The Six Strangest Things Ever Caught While Fishing

Ask any seasoned angler their most memorable catches and chances are one of the stories won't be about a fish at all. Sometimes you may be out looking for bass, but are instead greeted by a curious bullfrog, or you happen to snag onto a long lost sunken tackle box. No matter who is fishing or on what body of water, the chance of catching something unexpected is forever present.

In light of those random chance encounters, here is a list of some the strangest things ever caught while fishing.

Colossal Catch

Not to be confused with the more famous giant squid, the colossal squid is actually larger with shorter tentacles that are lined with swiveling hooks, as opposed to the suckers and small teeth its cousin has. This mysterious creature has rarely been caught on film, which makes the above video all the more special. As big as this catch appears to be, colossal squids are believed to get much bigger, as long as 45 feet or more in length. Makes you think twice about going out for some deep sea fishing.

Two-headed (or Two-Bodied) Fish

Two-headed (or Two-Bodied) Fish
Conjoined twin pike

This photo has made the rounds on the internet for a decade now. The exact origin of the picture is open for debate, having been used for email marketing and spamming for such campaigns as 'toxic water chemicals lead to mutant pike.' Regardless, catching a conjoined twin fish is entirely possible, though obviously not likely given the rarity of such a phenomenon. However, there is one all-important question to consider if you ever find yourself in this situation; does the catch count as one fish towards the limit, or two?

Winning Techniques: Need some help choosing the right lure? Click here.

Strange Amphibians

Frogs aren't the only types of ambitious amphibians who may take hold of your bait. There are several videos around of anglers catching mudpuppies, a kind of aquatic salamander. These slimy critters need to eat, too!

Birds Of A Feather?

Hey, humans aren't the only ones trying to get fish. Birds are a common sight for anglers on the water, so it isn't too surprising to see the two cross paths in their pursuit of fish every once in a while. Whether it's accidentally snagging the wings or feet, or a hungry bird mistakes the angler's bait for food, neither party wants to see it happen. Fortunately for the winged creature in the above video, it flies away unharmed.

Blood Suckers

Blood Suckers
Wikipedia Commons

Blood Suckers
Lampreys attached to a lake trout
U.S. Geological Survey

Picture for a moment the fish of a lifetime. You take 10 minutes reeling it in, your fishing buddy takes out the net in anticipation as the shape of the large fish materializes. It breaches the water and is netted, and as you bring it into the boat, you reach down and grin as you prepare to hold up your prize - only to realize your catch is covered by a series of black worm-like creatures attached to the sides of the fish. Certain species of lampreys - such as the invasive sea lampreys found in the Great Lakes feed of the blood of fish, like a parasite. Not exactly a Kodak moment.

Weird Fact: Could I offer you some lamprey for dessert?


Fish with light enough tackle and who knows what king of little critter you might pick up. The two people in this video are genuinely thrilled to have hooked onto such a rare catch. It may not be as eye-popping as a colossal squid, but what are the chances of hooking onto a little dragonfly?

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