Spring Fishing

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Featured Guests: Steve Pennaz, Rob Fordyce, CatDaddy, Kevin Kolman

The time is now, don't hesitate! The month of March acts as an alarm clock and is sending fish to shallower water to prepare for the spawn. Tune in to The Revolution this week as we talk about how to adjust your approach based on the environment in which you're fishing, as well as fine tuning your baits, presentation and tactics to catch more March fish. Joining The Revolution this week with fishing tips will be Rob Fordyce of The Seahunter, Steve Pennaz host of Lake Commandos and resident catfishing pro, CatDaddy. Finally, Weber Grill Master Kevin Kolman will stop by with expert grilling tips. The Revolution is presented by Outdoor Channel, Sportsman Channel, World Fishing Network and MyOutdoorTV.

Steve Pennaz has fished destinations all across North America, South and Central America, Scandinavia and Iceland and along the way has pursued a wide array of fresh and saltwater species. Traveling to new locations requires an angler to have a keen ability to find and catch fish on new waters. As the host of Lake Commandos on Sportsman Channel, that’s what Steve excels at. Lake Commandos, Man vs. Lake vs. Man, puts Steve and another seasoned angler on unfamiliar water and asks them to break it down, while trying to out fish each other. This week on The Revolution Steve will hand out strategies for finding early spring bass based on the body of water you are fishing. He’ll also highlight some go-to baits for this time of year like jerkbaits, jigs and bladed jigs. When it comes to fishing the spawn, Steve says that visual fishing is exciting, however largemouths can be difficult to trigger off the bed. He’ll explain why long accurate casts, patience and a good sensitive rod are crucial to your success. Tune in for more great tips from angler Steve Pennaz.

Captain Rob Fordyce is a highly regarded fishing captain, guide and has been a professional fisherman for 30 years. He is also the host of The Seahunter on Outdoor Channel. This week on The Revolution Rob dishes on southern fishing action and opportunities. Rob tells Jim and Trav that there is an element of hunting when he is pursuing fish of virtually any species – sailfish, tarpon, tuna, snook, redfish – he looks for signs that the fish are there before ever throwing a line in the water. That is where electronics come in and become a handy tool if you can learn to use them efficiently. Rob tells Jim and Trav about a particular outing for yellowfin tuna where radar was able to locate birds up to 13 miles away and tip them off to the presence of yellowfin there, as well. Rob will also discuss the advantages of using side scan sonar for a clearer picture of what is happening around you. He’ll then turn his attention to tarpon. Rob will explain the annual tarpon migrations that culminate near the Florida Keys to spawn in the spring. He’ll also reveal how tarpon, en route to those spawning grounds, often use back water bays in the everglades along the way to rest which give anglers a unique opportunity to catch up to 150-pound fish where they may not necessarily be expecting to find them. Season 3 of The Seahunter on Outdoor Channel is kicking off this week. Don’t miss the premiere on Outdoor Channel and be sure to catch this fun and informative interview with Captain Rob Fordyce, right here on The Revolution.

The catfishing action is heating up and the bluecats are coming on strong. CatDaddy, our resident catfishing expert, joins us this week and says that anglers are already hooking up with 60-pounders in Kansas. Furthermore, fishermen are catching good eating fish in the 10 to 20 pound range in the shallows. So, if you’re headed out this weekend to try your luck, what should you be using? CatDaddy says that the blues are hungry and are really responding to fresh shad sides, crappie heads, crappie guts and more. He recommends getting on the water early and working them over all day and says they are hungry, ready and waiting for anglers to drag some bait right in front of them. CatDaddy will also talk spoonbill fishing and the strategies to use in order to hook up with one of these prehistoric paddlefish. Tune in for great tips and find out how to book a trip with CatDaddy through his guide service, CatDaddy’s Catfishing Adventures.

Raise your hand if you love to grill! WE DO! This week on The Revolution we’re bringing you the expertise of a grilling pro from the iconic grill brand, Weber, to help you elevate your outdoor cooking game. Kevin Kolman holds the title of Weber Grill Master. You don’t earn the designation of “master” of anything without some legitimate skills and credentials to back it up. Kevin’s resume ranges from the Weber Grill Academy, to co-instructing a Barbecue Science course at The Ohio State University and attending Camp Brisket at Texas A&M. He teaches around the world, is a certified Kansas City Barbecue Judge and so much more. All of his experiences have made him one of the most credible sources of BBQ.

This guy is a grilling guru and he is on The Revolution this week to enlighten us. Tune in as Kevin talks about Weber’s history, beginning with the Original Kettle Grill which has been a backyard staple for more than 50 years now. When it comes to grilling on charcoal, it’s a process, but very much worth it. Kevin tells Jim and Trav that your charcoal is important. Most traditional briquettes will last about 45 minutes before dropping in temperature roughly 100 degrees. However, Weber has their own line of charcoal made of complete hardwood that lasts double that time, and more importantly, gives the griller a more consistent temperature to grill over. He’ll also discuss how much charcoal to use based on the food you are cooking and why adding more charcoal won’t give you higher grill temperatures. Once on the grill, how do you determine when your meats are done? Weber has really simplified this question with their iGrill, a Bluetooth enabled device that syncs with your phone and monitors temperatures inside the grill as well as meat temperatures to help you cook your meats to perfection. Cooking fish can be especially complicated. Getting the right amount of heat without sticking can be tough, so Kevin will hand out tips to help you cook a better piece of fish. Tune in for all sorts of great advice from the Weber Grill Master, Kevin Kolman, this week on The Revolution.

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The Revolution with Jim & Trav - 3/15/2018

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