The Most Ultimate Types of Fishing

Over the decades people have grabbed their rod and reel, some live bait, and headed to the lake for some fishing, but as of late, people are coming up with new and more exciting ways to land the lunker.

    For hundreds of years, there have been a few different ways to catch fish, from a rod and reel, to netting the fish, to even getting the chance to flip one on shore with your hand, but apparently that hasn?t been enough, it just hasn?t cut it. Some people have invented new ways to catch the fish, and I am going to talk about a few of them.

    First, I?ll talk about catfish noodling. Catfish noodling is the practice of fishing for monster catfish using only your bare hands. The fisherman will wade into the water searching for catfish dens, mostly with his/her feet. Once the hole or den is found the angler will put his/her hand down into the hole and search for the head of the fish. Once the fish is located the angler will wiggle his/her fingers hoping to entice the fish to bite. Once the fish has latched on to the angler?s hand, he/she will then try and pull the fish out of the hole. This is a lot harder than you think, as on average a flathead catfish, for example, caught by means of noodling are around 40 ilbs (18kg).

 These fish do not have any teeth, but the tops of their mouths are very rough, and the scraping has been known to draw blood. Due to concerns about fisherman safety, and safety of the fish, noodling has been considered an illegal activity in 11 states:
Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Illinois, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Wisconsin. It has since been legalized in Texas. It is not considered a very common sport in Canada. It is usually practiced in the Southern United States. Since the sport of noodling has sprung into a popular demand, it has caught the attention of a lot of broadcasting publishers, as you can catch video of the sport through shows such as hillbilly Hand Fishing, Dirty Jobs, and River Monsters.

 Massage your hillbilly hand, and dive in.


 Second, I want to talk about a form of fishing that I had seen on Extreme Angler TV.

 As outrageous as this sounds, a man located a Blue marlin swimming very close to the surface as they flew overhead via Helicopter. The man then jumped out of the helicopter and dropped close to 20 feet into the water and landed right on top of the marlin, grabbing hold, and going for a ride.  

 Matt Watson from the Ultimate Fishing Show, wanted to mimic the Fishing Skills of the Gannet. The Gannet is a large sea bird, usually found in the North Atlantic, Southern Africa, Southern Australia, and New Zealand. Gannets have binocular like eye sight, which allows them to dive from up to 30 meters at a speed of 100 Km/h  (60 mph) This allows them to catch fish more accurately and deeper into the water than most airborne birds. Matt Watson accomplished this feat, by jumping from a height of about 20 feet, diving into the water, grabbing hold of a large blue marlin and riding it for approximately 11 seconds before releasing the fish to swim off.

 This to me is the MOST Ultimate way to fish.

This was done by a professional; please do not try this at home.  


 Lastly, I am going to talk about the exciting sport of Radio Controlled Vessel Fishing.

 I first saw this type of fishing on America?s Funniest Home Video?s, as a man tied a line, bobber, hook and a worm to the landing tracks on an RC helicopter, flew it over a pond, hovered with the line in the water, and caught a bluegill, and flew it back to shore. After witnessing this, I had to find more, so I went on a youtube rampage looking for more videos like that one. I found more videos on using helicopters and boats. Same concept as the helicopter, tying line to the boat, and waiting for a strike. The problem with this concept is that if a large fish bit the bait, it may bring the RC vessel under the water. Recent advances in the sport of RC fishing, has allowed for upgrading to your vessel. This upgrading allows the line to be tied to the boat, but once a strike is initiated, the line breaks free from the vessel, and you reel in the fish with a regular rod and reel.


These to me are the most Ultimate types of fishing I have come to find, but I am sure there are many more out there. If you or someone you know has created an Ultimate way to fish, I would like to hear about it. Comment on the blog, and let me know of this fishing type. 

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