A day of fishing, is there a better way to kick off the month of May. In my mind, no there isn't.  Today I headed out to one of my fishing holes. This was my first time this year at this fishing spot.  When I arrived I noticed things had changed a little bit.

The Beavers had wiped out a portion of the trees in the area.  I was a little disappointed at the damage, but that only means one thing. There was going to be some new structure in the water. New structure means new places for fish to hang out.

That's one of the Beaver huts, there was some other little huts and a small dam. By the time Bass season opens there will be plenty of growth around these Beaver made structures.  In the near future I will be hammering some Bass in those areas. As frustrating it is to the see the Beavers take a bunch of trees down, there is an upside. The Beaver hut will provide some cover for spawning fish. Many times I have noticed Blue Herons feeding on bait fish around theses huts. As for myself, I have caught many fish around Beaver huts.

This Blue Heron was on top of a Beaver hut and it must have had some good bait fish there because it let me get close to take pictures. They don't usually stick around for pictures.

When I was reading all the blogs on WFN about spring prep there was one thing that stuck out to me. Fellow Ambassador Carrie Cartwright mentioned in her spring prep blog that she liked to go and take a ride around the lake because lakes change from year to year. This is a prime example of how a small lake can change. Beaver huts and dams can change water levels and add structure to bodies of water.  I thought that was a really good point made by Carrie and it's the truth.

After I checked the area I started fishing.  Nothing is really open yet so it was worm and bobber again. Pike and Walleye open in some areas next Saturday. That will be good, I don't mind Pan fish, but I crave the challenge and fight of a Walleye or Pike.

The Perch were hitting pretty good today. I caught enough for a little feed, but I released them instead.

This Perch looked like it had Black Spot Disease. To keep it simple, it's basically from a parasite. They say it's safe to eat these fish since cooking it will kill all the parasites. Not for me, I eat peanut butter to get extra protein.

The Bass were all over the place tonight, they were hitting Night Crawlers like crazy.

A little fella

Lots of Bass, gotta love it when your not fishing for a certain species, but they're hammering you like crazy. I probably could have thrown a piece of bubble gum and a Bass would have hit it.

The White or Silver Bass were in the area as well.

A pumpkinseed.

The Cats were out tonight.

This was an unhealthy fish.

If you compare this Cat to the other picture above you can tell it's not too healthy. It looks like something bit a chunk of it's tail off. The fin also looks like it has some blood or disease in it. Fish like this I don't return to the water, whether they're diseased or injured their chance of survival isn't good. Weak or injured fish are more prone to get parasites and diseases. When other species prey on these weak fish the disease or parasite is transfered through the food chain. The best thing to do is to not release it back. Little things like this can help keep our fisheries healthy and thriving.

For the first day of May it was a pretty good day of fishing. I used a worm on a float with no weight and that  delivered a mixed bag. I was happy that all the Bass that were caught were very healthy, a healthy Bass population will mean some heavy duty Bass fishing this summer. I can't wait.

 Things to come.  A couple videos from last year,

The picture of that Pike is in the new Bob Izumi Real Fishing  Magazine.

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