Ultimate Type of Fishing: Freshwater fishing for Big Northern Pike

My Ultimate type of Fishing, ishands down Freshwater fishing for Big Northern Pike. For this type offishing I am going to get into some detail about how we do it here inAthabasca. For this post to be honest I have to tell you right now, Iown and operate Jackfish Lures, and I use JFL exclusively. So inorder for me to do, properly, an article on my Ultimate type offishing I have to mention JFL. It is one of the reasons I enjoy thisso much, fishing with my own creations, and fishing with my wifeLaura, Fresh water for big Northern Pike yeah it's the ultimate forme.BT-11 JFL Yellow Bucktail, this is one of my favorite lures.When we prepare a field trip whichis what we call it here at JFL, because we are always field testingproducts. 90% of my fishing in a season is field trips planned andprepared during the week along with my other responsibilities here atJFL. Fishing makes up a giant chunk of my life, and a big portion ofthat spent on research. We start here in the shop, going over mapsand depth charts and looking at the recent weather conditions thathave come through our area and the area of the lake we are preppingfor. We will go back several weeks and look at forecasts and thenbreak out our info gathered from years of fishing, data we havedocumented, and try and match up the days planned with past weatherpatterns and conditions combined with fish locations we have recordedfor those times. It gives us a starting point to work with. This is aprocess we have included in our F.I.S.H program sessions we do forthe Junior Forest Wardens of Alberta. Every Angler can develop theirown records and patterns, if fishing is important enough, homeworkmust come first especially if your looking for big and I mean BigNorthern Pike.One of the many map types we use at JFL for trip planning, this is Baptiste lake in Athabasca.Above & Below is a sample of Baptiste Lakehere in Athabasca, we use maps like these and others to gather astarting point with all of the other data we have. Once on the watermy Humminbird Finder helps to locate underwater structure in theareas we choose to explore first. These maps only help gather astarting point for us, we get on the water and get our electronicsfired up to get the detail and underwater information needed totarget our casts or trolling runs.This is another look at Baptiste Lake in Athabasca.Before we leave the shop we makesure our gear is ready and in good order so when we get to the lakewe can set up the boat, launch it, and once on our starting locationwe can start to fish. I like to set up several rigs one bait castingset up a 7' Medium Heavy action Rod, for me St. Croix, with an AbuGarcia 5600 reel loaded with Suffix 832. Also a spinning set up 7'Medium heavy action, for me St. Croix premiere series, and an AbuGarcia Soron STX reel, I also have two set's of the same St. Croixrods with Abu Garcia Suveran S3000M reels. If I am going to Long Lakea Fly set up for pike as well, an STH Reel set up on a 9' 8-9wt Penngold medal series rod, with Cortland 444 floating rocket taper, witha 7' Cajun Optix leader. We prepare all the gear ahead of the tripalso, and make sure our leaders are in good order and tied onproperly. For me a Palomar knot is best, I like 9 inch wire leadersfor Pike fishing with my casting & spinning gear. Below is adiagram on how to apply a Palomar knot.This is one of my most used knots, the Palomar knot.Lure selection is next, and thereare many lures to choose from, like I said before it's JFL for me, soI will go right to, for big pike, my bucktail spinners and will alsothrow JFL spinnerbaits. I have something to cover every situation Iwill face from top water to 60 degree tube jigs. My go to lure ofchoice is the JFL, MM-12 Red n White Mean Muskie spinnerbait, I likespinnerbaits they make a great searching presentation when firstgetting to a location. Also they make for a fast aggressive style offishing which we just love out here in Athabasca. There is nothinglike having a 25 lb Northern slam a spinnerbait in range of where youcan see the strike happen and have a big fight with it. We havecaught some fish that will knock your knees together for ya.Nice Northern from Baptiste lake Athabasca, Alberta.We are always looking for trophypike, and our system works it's been successful for many years. MyWife Laura loves this style of fishing and has herself caught someamazing pike, and together we have had some great fishing day's. Ourfield team does a remarkable job every season our team format ismulti species. However for me there is nothing better than fighting abig Northern Pike. Not only that but hey if you want a quality feedof fish for your efforts Pike is hard to beat! Every angler has hisor her ultimate type of fishing, and this is part of what makes thesport so special. Fishing is such a vast and diverse sport that youcan be guaranteed there is an ultimate for everyone. For me it'sFreshwater fishing for Northern Pike, with Laura and a goodcollection of JFL, and my good buddy Chickadee, my Boston Bull dog.Gary Love, WFN Ambassador Athabasca, Alberta, Canada.

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