Spawn Sac Tie'ing

One of the topics that seems to come up on a few boards i frequent is Sac Tying for Salmon fishing in the fall.  Here I will discuss how my eggs are done, and share some thoughts on why I choose what i do for my sac.(Thanks B.M. for your hard work on these.)

I prefer my nylon netting to be the Red or Pink colour, although I see others using yellow and even green. I guess it goes down to a matter of personal choice, for visibility purposes I like my colours. I have not seen anything that resembles a scientific study saying one beats the others except perhaps an on the scene poll of who is using what and catching how many at the docks on the Ganny  ( the Ganaraska River, Port Hope, Ontario) which to many is the most important poll there can be. Being a bit of a lazy type I buy my netting pre cut into squares at the local Canadian Tire. One example of this would be Atlas-Mike's® Nylon Square Netting for Rigging, (// ) There are other brand's available this is just one.

For Eggs if i dont have any left over from the previous year and I havent made any up for the current year then while at my Canadian Tire store i pick up Atlas Garlic-E-Eggs and/or  Atlas Chinook Cheesegg. I personally like to combine the two scents/flavours. Of course nothing can beat homemade/cured eggs and for that I like Pro-Cure. ( // )

I use Mike's Glo Mallows as well from the same company and I like to mix Cheese and Shrimp. I use a combo on both Eggs and Mallows for two reasons. The first is colour - I believe by now we all know that colour variety and choice are very important when fishing,  Almost all of the shows I watch on WFN - be it Bob Izumi, JP DeRose, Mark Krupa, Extreme Angler or a multitude of others - have all shared the importance of colour in our presentation, and this has been proven out in my own personal experience at the end of a pole in fish caught (when I paid attention to those knowledgeable people) and in days of not catching anything but weeds when I decided I knew better than they did.  The other reason for using a combo is that I think (yes to those of you who know me I do think, maybe not often or well but I like to try new things LOL) the scrent and taste given off by the sacs are more potent if there is a combo flavour, plain dinner is fine once in a while but just as you like a variety of flavours so might the fish.

Floats i use two colours yellow and orange a single bag has hundreds of the little pellets in it.

The last regular item I use of course is the Spider Thread made by Redwing Tackle in Ajax Ontario. ( // ) They also make floats, the thread, and the Spawn Net (Nylon Netting mentioned up top), but I usually end up using atlas mikes since the Redwing products always sell out fast at my Canadian Tire store, if theres any in when you go grab it fast. This company makes what is, in my opinion, the best thread for Spawn Sac tying hands down.

The last item I will mention is my "help emergency they aren't biting " item. I make up a few of these and keep them in a seperate container. Red (strawberry) Gummi Bear/Gummi Worms - the important things is get the ones made with Real Fruit Juice. (Walmart in Port Hope has them if you]re on scene and need to spice up your Roe Sac.) I can't explain why these make a difference and will not try and make up some theory; plain and simple I dont know why, A dear friend (thanks S.M.) passed this tip on to me a few years ago and it works. I will let those who understand the theories explain why but know this, If you're not getting hits on your Roe Bags add a gummi bear to it.

Spawn Sac/Bag Tying.

Lay your spawn net square on a clean table (or lay a Dozen at a time out) and in the centre of each put 2-3 eggs, 1-2 Mallows and 4-5 floats. (If making a couple "OH NO" bags add 1 Gummi Bear.)
Draw your corners up and tighten bag around contents, spin a few times till bag is drawn very tight into a ball, tie off with Spider thread, cut excess netting and store in a cool container. I keep mine in the fridge in a travel container, ready to go the moment someone phones with the words "They're running".

As with anything related to fishing each person will have to personalize these to their own taste, or should I say to the taste of the fish in your area. Some may decide 3-4 eggs, or others might go more mallows or less, or change the number of floats. I have friends who say more than 3 floats are too many and others that tell me I shouldn't ever catch a fish if I have less than 5. And they are both right, If i was using their exact formula. Use what works for you, adapt, and practice. Practice makes perfect, and heck, practicing fishing is just plain fun.


Fishing IS a family affair, take your spouse, take your kids, heck take the neighbors' kids out fishing. Share the knowledge and share the love of outdoors.  You will be amazed at the glow on their faces.

Michael Marlin
WFN Ambassador Canada

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