Pivot Points and Plastics Land Pigs

Even if you've been too stubborn to try them yet, the swivel type football head has most likely grabbed your attention on more than one occasion and with good reason.

For the avid plastics throwers out there, this style of football head gives a new look and action to your bait that the bass haven?t been sore-lipped by for the past 20 years. And the best part is, there seems to be no wrong way to fish these heads. Not only are they great for pitchin', but making long casts at point's, humps or bluffs and slowly reeling them in while keeping contact with the bottom is all it takes to grab the attention of any bass in the area.

Of course as with any day on the water, experimenting with different retrieves is a must to dial in on which presentation the bass are responding best to on that given day. A good place to start is to reel it in as you would if you were super slow rolling a spinner bait (while keeping contact with the bottom) and adding short 5 second pauses every 4 to 6ft. If the bass are in a negative mood or if you're fishing colder water, a much slower crawl with more frequent and longer pauses will usually be more productive than the former. But If the bass are more aggressive or if you're looking for a reaction strike, many times they'll crush the bait as you blister it along the bottom like a crank bait with no pauses at all.

Unfortunately, although we all love the situation like I just mentioned, the attitude of a bass usually fluctuates as much as the stock market so adjusting your retrieves accordingly is crucial to be successful. There are many companies out there now that make these heads, but our preference is the Pivot Point head by Dirty Jigs because of their numerous selection of weight and hook combinations.

The pig in the picture above, along with many other bass that day, got stabbed with a Diesel Craw rigged on a ½ oz Pivot Point head with a 6/0 Superline EWG hook and retrieved at a medium/slow speed with frequent pauses. Skirted baits with neutrally buoyant qualities, like the PowerTeam Lures 4 Diesel Craw, excel on these types of heads due to the natural life-like action created by the free flowing hook as the jig head drags and deflects along the bottom. A long 7' to 7?6? medium heavy or heavy action rod with a little play in the tip (for casting) is ideal for this style of fishing and will give you all the swing you need for a solid hook set on a long cast. Combine this rod with a 7:1 ratio reel and you?ll have plenty of speed to catch up on the bass that pick up the bait and start running towards you.

Adding this style of jig head to your arsenal of terminal tackle will only expand your versatility for throwing plastics. It's a simple fact, the more versatile you are, the more conditions you'll be prepared for and the more bass you'll put in the boat.

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