Quantum reel saved from the bottom of lake!

Quantum reel saved from the bottom of lake!
Quantum reel saved from the bottom of lake!
So I am out at Babtiste Lake onSunday June 12th 2011, fishing for Pike & Walleye, I have postedsome of the photos, we had a real blast out there. It was during astretch of Walleye fishing that I caught something very interesting.Before I go any deeper into this post I am gonna make it very clear Iam and will always be an avid Abu Garcia fan. And don't get mestarted on the Revo!!!! OK let's get back to story here.
Eagle Claw Water Mark Rod, was with the reel.

So I am working a 60 degree SherryBomb on the bottom, and having success with Walleyes when on one castI get a snag. I had to pull hard to get whatever I was hooked intoloose and it still felt heavy on the way up.Much to my surprise I have an oldhunk of junk rod and reel someone lost in the lake. I pulled it inthere was a mess of fishing line still out also. It was obvioussomeone had this reel stripped out by a big fish and had it pulledout of their hands. There are Pike big enough to rearrange your DNAout there and they will bust you up if your not careful.
Quantum SR3 reel after a rinse in the back of the truck.

Anyway I rinse some of the mud offand notice a yellow rod with a Quantum SR3 Reel on it, and after Ihad gathered all of the line that was out there back in by hand Iplaced it in the back of ol#69 for the rest of the day. When wepulled the boat out of the water and we were getting ready to leave Itossed the Rod and Reel in the back of the truck like it was a pieceof junk, and I was just happy to clean up the lake a little so all isgood. Athabasca being a small town I tried to find the owner of thisrod and reel with no success. There are anglers up here from all overCanada so it could belong to anyone even an American tourist who lostthis rig. So I gave up, and decided to clean up the rig a little andsee if it was worth saving. It's been raining here for a few day'sand the back of the truck has a nice pool of water so I rinsed it upa little and took these photos.
Looks better with the mud gone.

Now this thing is a Quantum, so Iexpect this thing to be shot, ruined forever and thought I would seeif it still worked. Well much to my surprise this reel still worked!!I am like I said an Abu Garcia fan and when this reel worked I wasimpressed with Quantum! Now I don't know how old this reel is, and Idon't care, for this thing to be hammered by a big fish and lay onthe bottom for who knows how many years. There was enough mud it wasdown there for a long time. And it still worked, OK, OK I will giveQuantum some props here. I remember when I was a kid Zebco was all weused until I got My first Garcia.
All the junk under the rod came up with this rig a mess of line and weeds.

Now I have to admit, andZebco/Quantum is getting a review from me I never expected to give,but I can say Zebco/Quantum makes tough Reels. No doubt about it, alittle oil and a little care this reel will live to fight anotherfish. Like a boxer getting knocked down and getting back up to keepfighting, no quit.I like it, Here ya goZebco/Quantum your next commercial. "Quantum reels, Don'tQuit, Just Fish" I don't care if your married to a reelcompany like I am or not you have to respect quality and durability.Zebco/Quantum is now in my good books and one I will tell folks aboutfor sure, hey I am telling you. Now I have never used a Quantum SR3,I hope one of you all can tell more about this model reel, it wouldbe cool to know more about it from anglers who actually use thismodel. However I, and I can't believe I am going to say this, I willnot rule out Quantum when I go looking for new reels in the future.OK that was hard to say, but it had to be done. Way to goZebco/Quantum you managed to make a believer out of me.

Gary Love WFN Ambassador, Athabasca, Alberta, Canada.

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