Offshore Fishing

Offshore Fishing
Offshore Fishing

What Is Offshore Fishing All About?


One of the greatest fishing thrills possible is to get in an offshore fishing boat, hit the waves, and strike out for the kind of aquatic territory that features huge fish. Memories of these adventures can last a life time and are truly the gem experiences in the lives of many offshore anglers from around the world.

An offshore angler tends to prefer the salt winds and salt water over the landlocked bodies of water simply because the marine environment seems to call out to something in their very blood. Because of this, offshore anglers consider themselves different than other fishing enthusiasts. They still share a common bond with those who fish in lakes, rivers and streams, but they do indeed comprise their very own breed of specialized anglers who are looking for a unique experience.

The thrill of the open sea, the much larger fish, and the specific taste of marine life are much of what saltwater fishing is all about. The joys of offshore fishing are something that must be experienced to be truly understood, but we will take a look at all that is offered for those who decide to charter a trip out into the open water.

What Kinds Of Offshore Fishing Are There?

There are a variety of different types of offshore fishing thanks to major advances at the tech end of boat building. Much more stable, reliable, and faster sea vessels have been developed in recent times. There are also a growing number of people that offer charters to those who do not have their own boat or the skills needed to venture out without a guide.

Offshore fishing is available all across the globe in any of the world's oceans, but there are definitely hot spots that each country is proud of. In North America, there are places in the Gulf of Mexico which are abundant with such popular species as marlin, swordfish, shark, and other hard-fighting saltwater game fish. There are many places that fully embrace the offshore fishing experience, such as Destin, Florida or Cape Cod, Massachusetts, both of which take pride in its fishing heritage.

Florida is one of the most popular spots in the United States for offshore fishing thanks to the Keys, as well as other hotspots around the state that boast a variety of different fish just waiting to be reeled in. California and the northern coast of Mexico, on the Pacific side, offer a variety of huge fish, tuna being the most popular choice. Grouper are also a very popular game fish for those who want to venture further out for deep sea fishing.

Shark is also a big part of offshore fishing as many species can not only be caught, but are regularly eaten as well. However, shark meat can be an acquired taste that might not appeal to everyone at first. Catching a shark is similar to most other species, but chumming the water as you either troll or sit-and-wait is essential to lure in this marine predator.

How Do We Find Offshore Fishing Hotspots?

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When looking to find the ideal place to set the anchor and truly enjoy some high quality offshore fishing, it's a good idea to do the legwork ahead of time so that the prime locations will be easier to find. In today's age of satellite mapping, it is easier to locate a potential hotspot so long as one pays attention to not only offshore fishing maps, but also to offshore fishing reports. These reports are critical to the success of many anglers who may not be able to go out on a regular basis and are looking to make the most of their trip.

With offshore fishing reports, finding where the fish are biting is a whole lot easier and if you're comfortable enough to pilot a boat yourself, you may not need the services of an offshore fishing guide. However, guides can be just as useful to seasoned vets as they are to newcomers as there's no such thing as getting too much advice when it comes to landing the big one. Every fish species in any location tend to swim in unique environments, so finding the right person with the right experience will help you find where those fish are flocking to.

A great example of a prime fishing destination is the Outer Banks of North Carolina. With the help of an offshore fishing guide, you can find the best spots to reel in a possible record-setting marlin or blue fish and truly capture the thrill of Outer Banks offshore fishing.

Be sure to seek help when you need it because even the most experienced offshore anglers know that when it comes to fishing at sea, one can never be too cautious. Whether you are taking part in some Destin offshore fishing or taking a boat out from the shores of Alaska, having the right people around will not only make your trip more successful, but more enjoyable as well.

What Do You Need To Start Offshore Fishing?


This is a big question because two major factors come into play for any offshore fishing trip: location and type of fish pursued. Each and every location may require a different approach so the offshore fishing gear will be different depending on where you wet your line. For example, you would not want to try to make use of offshore fishing rods meant for rosefish off the coast of Louisiana if you were angling for marlin along Florida's coast. Finding that hotspot is all well and good, but without the right offshore fishing rigs, you won't be hooking onto anything.

Local experts can help you make the most well informed choices for offshore fishing equipment. Don't go out and buy the first rod-and-reel you see, take the time to research what works for what fish and location. In general, however, everything you require is bigger and more durable than its freshwater counterpart: stronger rods, much longer lines, bigger hooks and bait and, unless you are fly fishing, a heavier sinker.

Offshore Fishing Tips For Beginners

If you are just starting out then you should consult with the most experienced offshore anglers you can find for the area that you would like to fish in.

Offshore fishing tips do not have to be found only from the experienced pro. You can supplement what advice you are given with what you read in offshore fishing magazines. Offshore fishing publications will help provide an in-depth perspective that often focuses on specific areas of the world, showing you offshore fishing techniques in a visual way.

It is always wise to make sure that you take along sun block and follow all safety precautions. Life vests and other personal floatation devices are always recommended as your own personal safety comes first, no matter what.

Lastly, always make sure that you understand all the offshore fishing regulations for the area you will be fishing in. Having a law enforcing vessel intervene and board your boat for a search could be a very unpleasant situation if you are breaking the law, especially if in the waters of a country you are not familiar with.

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