As an ambassador for WFN I was given the opportunity to field test and review just such a pair of sunglasses, the Wiley X P-17GMs. I've now worn the sunglasses on every fishing trip I've taken over the last month and feel I can give them the fair and honest review they deserve.



Straight out of the box the Wiley X P-17 sunglasses look great. Protected inside a hard shell storage case that makes them easy to transport without worry of scratching or damaging, the sleek black frames and polarized emerald green mirror lenses given the sunglasses a rugged, sexy active look. The rubberized nose and temple pads ensure a comfortable fit, while the standard t-peg strap and leash cord provide two security options guaranteeing they will never slip off and get damaged, or take a sudden and unexpected dip in the lake. Best of all, the slender and stylish design of the frame and lenses not only makes these sunglasses great for fishing, hunting, or other outdoor activities, but also means they can be worn casually everyday.


As a bank fisherman I'll spend anywhere from 4-12 hours standing on rocks, gravel, grass, and all manner of terrain, so two of the most important things for me when it comes to new equipment are comfort and construction. Anything I use has to not only be comfortable to use, hold, or wear for long periods of time, but also has to be durable and rugged enough to handle the abuse of traversing in and out of fishing spots, unexpected drops and impacts, and durable enough to withstand the tests of time. Having worn the Wiley X P-17 sunglasses on numerous different fishing trips over the past month, they are not only incredibly comfortable to wear for long periods of time, but also more than strong enough to take a beating. The added rubberized padding around the nose and temple provides just enough ventilation to keep things cool and comfortable during those hot summer days, while the lenses have been put through intensive ANSI High Velocity & Mass Impact Ballistic Tests to ensure they can not only withstand .25 caliber shots, but also a 1.1 lbs projectile dropped from 50 feet. These sunglasses are tested, rated for use by, and worn not only by professional anglers, hunters, and marksman, but also servicemen and women in the US Armed Forces.



I've always worn polarized sunglasses while fishing, not only because they protect your eyes, but also because they improve your ability to see through the glare and into the water, though I had no idea the difference the right tinting and polarization could make. My everyday sunglasses are $250 polarized Ray Ban Aviators and I thought they were great for fishing, until I tried the Wiley X P-17s. The P-17GM lenses are polarized emerald mirror (amber) lenses made of 8 unique layers, providing 100% polarization and 100% UV protection. The distinct difference between these and standard polarized lenses is that they have an amber tint under an emerald green multi-coat mirror surface, which is specifically designed to amplify colors and contrast. When used for fishing, these lenses drastically reduce glare on the water's surface and significantly improve both the range and depth of water you can clearly see through. Simply put, they make spotting and landing big fish easier.


While the $130 price tag may put some people off, in my opinion, the Wiley X P-17GM sunglasses are worth every penny. Unlike other sunglasses designed for outdoor sports and activities, you can comfortably wear these as your every day sunglasses too. If you're an avid angler, hunter, marksman, enjoy outdoor activities, or simply work outdoors and need a good looking, comfortable, durable and long lasting pair of sunglasses, then look no further than the Wiley X P-17GMs.


About Greg Godden

Social Media Marketer, Writer, and PR Specialist, Greg Godden is an avid angler, WFN Ambassador, and father of one. A weekend warrior and self-professed gear junkie, Greg is a bank fishing bass angler based in Montreal, Quebec who loves researching, testing, and writing about hot new bass fishing lures and techniques.

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