Outside the box for Jalopy Yellow Perch

Outside the box for Jalopy Yellow Perch
Outside the box for Jalopy Yellow Perch
AtJackfish Lures we believe firmly in an aggressive approach tofishing, no matter the species we target. Pike, Walleye, YellowPerch, you name it we are going to get aggressive and get after itfast and furious. After all, fishing is more fun when your catchingfish on a consistent basis, smiles get bigger with each fish landedand some bring a bigger smile than others. Yeah, Big Smiles, like mywife Laura had when we hit the jackpot looking for Yellow Perch on afield testing mission June 9th 2012. Conditions were perfect for itand we could smell it, wind had been blowing to the east for a fewdays pushing the bugs and prey fish into the slot as I call it. It'sa term I use here at Jackfish Lures to describe a zone of water from1 foot to 8 feet deep. I use this term SLOT when talking Perch orpan-fish, fishing in late spring to pre summer. When Laura heard mesay the slot should be prime today, she got a big grin on her face.
Jackfish Lures Laura L #7 and Jalopy Yellow Perch that took anĀ  MG Cadence series Spinner.

Wewent looking for perch in the slot, and in years past it's been fishunder a pound and dominated by smaller fish. Jigs, worms, etc allwork great and we would tally a few decent numbers but we were nevertotally satisfied. When Jackfish Lures team member Michael G and Ideveloped the Cadence spinnerbait it was for one reason to be a multispecies slammer. Along with that the development of our trout seriesand a new proto mini spinnerbait are part of this. It's why wedecided to hit the slot this last weekend. The conditions were prime,water in the low 60's partly sunny and breezy with wind stacking upthe eastern side of the lake for days. The slot 1 to 8 foot zone ofwater was just primed to perfection, and we took full advantage. Wehammered it full on with an aggressive style most would never try ina million years. This time we got into the Jalopy's and documentedthe single finest field testing day for Yellow Perch in the historyof Jackfish Lures.
That is my personal best Yellow Perch 1 pound 10 oz a real Jalopy.
Laura with a full color Jalopy on an orange Jackfish Lures trout spinner.

Westarted out casting Jackfish Lures MG Cadence spinnerbaits into theslot and right away we started getting hits from Jalopy perch. I amtalking these fish were smashing the spinner, and sometimes as soonas it hit the water. Fighting Yellow Perch from way out is pure fun,and I tell you Laura was so excited. we went to the Trout seriesspinner and the little mini proto we are working on and the actionjust got faster and better. We were reeling these in at a medium fastpace, and the perch just slammed the lures. The lure size wascritical because the little perch can't get these lures, only theJalopy's can. In the 2 and half hours we spent in this particularslot we caught and documented 28 Yellow Perch over a pound, and somenearly two pound. Fish were in length from 12.5 inches to 14.5inches, and fought like little freight trains. What we decided to dowas get away from jigs and worms and other traditional perch fishingtackle. We went way outside the box and took the same approach as wedo with Pike, Walleye and other species. The proof is in the photosfolks, Perch like this are not something you see everyday. We hit theslot when it was prime and hit it aggressively with a fast JackfishLures run and gun approach.
This Jalopy took an oilslick color MG Cadence spinerbait.
Laura workin the trout spinner, one of her 14 Jalopy perch on June 9th 2012.

Perchthis size are a true pleasure and I am so glad we got it right andhit this jackpot, it was one of the top 5 greatest Jackfish Luresfield trips in our 17 year history. Now we have had a lot of peoplesay wow bet they tasted great!! NO THEY DID NOT!!! We put everysingle one back!!!! Fish like this make bigger fish, we need to keepthem going and keep fish like this with these genes in the lake tomake more big perch. It is for this reason I am not going to mentionthis lake or the location. Because people will fish them out, and notthink about the quality of the fishing. CONSERVATION it's one of themost important things we strive for when field testing Perch likethis deserve to be in the lake. Now if your willing to get outsidethe box of conventional thinking when it comes to Yellow Perchfishing a day like this can be had by you also! However if yourblessed to get into fish like this Please put them back!! Keep someof the smaller ones, for a dinner, and leave the biggies for a betterfuture of Perch fishing, if we all do this, Perch like these willbecome the norm.

GaryLove, Jackfish Lures, WFN Ambassador, Athabasca, Alberta, Canada.

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