Top water madness, my definition: An acquired insanity for tempting what lies beneath the surface.

Top water fishing is the most exciting style of fishing. The explosiveness of a fish breaking the surface in an attempt to destroy your lure, will have your heart pumping oil through your veins in a hurry.

This style of fishing is for everyone, whether your a seasoned pro, amateur, or rookie.  Top water fishing allows you to see your lure as your retrieving it, this makes it easy to learn different styles and techniques that could land you a lot of fish. I am going to talk about a few of the top water lures I use. I am going break these lures down, offer some tips, and show some videos of me putting these lures to the test.

The Line Up:
The Zara Super Spook Jr.(bone), XPS Popper(got milk), Scum Frog(white), Strike King Bleeding Buzz.

These are my favorite top water lures. The pattern, they are all white and the red hooks for the bleeding effect.

This popper is excellent when it comes to control and weight. At $3.99 they are cost efficient as well.
The hooks were red but the paint wore off. That is always a good sign(the wear means it is getting a lot of action).  The only modification I recommend is to change the hooks to red. I will be putting some new ones on soon. The lure in the picture is three years old and is still in great shape. For the cost the XPS Popper is extremely durable.
 The Pike tries to destroy the Popper and gets some good air in the process.

In this video I cast out and pop a couple times and I get a explosive hit. The Bass did get off though. That was a nice Bass and it hammered my Popper.

In this one I get a good smooth rhythm going and a Bass hits it good. I was running the Popper about a foot from shore.
This Bass hit the Popper hard. The Xps Popper is a great lure for the cost. After a little practice, a good rhythm will have the Bass and Pike eating out of the palm of your hand.

The red hooks with the white back round from the lure really emphasizes the bleed effect.
Pike, Musky, Large Mouth, and Small Mouth all enjoy dining on the Spook.

The odd Gar will hit the Spook as well.  Once you learn the walking the dog technique, it's fish in the bank. Various jerks and different speeds will entice more hits.
What a beast, that Zara Spook almost ended up in my face.
In this video I get a nice twitch going and the Bass hits it. There was a four foot drop off along the shoe line, so I walked the Spook right over the drop off.
I thought it was a monster, instead its two Bass at once. My first and only time. The Zara Super Spook Jr. is a great lure. Once you get your walking speeds and a good retrieval pattern your dog walking will turn into fish fighting. I recommend the red hooks on this lure.

Nothing beats a Strike King Buzz. My favorite is the bleeding buzz. The white with the bleeding effect is something fish can't resist. I like using the Buzz around Beaver huts and weedy areas.  I also like to let it sink down a couple feet and bring it back to the surface. The Buzz allows you to cover a lot of water in a hurry.
Pike love a good Buzz.
Bass like a Buzz too.
A Strike King Bass.
Another Strike King Bass, with fish like that who wouldn't want a Buzz.
In this video I get a fish on the Buzz Bait. You can see the Bait is bent with the fish on it, no problem, straighten it out and away you go. That was a yellow Strike King Bleeding Buzz Bait.
Some more Buzz Bait action.  The Strike King Buzz Baits are inexpensive and they produce a ton of fish.

The Scum Frog is soft and cuddly, but has a vicious set of hooks.  The Scum Frog is soft and it squishes when the fish hit it. I have had fish almost swallow this bait. They are not as durable as some frogs, but they make up for that in price and the amount of fish they catch.
The Scum Frog also allows for a good hook set.
When you get a hook set like that your not going to lose to many fish. I hammered that fish in some heavy cabbage.
The Pike almost swallowed that. You would think that Frog is probably shredded and garbage. No it was still good.
That's the same Scum Frog the Pike tried to eat.
The Scum Frog is a perfect design, most fish will agree.

If you want to add a little excitement or a lot of excitement to your fishing experience give these top water lures a try.  I have put these lures to the test, and I can honestly say they have caught me hundreds of fish.

Top water madness is very addictive, and I highly recommend it.

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