Sebile's Revolutionary Metal Lures

Sebile's Revolutionary Metal Lures
Sebile's Revolutionary Metal Lures

It is difficult to speak of SEBILE's revolutionary Vibrato, Shallow Spoon and Onduspoon in the same sentence as other spoons and metal lures. SEBILE's new creations are so modern and unique that there are no other spoons or metal lures that can compare to them.

About the Onduspoon

Pike anglers in the USA and Canada, please note that the larger Onduspoon #3 is SEBILE's best-selling lure for pike fishing in Europe and also used around the world for casting and trolling for many different species in fresh or saltwater. Unlike most other spoons which are metal, the Onduspoon is a hard plastic, noisy chattering spoon with a fluid, natural swimming motion. Its mesmerizing undulation and multi-chambered hard plastic body is filled with noisy rattle beads that distinguishes the SEBILE Onduspoon from all the rest.

Since the original release of the larger Onduspoon #3, Patrick Sebile was planning to produce smaller sizes to increase the range of possibilities of this very special lure. Here they are now, two new Onduspoon sizes that are perfectly balanced and exhaustively tested so that they meet the widest range of uses that spoons have and more!

The Onduspoon #1 is mainly a light tackle tool to fish close to the surface, while the Onduspoon #2 offers a broad spectrum of possibilities for medium casting and spinning. So now there are small, medium and large Onduspoon sizes that excel for all small, medium and large gamefish in fresh and saltwater.

MSRP: Onduspoon #1 $12.72, #2 $13.52, #3 $14.31

About the Shallow Spoon

SEBILE's new Shallow Spoon is a very unique little lure that is just one inch long yet weighs a hefty 5/16 oz. It's unusually heavy for its size because the body is made of a proprietary alloy mixture of heavy metals. The weight permits long yet accurate casting. While being heavy, the goal was also to have this lure be able to stay quite shallow. What makes this lure able to be fished shallow is the complex surface that Patrick Sebile shaped beneath the back end of the spoon. The tail end of the body is essentially an underwater fin or hydrofoil with a flat as well as upward curved wing-like surface that is designed to create, on both sides of the spoon, a kind of rolling turbulence that helps lift the lure to float high and to maintain its very beautiful and wonderful swimming action. So even if it is heavy, it is still possible to fish only a few inches deep! It's ideal for fresh or saltwater flats/surface fishing anywhere in the world. The Shallow Spoon may be fished as is or tipped with live or artificial bait depending on species and conditions. It also can be vertical fished, as it have an unique back and forth movement on the drop, very attractive while you are ice, pier or boat fishing.

Although the Shallow Spoon is a small lure, a relatively big and weedless single hook is molded inside the compact body. So it can catch small fish which go for its small size, but even if you hook a mighty large fish, you should have no worries with the formidable hook that can easily handle bigger, stronger brutes that go for this unique little lure.

MSRP: Shallow Spoon (2 per pack) $13.78

About the Vibrato

Center balanced and designed to be attached to your line in the middle of the lure, the Vibrato is unlike any others. In fact, it is almost a new lure style unique to itself. Vertical jig it, bottom bounce it, cast it and troll it. It can be used in powerfishing situations for highly active fish and also possesses infinite subtleness for finesse fishing for inactive fish under tough conditions. The Vibrato emits non-stop vibration. Reel it, jig it or troll it, and you will feel a very high pitch vibration in your rod tip that tells you just how hard it is vibrating quickly from one side to the other. Let it drop freely and the Vibrato will wobble from one side to the other in a mesmerizing motion even on a slack line fall. Thumb the spool or feather the line as it goes out, and you'll feel your rod tip bounce from the lure's low speed vibration on the way down. To give it additional action, any simple rod twitch or slow up-and-down lift, even a boat's rocking motion, will cause the lure to vibrate and swim. The Vibrato's almost constant vibration and undulating action pays off in a lot of bites, and thanks to the hooks situated on both ends of the lure, the hook-up ratio is one of the best you could ever dream of! Very unique, that is really all we can say about the new, one of a kind Vibrato.

Now you know why we find it hard to speak of other spoons and metal lures in the same sentence, because none can compare to SEBILE's new Vibrato, Shallow Spoon or Onduspoon!

MSRP: Vibrato Jig #14 1/2 oz $12.83, #21 3/4 oz $13.25, #28 1 oz $13.52, #42 1-1/2 oz $14.20, #56 2 oz $15.64, #84 3 oz $17.23

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