The Power in Positive!

Thisattitude is the result of hours of homework being completed, studyingthe diets of the fish you are going after. Studying seasonal fishmigration and movement patterns. Roland Martin is someone I alwaysthink of when I get to talking about fishing patterns. He is reallythe father of the Pattern. Pay close attention to nature, she willtell you tons, when things are getting green and when things arechanging pay attention and remember what you've learned. So that nextseason you will be able to read the lake and see what's going on justby observing the time of the season. Studying the contours of thelake you are fishing, and getting your gear ready and selecting thelures based on the diets of the fish you are after. And havingconfidence in your ability to use and put into action yourlearning's, and to be able to adapt to any situation or condition bydoing your homework, its just pure confidence.
Positiveanglers catch lots of fish and not only that, they are more relaxedand more mindful of safety issues and so on. But most importantPositive anglers catch more fish, and have the most fun. Kid'sexposed to positive angling experiences will usually yearn to gooutdoors camping and fishing, they will long for and love everyminute of being outside. Positive anglers have little trouble findingthe fish and are always on to the big fish. Positive anglers targettheir casts and are specific about where they want to place theirlure. They know where the fish are located and what they are holdingin, Positive angler's handle the fish they catch with a lot morerespect and care and are genuinely concerned about the welfare of thefish they release back into the wild. Also, positive anglers go tothe tackle shops with a confidence and knowledge of what they wantand what they need rather than letting a salesman sell the dailyspecial to them. Do your homework to be an effective and positiveangler, I guarantee you will have more fun and catch more fish.
Ifind that that by having control of my emotions in the boat lets meenjoy the outdoors more, I see more of it. I am not just staring atthe water waiting for the strike, heck after a while one might justfall in the water because of staring at it so long. I also have amore calm approach to unhooking my fish, and I am sure the fish likethat. Slowing downand taking your time allows for better more accurate casts, betterdecision making, and better choices all around. It is far more safeand fun because you are not worried and nervous, about when you'regoing to catch your fish. You just know your going to catch them, andit's that confidence in your abilities that makes a big difference.Doing your homework and thinking and using your head to make goodchoices will lead to many fish being caught, and winning a tournamentor two or three.

GaryLove, Jackfish Lures, WFN Ambassador, Athabasca, Alberta, Canada.

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