My Favorite Fishing Spot - Long Lake

My Favorite Fishing Spot - Long Lake
My Favorite Fishing Spot - Long Lake
I have had the pleasureof fishing many different bodies of water over the years and riversand streams. It was and took until 1992 to find my Favorite fishingspot! It took a long time but I have now coming up on 20 years ofexperience with my fishing spot next season. I was born in Californiain L.A and have fished all over the U.S.A and had some real fun.Some great memories with Grandpa and my dad, we have been all overand I have been blessed to have such a collection of fishingmemories. However in 1992, I discovered a place that changed my lifeforever. And I mean it changed everything for me, I think I alwayshad an inner country lifestyle bug in me from the start.This Lake, Long Lake can get inside you quickly, it's beautiful here all the time.I am from L.A and stilla Die Hard Dodgers, Lakers and L.A Kings fan. My Rams moved to St.Louis but I still cheer for them on Sunday morning like I alwayshave. I am a passionate sports fan and wear my teams on my heart andyeah I do, I yell at the TV and I do yell at the Ref, hey I am justbeing honest with you if your coming over to watch the game over hereit's gonna be loud! However I am a country living person I alwayshave been. I have never liked living in a city no matter the size, Ilike having a piece of land to call home. It's better and no I mustsay perfect when you discover your spot on earth made just for you!For me it's Alberta Canada! Ever heard the Paul Brandt song AlbertaBound, I was Alberta bound from the moment I first breathed air intomy lungs.This Lake has an amazing evening photo opp every night.I must explain why anL.A born no I must explain how an L.A born pro angler get's toAlberta Canada. I am a duel citizen! My great grandparents moved toAlberta Canada from England and made it over to Canada by ship andthen took the train to what was then Strathcona Alberta or you mayknow it as Edmonton. It's where my dad was born, and grew up, and yeshe told me all about it growing up in the U.S.A. See he moved toCalifornia to serve the U.S.A in the, and I have to say this makes meso proud the mighty U.S Navy. It was while he was in California hemet my Mom who was born and raised in Arkansas in a very small townand was attracted to the warm weather and California lifestyle. Mysister Carol and I grew up in L.A and we lived all over the U.S Inever found my Favorite Fishing Spot in the U.S. I looked but neverfound it and believe me Colorado is beautiful country. I had to geteverything done and got my duel citizenship and everything set upproperly so I could go see Canada! You must know how I had Canadabuilt up in my mind, from the stories dad told me growing up. I hadto get up here and see it, and see if it was for me.A simple map view of Long Lake, Narrow Lake hooks up at the far end.Now when I moved toAlberta in early 1991 I explored the southern part of the provinceand in the spring of 1992 I started to explore the areas north ofEdmonton, that is when I discovered my place here on earth. Long/Narrow Lake both are connected together and spring fed so theyare cold and clear and big fish abound. The lake is loaded withNorthern Pike, Yellow Perch, and Burbot (Ling Cod) Long Lake hit mehard right in the heart, I fell in love with the lake and the area.Better yet it was close to home and I could get there on weekends. Ihave been working for fishing since I was a small kid, and workedseveral jobs to get through Alberta College, and fund various fishingadventures along the way. And every summer it was up to Long/NarrowLake, and I would spend almost every weekend up there. I got to knowevery fishing spot and every collection of structure and differentareas for big fish. I was the lake, it's how I felt, I could see itall in my head and was so tuned in to the lake and areas around itfor me it was like a good hat it fit perfect. So in 1996 JFL was justcoming of age for me. Now WFN asked us to do the homemade lures andthe blog for that is done so I will not go into that here butLong/Narrow Lake was where we did a heavy part of the field testing.and as we built our collection and grew JFL we did with Long/NarrowLake.The way the lake is set up it's never to windy to fish, the lake is an anglers dream.In early 1998 I metLaura, we were working at a Wall-Mart at night, I was there to makegas money to go fishing and Laura was into gardening. Well Iconvinced her to go out to Long Lake with me on a fishing trip. Itold her she would catch a fish on the very first cast!!! Ohhh I knowI fretted over that for day's leading up to the trip, and she evensaid she wanted to see me eat those words, as she did not believefishing could be like that. So we get to the lake and once I saw thelake I was at peace and felt great like I said it's like a goodfishing hat, and all my confidence rushed back. So I get Laura overto a spot I have fished many times over the years because I knew thestructure and what was going on in the area of the lake I decided touse it to my advantage. I had Laura cast over the spot and on herfirst cast she caught a four pound Northern Pike. She was laughingand just beside herself with how in the world I managed to guaranteethat fish. She got so addicted to the sport of fishing that the bothof us, we were out every weekend to the lake. In 1999 we got marriedat the lake on a hill overlooking the area she caught her first LongLake Northern Pike.My wife Laura and one of her big Long Lake fish, she is an amazing angler and is my best friend.Laura is my best friendand the both of us fish together and work together at JFL but it wasthis special place Long Lake that set us together. Laura also wassearching for her special place and Long Lake was hers also and weshare it together every summer. This place has changed my life, it'spart of my soul and spirit, and there are times I go over there andjust hang out and walk around just because I have to, I am just drawnto it. Laura will come up and say hey Gary lets go over to Long andhave a BBQ, we will load up the dogs and go have a blast. I might befrom L.A and Laura from Edmonton, but it's clear that Long/NarrowLake was made specifically just for the two of us. It's just thatway, it's how it was always supposed to be, and it's amazing howeverything works out. We have since moved to Athabasca and live justminutes from Long Lake, In fact, hey, yep, I am going over there assoon as I am done writing this blog up for you all. So now I have areason to go to Long I must wrap this up. For both my wife and I ourFavorite Fishing Spot is hands down our heart and soul place on earthLong/Narrow Lake. Alright now you know I have to go here, I don'twant to miss out on a second of Long Lake time. Sorry I gotta go,Long Lake here I come!Gary Love WFNAmbassador, Athabasca, Alberta, Canada.

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