Pre-Spawn Fishing Out Of A Kayak

Pre-Spawn Fishing Out Of A Kayak
Pre-Spawn Fishing Out Of A Kayak
Pre-spawn is hereand for many kayak anglers this is the chance to catch some of the biggest fishof the year. As the steam rolls of the water and the sun begin to rise, thereis a certain type of excitement in the air.This time of year iswhen experience in kayak fishing really pays off. Pre-spawn is generally one ofthe few times a year big bass will spend a good amount of time in shallowwaters. With the limited amount wake and noise a kayak makes, this is anoptimum time to catch a monster. 


Crank Baits 

Crank baits are a bigpart of the equation during pre-spawn because large and small mouth bass arefeeding up aggressively. The smaller bass are programmed to strike first andfigure out what they ate later. Normally the bigger bass are hesitant to strikebut during the pre-spawn they are way less picky.
There are someexcellent cranks out there and it is really a matter of preference. Squarebilled cranks are popular during pre-spawn because they bounce off of lay downsand rocks without getting snagged to easily. Some of the most popular cranksare the IMA foiled bluegill, IMA shaker, Megabass Z-Crank X, and Rapla clackin?crank. The thing all these cranks have in common is they are noising and have alot of motion in the water. The most popular type of crank during pre-spawn is ashallow diver.
Kayak fishing withshallow crank is fairly simple process, positioning is not a major issuebecause shallow cranks don?t require a lot force to retrieve. Keeping your tippositioned a few feet off the water so you can set the hook properly. The mostpopular practice with shallow cranks is working them from the bank out becausebass are expecting the baitfish to be swimming from the shallows. Look fortimber and other objects in the water to work around. 


Big Swimbaits 

 Big swimbaits areanother popular type of tackle used this time of year. You will find these baitare not as productive as cranks but they often produce the biggest bass.The Bull-Shad, RomanMade Negotiator, or Triple Trout are all excellent hard swimbaits to use in thepre-spawn. They all have unique action that triggers bass to strike aggressively.Soft swimbaits seem to be the most popular Castic and Huddleston seem to be thekings of this category with a ton of double-digit bass caught in the last tenyears. Soft swimbaits also seem to be a favorite among big trophy hunters likeMike Long.
Kayak fishing withbig swimbaits can be tricky especially retrieving them. It is best to positionyour kayak against the wind to create leverage so you retrieve the bait versusthe bait retrieving you. Positioning your tip at 3 o?clock it will help keepthe bait down in the strike zone and stop the nose from tipping up. One of thebiggest advantages of fishing a swimbait from a kayak is keeping the bass inthe water and stopping it from throwing the bait. 


Soft Plastics 

One of the simplestways to catch big bass during the pre-spawn is soft plastics that mimiccrayfish or crawfish. Strike King Rage Craws have been effective along with theBrown or Purple Colored Seknos, Huddle Bugs, and Yum Money craws to name a few.The best practice with these baits is to weight them down and skin-hook (TexasRig) them. Pre-spawn bass are looking for movement so a slow retrieve worksgreat with a few quick bursts mixed in. When bass pick up the bait it?sgenerally subtle and you need to wait for the line to tighten. Weight generallydepends how deep or what type of current? if any? you are fishing in.Kayak fishing withsoft plastics is a very simple process. The biggest issue you will run into isthe wind. Keeping a stake out pole and drift sock attached to your kayak willreally assist in your ability to stay in one place while working the area. A favoriteplace for anglers to fish soft plastics is directly under lay downs and in weedbeds. Bass still like to hide under cover during the pre-spawn. 



While topwater istypically ineffectively in the mid-west and colder states, it is an excellenttechnique in the south, southwest, southeast, and the west coast. Bass arebusting shad like crazy this time of year and using a bait to mimic thatmotion, can score you some good size fish. Baits like the M S Slammer, Riopopper, and the Roman Made Likebate work really well in during pre-spawn.
 Looking for boils ofshad and throwing on top of them is the best practice for throwing shadimitators. Being in kayak makes it tricky because you have to move fast, butyou are much less likely to spook the bass or shad. Pay attention to the banksa lot of time bass while will pin the shad against them.
 Frogs are also veryproductive in the southeast, south, west coast depending on the location. Kayak anglers are getting a lot of production out of a frog called The Designer Bass Frog.Working near grass beds, tulles, and over lilies have produced some huge bassduring this time of year.
Kayak fishing withfrogs is one of the most productive and exciting ways to fish. Make sure youkeep your distance so you don?t spoke the bigger bass. Toss at the cover andbring the frog back out towards the kayak. You will get most of your strikes onthe edge of the weed beds just before open water so be ready to react quickly. 

Kayak fishing is asport of passion, endurance, and patience. Pre-spawn is great time to sharpenyour skills, find new hot spots, and catch monster size bass. Be conscious ofyour surroundings and use the kayak to move through the waters without benoticed. If the bass are not feeling pressured they are much more likely tofeed aggressively.  

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